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Top 5 Machinima Series

There are many Gamers and Creative's out there, submiting their ideas on to the internet for Millions to view, critic and enjoy. Here's my personal collection of the Top 5 Machinima Series out there today.

Number 5) T h e D C C h r o n i c l e s
The DC Chronicles is a Fallout 3 Machinima created by Drakortha Productions, it follows Andrew Grafton, a member of a Vault in search throughout the Wastelands for a Water Chip for his home. During his adventures he crosses paths with Super-Mutants, Ghouls, Deathclaws and much more nasty's. The series offers some Generic dialogue but is a compelling series offering some fantastic action scenes. The seris is curently on hold due to the creator being busy reviising but his has made it clear that he intends to finish the series, even offering a preview of that so eagerly anticipated Seventh episode. This Machinima is Seriously recommended.

Number 4) T h r o w n O u t
Another Fallout 3 Machinima but directed towards a much different audience, the series falls into the comedy genre and it deserves its place in such. The series follows two once Vault 101 members, "Thrown out" of their home due to their misbehaviour whilst on duty as Security Guards after an acident involving C4. The two find refuge in the Wasteland at Megaton, of which is overseen by the hugel hilarious Sherrif. The two's misadventures prove incredibly funny with them creating their own religion in order to gain a job at the city, "Pornism" and much, much more. As of yet there are 8 Episodes of the series so get watching guy's!

Number 3) T he H u m a n R e f i n e m e n t
Made using Grand Theft Auto IV and falling in to the Super-Hero genre of Machinima series, The Human Refinement tells the story of a seemingly ordinary guy whom after being involved in a terrorist attack finds himself the beholder of a number of powers including Teleportation and a force push move, he confides this knowledge with his friend with whom there are a number of witty arguements that take place with. Unfortunatley the series was cancelled after the first three episodes however they are still well worth watching and the production value, Machinima-wise is well done, with the entire series is in fist person. Why is a cancelled unfinished project in the list? Because of the work put in to the episodes, the creator has a good mind when it comes to Machinima videos and has teased his latest project, of which I can not wait for, with an incredibly stylish, movie-like teaser trailer. His new series is named Split '79 and seems to have its own style, check it out.

Number 2) Arby 'n' The Chief
Now I have a feeling that of all the series on this list, this will be the most popular, Arby 'n' The Chief follows two Halo 2 era figurines and their many misadventures, the first series is brilliant simply put, however the series did witness a down turn in its later series, however, with the Fourth series of which there is one episode as of yet, the show is back in the hands of the first series writers and back on track for what has started as a fantastic series. The series is utterly hilarious and will appeal to fans of the Halo franchise to a great extent, with many of the jokes being digs at noobs and arguements about other games including Modern Warfare. The series is hugely successful also with the first episode having over 5 Million views on Youtube, check it out people! By the way, all series are worth watching, but first and fourth are best...

Number 1) O u t O f S e r v i c e
Out of Service is a Gears of War 2 Machinima and with me being a huge fan of the Gears of War Franchise, this appeals to me hugely. However, my opinion isn't biased, the series is truely incredible, it offers so many laughs and whilst having a pretty generic plot, the charaters are diverse and all funny in their own way. The series is still going strong and is well worth watching, it follows a squad whom at the begining of the series are swarmd by enemy locust (filmed on the Gridlock map).

Honourable Mentions)
Vae Victus) A Half-Life 2 Epic Machinima series falling short only due to a number of boring moments.
Red VS Blue) The Rooster Teeth popular series only missed out due to a lack of brilliantly hilarious moments.
P.a.n.i.c.s) A brilliant F.E.A.R Machinima mini-series, highly recommended.


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HeroXIV2871d ago

I agree with these but I like the new one "Sanity not included". All episodes have been featured on the "most viewed" page and constantly 5 starred on YouTube.

Very funny Machinima -- even if it is a little immature. :P

RockmanII72871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Epic Fail

Kingdom Come2871d ago

It's good for a Chuckle, but it doesnt have me in hysterics...

ZombieNinjaPanda2871d ago

Arby and the Chief was good in the first few seasons. Then the creator got completely lazy and made many horrible choices. Now it just seems like he throws bs together to try to make an episode. At least from the last one I saw.

HarryM2871d ago

The "Arby 'n' the Chief Go To LA" series wasn't made by Jon CJG, it was made by a couple of guys over at Machinima that had been monitoring the series from day one.

However, if you visit Jon's blog you'll see that he's taken control of the steering wheel once again with Season 4.

Pandamobile2870d ago

I work as a content director for Anyone have any ideas I can use :D

My creative juices aren't exactly flowing right now.

Kingdom Come2870d ago

What games do you use? (By the way, this is my last bubble so you may want to PM me)

rumplstilts2870d ago

Starcraft 2 Machinima series would be epic. Especially with all the new things you can do in the editor.

rumplstilts2870d ago

Freemans Mind is effing hlarious.

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