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Looking back in history (Ridge Racer Type 4)

Hell yeah Riiiiidge Racer!
When you were a 10 or 11 year old kid and put your disc in your beautiful PSone, you only wanted a few things: Fun, a challenge, some nice sounds and good GFX.
Ridge Racer Type 4 for me was this experience.

It is amazing how in its time a game with 32mb or something around that much of GFX Ram felt like the most realistic game. For a kid it had the best graphics ever. Before playing this game again after so many years, my first thought was this is the wrong game. The game I remembered looked way better, but I knew this is the same game. The colors were exiting, the sounds were cool, and the graphics were phenomenal. Yeah, for a kid they were like that. Still to this day when I compare it to its time it feels the same way. I was playing the game and noticed the greatness of the Ridge Racer series in less than a minute. I in fact can totally understand Kaz's famous quote. If I was there I would get up and cheer the hell out of that quote. Ridge Racer, at least back in the day, did what it was supposed to do. BE FUN. I could sit down and play the game all day long and never get tired. Soundtracks were fabulous and unforgettable (Just like Bayonetta).

Nowadays you don't find many fun games anymore, maybe we as gamers have way too high expectations, but this is how it is now. I just wish we could get back to roots and make more games like Bayonetta, LBP, castle crashers, etc….Everything is so serious this generation that I barely ever go back to my games, not even MGS4 (I played MGS3 5 times and PO 3 times).
Looking back sometimes is sad, I could never imagine disliking a Final Fantasy game so much like XIII. We have lost something in between the 6th and 7th generation and I believe Jack and Dexter are also one reason for the whole thing. I mean come on; R&C has nothing on Jack and Dexter. What happened to Call Of Duty? I loved that game. What happened?

But for now, to celebrate the good old times, I'm playing Ridge Racer Type 4. I recommend you do too if you are one of the few gamers who haven't played this jewel. Go and buy it. You can still find it lying around somewhere waiting to be discovered by somebody who will love it.

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