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Why I Love It: Final Fantasy Tactics

This is just something that I'd like to post about a series that I love, and I was inspired to write it after the newest game for the DS just came out. (Also, this post has been on destructoid, and I didn't copy it)

 Now, when I was little(er), and when the PS1 and the original
Final Fantasy Tactics game came out, I didn’t have it, hell, I didn’t
even own a PS1, so I didn’t play the original game till’ after I played
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Game boy Advance. I first got
FFTA when it came out on Christmas, and the only reason I really wanted
it is because It just looked kind of fun, spells, weapons, monsters,
everything that a 10 year-old kid would like. I got it, and was
instantly addicted to it. I played through the main game (the story
part of it), in about 100 hours, with completing roughly 100 or so
quests. That took me about a couple months, so I thought, why not spend
some more time playing through all the quests, and maxing out all of my
characters. So I set out to do that. I beat every single quests in the
game, got all the unlockable characters, but soon realized that I
couldn't’ max out my characters stats without spending my whole life
into it. So leaving about all the characters in my clan at around level
60, with the best weapons and spells possible, I decided to put the
game down, after roughly 150 put into it.

 After that, I researched the series some more, and saw that the
original game was out on the PS1, and by that time I was 11 and had a
PS2 so I decided to go out to all the gaming stores and outlets to see
if I could find it. After a long time, I decided that it was going to
be impossible, so I gave up for a couple of months until I went on
vacation to Spokane, Washington. There I have a friend that owns an
independently owned gaming store, so I went in there to see what was
up, and to check out some games. There I instantly saw the original
Final Fantasy Tactics. It was $39.99, and I had the money so I bought
it then and there. Also, I had brought my PS2 with me so that I could
play some games early in the morning and at night. After about a month,
I beat the game, the quests, and got all the characters in my clan to
around level 50 or so. Feeling a little tactically exhausted I decided
that it was good that they weren’t coming out with another one for a
little while.

After a year of doing some other gaming, and schoolwork and
getting some money, I decided to get the PS1 remake of Final Fantasy
Tactics for the PSP. I bought it, but there was one problem……I didn’t
have a PSP. DAMN! Well, luckily I had a friend that had a PSP, so I
asked him if I could borrow it from him, and he asked me how long I
would have it, and not wanting to lie to him because he’s my friend, I
told him……..100 hours? He thought I was crazy, but he wasn’t that into
gaming, so I borrowed it, and loved every single second of the game.
Again, I beat all the quests, got my characters stats stacked, and then
put it down.

Then, after reading about the new Final Fantasy Tactics A2:
Grimoire of the Rift for the DS, and seeing tons of art and
screenshots, I decided that it was a definite buy, but I already had a
DS, so it was all good. I got the game a couple of days ago, and have
only put about 15 hours into it, and have completed 26 quests, and I’d
have to say that the game easily lives up to what the series has done
so far, but I can’t really compare it to any of it’s counterpart games
because of the lack of time that I’ve actually played it. I will
hopefully have enough played by Friday that I can write a review of it,
and post it so that I can tell you guys how good the game and series
really is. If your into tactics games at all this is definitely a must

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Sean Fear3731d ago

FF Tactics is so great! I could do without the Judge system that has been carried over however everything else is great! The DS is the perfect system for FF Tactics. I have been waiting years for this to come out.