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Microsoft's E3 2013 Conference - The Good, The Meh and The Bad

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Usually, it's only Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony who get the bigger spotlights out of all the conferences, but this year, it was just Microsoft and Sony. In recent years, Microsoft's conferences have been... far from exciting. This year? Well. It was miles ahead, but even then, it still didn't get me pumped for much.

They say this year is going to be a great year for gaming, and in terms of Microsoft, I doubt that very much.


- Now for once, Microsoft didn't lie. Their conference was indeed all about the games. Some of the new IP's looked more exciting than the old ones, such as:

- Quantum Break. I swear Remedy know me all over. Not only does it have amazing graphics, amazing facial animation (something a lot of games have failed upon) and the whole game is based around the fascinating idea of time, but it's also going to be episodic like Alan Wake. Episodic games usually make me want to keep playing... unless you're Azura's Wrath.

- Max: The Curse of Brotherhood isn't coming to the Xbox One, but to the Xbox 360. It looks like it'll be an enjoyable game, though some of the things seemed a little graphic. Electrocuting a child? I hear raging parents...

- Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was showed at the beginning and it looks amazing. I wonder how much Microsoft paid Kojima for that exclusive showing. It looks like Metal Gear Solid, Red Dead Redemption and Far Cry 3 all merged in one though. That's not a bad thing, because they are all great games.

- Dead Rising 3 is yet ANOTHER ZOMBIE GAME we don't need in the world. However, for me, it looks like something I'd enjoy, probably because I haven't played Dead Rising 2, meaning there's a lot of surprises I never saw that I might expect in the third game.


- Halo... because we totally didn't expect that. Is it Halo 5? Did they ever clarify that? I got to say as much as it looks good graphically (if that is in engine, though strangely I don't think so), it just didn't excite me because all these Halo games in such a short amount of time just makes the whole franchise so dreary.

- World of Tanks. Never played it on PC. Don't really care much for it. Doesn't look all that fun. NEXT.

- Titanfall is another game I couldn't care about because it's just another shooter. It would have surprised me if the developers, Respawn (whom most are ex-Infinity Ward members) decided to come out and say: "WE BUILT A FUTURISTIC RPG WITH COOL SUPER POWERS", not "we built another shooter with features you'll probably not use much".

- Battlefield 4 is ANOTHER shooter I couldn't care much for. It's just another shooter. Is it me or is the hype surrounding Battlefield 4 just as low as it was for Medal of Honor Warfighter, or am I missing something?

- The Xbox 360 didn't need another redesign. The way I see it, it's just another way for Microsoft to snag some extra money in the war they no doubt lost right at the end of it.

- Twitch livestreaming is... an OK feature for the Xbox One. I don't care much for it because I don't livestream. Yet. We'll see.

- The Xbox Live Gold gifts every month is... an OK thing. Blatently they're just doing what Sony does, except with older games. I mean come on, who doesn't already own Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2? Give us something like Skyrim or Borderlands 2.

- I didn't care much for Killer Instinct. Maybe it was because it was before my time or something.


- D4 looks... bad. It looks clunky, the graphics are horrible and looking at the gameplay, much like Deadly Premonitions main character covering up 70% of the screen, it looks like the gameplay will be spewed all over the screen. Nothing looked neat and tidy at all. But of course, people will love it because it's bad, even though that makes no sense.

- Why the hell is the Xbox One SO expensive in the UK? It's $499 in the US, which is an OK price (about the price of the PS4 in £), in Europe it's 499 Euros which is bad in itself, but here in the UK, we have to fork out £429, and perhaps more depending on the retailer. Why is it that us here in the UK get screwed over every time? Who's going to buy the console day one? Not me that's for sure.

- Finally, Microsoft you really need to get your crap together. You suffered two sound problems. For Battlefield 4, you were all like "WE GOT TO SHOW THIS. WE GOT TO FIX THIS" but for that other Dragon game you acted like "oh. We won't start this from the beginning. It's nothing important". Really Microsoft? Not only that but in the mean time, you just left us hanging with Battlefield 4. Didn't say anything to peer us over into it. You just left us there.

All in all, it was an OK performance. There were a few games that got me excited like Quantum Break and Metal Gear Solid 5, but no doubt I'll buy MGS on the PS4.

Microsoft, you get a thin 5/10 from me.

Check out my video review of the conference below.

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unchartedxplorer1645d ago

Quantum Break looked great but we don't even know if the showing was actual gameplay or the game is even about. Same for Black Tusk's game. A good bit of the exclusives were just CGI

Kran1645d ago

Well what we saw was all in engine.

It is a shame we saw no gameplay but then they did mention it was also going to be a third person action shooter, so a little like Alan Wake I suppose.

HammadTheBeast1644d ago

Quantum Break is half Live action.

Automatic791641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

The best games shown were

DeadRising 3
Forza 5
Quantum Break
Project Spark
Plants v Zombies Modern Warfare
Killer Instincts

Xbox One is definitely bringing the heat when it comes to games.