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Where is Gun 2?

Back in November 2005, the Western title "Gun" was released for the Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, GameCube and Windows to quite favourable reviews, with the game scoring 79% on MetaCritic.
The game tells the story of Colton "Colt" White, after a hunting-based tutorial, gamers where swiftly thrown in to the bleak world of Western stories, Shoot outs on boats, preventing arsonists from sending the local bar up in flames, fastest finger shoot outs, horse back shoot-outs and much more. Although faced with countless dangers, Colton survives the experience that is "Gun", with its favourable reviews and with 1.4 Million units sold as of 2008, a sequel would seem to be an obvious next step. Well, we were given a portable port of the game for PSP in the form of "Gun: Showdown", a suprisingly good port, but it wasn't the sequel many desired...
There have been a number of hints targeting towards a sequel to the game, in the 2006 Demo of "Tony Hawk's Proving Ground", a poster was discovered for "Gun: Magruder's Ghost", this raised high hopes for a sequel, but six years later...nothing, no announcement, no trailer, no sequel. Although hope remains, with Joystiq reporting that at a financial Conference, the sequel was hinted at.

In June 2010, a job listing for Neversoft was discovered, detailing that the company was working on a "new action shooter game", could this be Gun 2? Could the title finally be ready to surface? My guess is that the poster seen within "Tony Hawk's Proving Ground" was a joke poster for a made up film and not actually related to the actual sequel, why? Because I think for Magruder to return, it would not follow the style of the game, it would be to unrealistic, however, I do believe, and hope, that a sequel is incoming.

With the hugely successful "Red Dead Redemption" having been released earlier this year, competition for a Gun sequel is fierce, however, Gun was released after Red Dead Revolver and in my opinion was a big step up, adding free roaming and much Much more, could Gun 2 do the same with "Red Dead Redemption"? Having purchased "Red Dead Redemption" and invested hours and hours into the title, I think it is incredible (as most Rockstar titles are), but it makes me want a Gun Sequel even more than I already did. Fingers crossed for something soon...

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Faztkiller2863d ago

I've been wondering the same thing GUN was awesome loved every minute of it I've been waiting for a sequel ever since I beat the first

I still consider GUN the best Western game even after RDR

Kingdom Come2863d ago

Gun was a fantastic game, which is why I decided to make this Blog Post, to inform others with the same interest that there is still hope. I think Red Dead Redemption is a huge success, a truly brilliant game, but I really want to see whats being done with the Gun sequel which was a huge leap forward for westerns, Red Dead Redemption was another leap, can Gun 2 do the same? I think so.

DaBadGuy2863d ago

Hopefully now people will see that western games will sell. The numbers that Red Dead Redemption pulled in surprised even me. I loved the original Gun and would love a new installment. There haven't been many western games this gen, at least good ones anyway. Gun and Red Dead Redemption are two notable exceptions, even though Gun was at the very beginning of this gen on the 360 in 2005.

Forbidden_Darkness2862d ago

After playing RDR, i want more western games, i love the setting.

Kingdom Come2835d ago

Not enough within the Western Market.

ATLRoAcH2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Activision cancelled Gun 2. I can't remember where I read it but I know I did. They were working on it though. They probably have started work again on it after Redemption's success or they will.

By the way. What's it like in 2012? lol It's been four years since 2006 not six. That Proving Ground demo came out in September 2007 so it hasn't even been three years yet. Nice read though. I liked Gun. It would be hard for a sequel to be better than Red Dead Redemption though. The main reason I liked Gun better than Red Dead Revolver was because it was open world. It seems like that was really the only thing Gun had on Red Dead.

Kingdom Come2862d ago

Only just realised that, still hope it was a good read despite the mistake...

ATLRoAcH2862d ago

Everybody makes mistakes. I was just busting your chops. It was definitely a good read. We really do need more western games.


i think as you mention that after the sucsess of RDR were gonna see alot of western style games coming up! Also id loooove to see a GUN 2! GUN was good the story was just too short!! good blog though!

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