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The Long and never ending Journey of a NEW GAME

You know guys, I'm a big gamer.
I could leave my system in the closet collecting dust for over 3 months and still as soon as I turn it on, *BAM* my blood rushes to the good ol' brain and the brain gives the order: "Attention everybody, We are going to press the X button"

So you can imagine how it feels when you play a game in year 2006 along with titles like Black, Bully, Okami, FF12, Kingdom Hearts 2...
I mean 2006 was grand, and still, in the middle of all these names, You would say one name is missing, EVEN THOUGH YOU LOVED THE TITLES ABOVE DEARLY.

Well, lets say, sheer genius, Perfection and passion put in a title, SO grand, it could easily outshine them all!

That title was...(If you still are not certain of the game's name, your gamer license has been here by revoked!)


Yes, I was too, even now 6 and a half years later, still this game has perfection written all over it!

This Blog is about my Passion for this title, so please, if you are not a fan, just leave now.

So, let me begin from the start.
It was probably in an old danish street that a young game developer was sitting in a cafe when he saw a bald man outside the window of the shop and thought: Hey, what if he is an Assassin, oh what if I made a game about him!
Or he just came up with the Idea, I do not know, and it doesn't matter.
Only thing important is that, Somebody made a game and Eidos published it and people loved it!

Almost every 2 years we got a new installation in the series and jewel of the crown came in 2006 in form of Blood Money, it was so different but the same good ol' feel of the ultimate Assassin was still there.
It was something special!
The story was so complex, the violence was ever more present.
Blood Money came to conquere and every single title submitted and fell to their knees in front of MR.47.

The options were so much more colorful that it would make you play a mission at least 5 times.
You would cut, stab, choke, push, explode, poision, and simply shoot down the people in your way and nothing could stop you, or at least you tought so!

Well we all know the story, Diana comes in poisons you and you...DIE.
Then comes your funeral and, Diana kisses you and you are alive! (if you chose so that is, you can just let yourself die.)
the Massacre is on and everybody beg for their life except the "Oh so rude agents" that are making your body full of holes.

Well, the game was great and after finishing it 5 times in a row, you would be left wanting more!

I was left, with no news!
what happened to 47?
he was in a Chinese place, where the hell was it?
what was going on?
5 years of no news.
5 years I searched for a new game, maybe coming to PSP?
so you can imagine when the Absolution was teased I lost it.
Went crazy, screaming!
I have been now planing my moves to make sure absolution is day one buy for me!
I have been following every peep Io is making.
This is just the nature of us Hitman fans.
I am certain November, is the Hitman month!
actually the season is Hitman's season.
No, 2012 is the year of Hitman.

Lets just hope we are not disappointed!

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PhantomTommy2060d ago

One of my top 5 games of all time, it's good to see a fellow fanatic spreadin' the word!

kane_13712059d ago

Hey Tommy!
it's good to see you again, commenting under my posts!
and yes, a Hitman Fanatic I am!
guilty as charged!
I just hope I could recreate the frustration we live through correct!

LosAmigos2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Hey buddy 2 times I tried but couldn't succeed, can you tell me the shortcut to win this game.