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Random Thought: Spoilers

Kush | 1909d ago
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Spoilers are the enemy. Spoilers are feared. Spoilers rhymes with boilers and boilers can get pretty hot when they're not taken care of... sort of like spoilers.

I just wonder if there is, or ever will be, a solid opinion on when spoilers are okay. One month after release? Three months after release? Six months? A year?

I, personally, don't really care. If a review spoils a few things, I am fine with that as I wouldn't be reading a review if I was that invested in what can or cannot be spoiled. I may be a rare person who doesn't read a single review until after I beat a game, but I'd rather be able to make my own opinion on a game without anyone else's opinion in the back of my head. I just get annoyed when people make such a fuss about being spoiled when most of the time it is their own fault for reading/listening about a game more than the time they spend playing the game (if at all).

Dannehkins  +   1908d ago
I draw the line when it gives away critical plot line moments, but apart from that I'm pretty cool with most things.

And yes, I hold my hand up when I say if I am spoiled, I blame myself for reading it. I suppose the temptation of knowing more about a game before it is released is sometimes overwhelming.

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