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Jumping to Conclusions About Resident Evil 6 Co-Op

Today a bit of news was revealed about Resident Evil 6. The website "Gamerzine" has a tidbit article about 6 player Co-op in Resident Evil 6. The news is currently on the front page. The article states, and I quote:

"According to the listing, between 2-6 players can jump into the game's online co-op mode, with offline split-screen co-op restricted to two players.
At this stage, it's unknown whether Resi 6's co-op will be linked to the game's campaign or will form part of a separate mode. Could Capcom have a six-player Mercenaries mode lined up, perhaps?"

Notice that at this point there is still speculation about how the co-op is going to be included in the game. It has not been definitely revealed that the 6 player co-op will be included in the 6 player campaign or if it will be part of a separate game mode. However, what is known is the reaction the news has received on N4G. And that reaction is outrageous.

The very first comment in the thread section for this submitted article from Gamezine is a purely reactionary rant about how "Capcom keeps ignoring its fans." Some people are visibly upset by the notion of cooperative play. Some people want the campaign to be single player only. Notice that I say "SOME" and not "ALL" or "MOST" or "THE MAJORITY." The reason why I say some is because it's the only logically factual statement I am entitled to make. I don't have a statistical report laid out in front of me that will let me know definitely where the fans of the Resident Evil franchise stand on the topic of cooperative play. Neither does anyone else.

And yet, there are way too many people agreeing with certain users who are a bit trigger happy when it comes to using the terms, "many," "most," and "majority." If you have an opinion about something, that's fine. My agreement or disagreement with your opinion is not going to cause me to respond with enthusiastic praise or hatred, though there is something that may. What really does grind my gears about users on this site is how effortlessly they piss away logic for the sake of sounding passionate. If you have an opinion, do not start your posts with, "We didn't want this" or "The majority of us gamers...." If you have an opinion, say "I think..." or "I'm really happy/unhappy about...." There is no cause for you to pretend that you speak for everyone. You don't have the evidence in front of you to make bold claims about what the majority of people want. It's true, you may get a ton of agrees on N4G for saying something very negative about Capcom, but don't let that fool you into believing that you're right about your claims. This website is not an accurate representation of the population. If you don't like something, you should value your opinion enough to say that it's your opinion, rather than pretend that it's popular opinion.

Another thing I want to talk about is the co-op mode. I was a little frustrated by the number of people jumping in to attack Capcom over very little information. Very few people in the thread praised Capcom for announcing 6 player co-op. Six players playing together is not common. I'm a little surprised by the negative reaction considering the positive reaction that Uncharted 2 received for having a co-op mode, and the positive reaction Killzone 3 received for having a co-op mode. I know, it may be "different" because some people think having co-op in Resident Evil makes it less scary.

I'm not sure if I agree with the idea that co-op makes something less scary. What is important to note is that it hasn't yet been confirmed if the campaign will be co-op only or if it will simply have the option for cooperative play. Until then, people should refrain from jumping to conclusions. On a final note, I dislike when fans of a series take it upon themselves to decide what is appropriate for a sequel in the series. Hey, I get it. You like the series, but that doesn't mean you're entitled to control its direction. If you want to control the direction of a game, go learn how to program video games, apply for a job at a game studio, then control the direction of the game. The developers at Capcom consist of people who worked really hard to get to where they are today. They have ideas about what kind of game they want to make, and they're doing it. If you're a fan of their games, good for you, but don't get all pissy when they start doing what they want to do. You're entitled to share your opinion, but please have the decency to note that your opinion belongs to *you* and not to the "majority." I pointed this out to the user who started the rant, and the user commented back saying that most people would agree with him/her. This user still doesn't understand what it means to make false claims. If you don't actually KNOW what the majority of the fanbase thinks about something, don't say that you do. Don't pretend that you do. No matter how many agrees you get on N4G, your claims are still invalid.

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dedicatedtogamers2338d ago

But let us - however - consider CAPCOM's track record: it ain't lookin' so good. If the game does indeed have 6-player co-op for the campaign, you can pretty much kiss goodbye any connection RE6 might have with the rest of the series (other than the characters, of course).

LOGICWINS2338d ago

"If the game does indeed have 6-player co-op for the campaign, you can pretty much kiss goodbye any connection RE6 might have with the rest of the series (other than the characters, of course)."

YUP..and I personally could care less. I loved the horror themed RE1,2,3 and I enjoyed RE5 for its action oriented co-op goodness.

The issue here is that fanboys only see two colors: Black and white

It's impossible for them to be able to enjoy an action game with horror/survival elements. For them, every RE game needs to be 90% horror/survival or them game sucks. Too bad for them. There going to be missing out on what has the potential to be the best co-op experience on consoles this year.

Megaman_nerd2338d ago

Well you can't blame the fans. The series started as a survival/horror game and then halfway through it made a 180 degree turn to cater to another demographic and abandoned them.

Instead of creating a new IP Capcom made RE more action oriented to take advantage of the already existing popularity of the franchise. And they are doing the same damn thing with the DMC reboot.

Vortex3D2338d ago

Reply to Megaman_nerd:
What is puzzling is Capcom introduced a new IP called Operation Racoon City that is all about multiplayer shooter.

But they also continue to the make the traditional RE series a shooter.

They should return RE6 back to the traditional survival horror game and have Op. Racoon City as the shooter series. I'm okay with RE5 used as a testbed to see if there's a good demand for shooter.

Vortex3D2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

If 6-player is in story campaign, it will be a chaos trying to keep everyone nearby all the time. And all the 6 characters that can be co-op most be together in the story campaign or someone in the co-op team will loose control over the character in parts of the story.

If 6-player co-op is more likely to be on non-story or standalone mini story co-op mode.

ZombieAssassin2337d ago

I doubt the main Campaign with be 6 player co-op but it would be nice if they had a separate Campaign mode that was Co-op focused, don't really want another Mercenaries mode as it wasn't all that great. I could see them doing a horde type mode though for the 6 player co-op I just hope it's a little more interesting than the Mercenaries stuff that had in RE5 and instead of it just being little stages it be more like L4D and have it be huge area's and you have to make it to the end.

andron6662337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Nah, I don't think the story mode will be 6 player coop. I guess it'll be 2 players as in RE5. Maybe they have added an option to play it alone too so everyone can be satisfied. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

For the 6-8 player I'm guessing they have some new multiplayer or maybe a survival coop mode. That would be nice...

Leonesaurus2337d ago

Yeah, I pretty much agree with the OP of this blog has to say.

I was probably one of the very few that posted on that article's comment section actually looking forward to it and raising the question of whether or not the 6 player co-op was actually for friends getting together to have fun and socialize through a new zombie horde mode or Mercenaries mode after you completed the single player story.

Almost every single RE game I've played and owned has some sort of bonus mode after you complete the game. The lack of evidence or logic for people assuming and getting angry about the thought of them making it available for the single player is almost ridiculous.

But again, good blog OP. It was well made and did some justice for the whole affair.

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