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Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear

Metal Gear is one of the longest running gaming franchises with titles released on multiple platforms dating back to 1987 when Kojima debuted the original metal gear on the MSX computer. Hideo Kojima is responsible for creating a new epic stealth action series, which carries a tragedy story element. Kojima has produced several sequels that all take place in the same universe, with each sequel expanding on the original games plot. Each sequel brought new characters that both oppose and support Snake, prequels have also being made which explore the origins of Metal Gear and recurring characters.

Metal gear consists of a series of Tactical Espionage Action games that use stealth and infiltration as primary gameplay mechanics where players have to navigate through areas undetected. The series was known for pioneering the stealth action genre where the protagonist Solid Snake, or big boss in the prequels has to go through the game alone to accomplish his mission. Kojima created a huge universe that explores both political and philosophical themes and how Kojima believes people are affected by gene, meme, scene and sense.

With a series that’s had so much success a question on the minds of many gamers is where do we go from here considering by the end of MGS4 Snake was a degenerated tired version of his old self. Initially Kojima wanted to let Snake die in the end of guns of the patriots, which would have put an end to snakes tale once and for all, although after what Snake’s being through who knows if death would keep him down. MGS4 proved to be a phenomenal success both figuratively and literally for Kojima, finally bringing the story of Solid Snake that started in the 1980s to an end, resolving any loose ends left in the series long and convoluted history. That was Kojima’s intension anyway but snake didn’t die leaving one loose end unresolved.

After MGS4 Konami went on to release Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker in 2010 for the PSP, which was designed, wrote, directed and produced by Kojima himself. Peace Walker didn’t continue the story of Solid Snake but instead further explained the story of big boss leaving Snakes future unclear. The next upcoming title in the metal gear series will be Metal gear Rising developed by Platinum games, which sees the return of MGS2 protagonist Raiden. Rising will take place 4 years after the events of MGS4 with cybernetics as the new ultimate form of warfare following the fall of the patriots system.

There’s no doubt that the Metal Gear series will continue after snake story is finally resolved and Kojima manages to find a team to pass the series onto, which he has tried to do several times and has openly admitted that Metal Gear solid 2 was meant to be his last. Kojima can try all he likes too distance himself from Metal gear solid and snake but something obviously keeps bringing him back and why wouldn’t it fans love the universe and want to know what’s next. Well recent reports from G4TV and Eurogamer reveal that Kojima is working on Metal gear solid 5 after an interview with French magazine IG.

Details regarding the game are still pretty thin but Kojima still managed to build up hype for a title, which mostly likely only started development this year. During his interview Kojima revealed that MGS5 would use Kojima productions proprietary Fox engine and that Snake could make a triumphant return. Kojima said, “we have not finished with Solid Snake yet, despite the fact I wanted to let him die at the end of guns of the patriots.” The games plot and setting is still up in the air so whether Kojima decides to continue Solid snakes story or make a prequel to further explore the series origins.

After Konami’s initial Fox engine demo showing an extremely detailed jungle rendered using advanced lighting and shadowing, speculation led people to believe that MGS5 would be a prequel further explaining Big Bosses story. Later images showed a woman sneaking by a tank so c MGS5’s protagonist could be the Boss, Big Bosses mentor, who was the founding member and leader of the cobra unit. As of right now all we can do is speculate about what Kojima is planning based on the already released screenshots and wait for more information. One of rumor did suggest MGS5 would feature The Boss in Africa as she recruits the cobra unit but that wouldn’t make sense if Solid Snake’s meant to return.

Kojima seems to have being inspired by the social interaction found in Deus EX but what that could mean for Metal gear solid 5 is unclear. Maybe MGS5 will feature a semi open world where you interact with other characters completing missions or gaining Intel in return for favors, equipment, information or security clearance. The interview also revealed that Metal gear solid 5 would be more of an infiltration game this time round resembling that found in Deus EX and primarily consist of infiltration, Espionage and convincing people to help you.

Most of the details are fairly vague but at least they give some indication as to what to expect in MGS5, which is better than nothing. Whether or not Solid Snake will be the protagonist is unclear, although Kojima did state he’s not finished with Snake yet. Now we just have to wait for more details from Kojima productions as Kojima said he would be more willing to discuss Metal Gear Solid 5 “when the time comes.”

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Daze3112237d ago

Its funny that he will do something great like MGS4 and say I am done with snake and then come up with something like this. I know its hard to walk away from something that you spent most of your life with. I just wanted to say nice job on the history and the talk of the new game.

jonathon-922237d ago

Thanks. Metal gear is one the best if not the best stealth action game out there and Kojima knows what he's doing. Im pretty sure that MGS 5 will be good and more convoluted than ever especially if Kojima wants to bring snake back.

INehalemEXI2235d ago

Indeed , can't wait for more MG and MGO !

MacDonagh2235d ago

Good blog. While I have written up an article on Kojima and Metal Gear; I've decided to hold it back for a week or two since you've released yours ahead of mine and after reading your words. Your enthusiasm is infectious while I have a slightly dimmer view on the whole thing. Anyways, good blog!

jonathon-922235d ago

Thanks I'm glad you like it. I'm sure yours will be fine, since if you think about it the whole saga carries a kind of dim tone due to the series convoluted story.

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