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Mixed Bag Talk: Xbox One's Lost Crown & Why That Is a Good Thing

Before I begin I would like you to take which ever brand (Microsoft or Sony) you wear on your butt cheek and take it off and put it aside on the table just for a moment. Not forever your not throwing that bad boy away just for this read. I write this without a ounce of Fanboy mindset one way or another and I ask you to as well.

Have you heard of the "curse of the third console"? Well seems even Microsoft is subject to the myth. I just want to come right out and say it Microsoft's Xbox One will no longer be to holder of the console crown. Let me elaborate I do not think Xbox One will fail in fact I think it will be a great console however these exclusive deals with publishers like Capcom's Dead Rising 3 and Activision's CoD DLC month early release will soon shift focus either towards Sony's exclusive or no longer will we see exclusives per IPs on one console or the other. The reasoning behind this is majority of the community has made it decision and these exclusive deals will soon come to light as not as profitable. You see Sony's "third console curse" was this current generation and as we all know they got off to a rough start and have just recently gained traction back. Sony has learned from it's mistakes it seems and have addressed all issues from current gen going into next gen. While Microsoft has been generally good about supporting its community right, I believe they made the mistake Sony did before the launch of the PS3 and that is getting too big for their own heads. Sony has had talks during interviews and such since the PS4 announcement about just this saying they did not listen enough and now they are focusing on what we want no longer what they think is right.

Microsoft failed on pushing too hard and no matter who believe's otherwise this was just not good for gaming community as a whole.
Let me compare this to real world situations compared to DRM and always on policies that once were. The government starts enforcing scan-able micro ships into everyone, sure identity theft is a thing of the past and sure you have may gain the convenience of easy personal access to certain locations much faster and less paper work. But on the flip side your now on the radar of the government 24/7, do you really want to be under their finger at all times with no "freedom" or escape from "the man". Microsoft's policy is almost the same sort of push on the gamer level and what you would had gained would of been loss of freedom. Microsoft also has become very stubborn with its money gaining, no longer worried about giving back to its gamers and more worried about what and how much you will pay them.

Overall I think Microsoft's loss of the crown is a good thing so they can take a step back and focus on what is important again and realize we are the reason for their success. There is no doubt Microsoft will gain traction again and Xbox One will start doing well. However if you are in between which one you are going to support please do not buy just because of brand name, but because that what you would rather use, or more importantly go where your friends are going to go. Launch will no doubt be rough but I am honestly excited to see where the community choices will force the game company's to change. And even though it is 10 years way maybe more the generation following this will be the best because then the playing ground will be the most interesting as both parties will be on their A game.

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dedicatedtogamers1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Everyone says that it was a good thing Sony got their butt kicked earlier this gen so that they would work extra-hard to catch up and win back their fans. Without a doubt, Sony is the company fighting the hardest right now to be the go-to spot for gamers.

Microsoft needs to be humbled. I cannot understand why certain people would rather insist "Xbox One will sell fine! Microsoft 4evr!" instead of letting Microsoft take a few bruises so that they improve. I guess Xbox fans were more than happy to dish it out against the PS3 back in 2006-2008 but now that the shoe is on the other foot they insist "let's just get along! Let's not fight! Console wars are stupid!"

iamnsuperman1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"instead of letting Microsoft take a few bruises so that they improve"

I know exactly what you mean and it does seem Microsoft has dropped the ball/been complacent in the last two years with the 360. Its time they understood like Sony did in 2006. It took Sony to get kicked in the nuts for them to realise they need to up their game and from 2009ish they really pushed new and interesting ips. Towards the end of this generation it is crazy to say but the only ones who actually to take risk were Sony and I am glad they did. LBP, Uncharted, The Last of Us, inFamous (naming a few).

I am glad Sony got kicked and the same needs to happen to Microsoft. Now it sort of did when it came to the DRM issue (even though I like they tried to do it but the way they were doing it was just wrong) but I do hope they have learnt not to be so arrogant. I don't want to see in four/five years time a repeat of what happened with the 360 towards the end of its cycle with them being complacent. Keep innovating and take risks

MeatAbstract1614d ago

Here in the UK it was recently revealed that Xbox 360 was the biggest selling console and has surpassed the Wii. In most of the people I know that play games I'm one for the few that actually bought a PS3. Why? I dunno, price, Halo, CoD with friends, I can't be sure. Non of the really lovbed the 1st party games Sony brought quite as much as I did.

We can't definitively know if MS is going to take a few hard hits or whatever, I'm just looking at the pre-order numbers and am saying 'It will sell'. That's not me being a fanboy before you insane Sony ones jump in and call me in an Xbot. That's just how I see it. MS biggest success this generation was squeezing itself into the market and gathering a user base. It's a brand people now know. It's a brand gamers know. It's a brand people that play their 2 games a year know (Fifa and CoD). Just as the PlayStation is known a brand.

At the end of the blog he says not to go with brand name. I already know many people that are and many that still try and convince me to pick up an Xbox One. The consumers are there. It will sell. Accept it, buy your console of choice and let this go. Please.

BillytheBarbarian1614d ago

You're right on there. I'm in the states and I don't have any friends with a PS3. My non-gamer friends have a Wii collecting dust and don't even realize there's an upgrade known as the Wii U. Meanwhile my gamer friends are your typical 360 owning COD/Madden/Fifa bros. I can't show them anything like Uncharted, LBP, or even Fable, Mass Effect, or Gears of War. They just want an Xbox controller to play COD. It's sad really.

coolbeans1614d ago

"I cannot understand why certain people would rather insist 'Xbox One will sell fine! Microsoft 4evr!' instead of letting Microsoft take a few bruises so that they improve."

A strikingly similar rationale invaded the Sony Defense Force during PS3's beginnings so this shouldn't be surprising. It's just an endless cycle of defending X company during their lesser moments because they're pretending some sort of "bond" has been forged.

dedicatedtogamers1614d ago

Yeah I remember all that SDF stuff. It's part of why I held off getting a PS3 until late 2008.

lawgone1612d ago

@dedicatedtogamers...You are actually arguing against peace and logic. Console wars ARE stupid! There shouldn't even be a debate about that. I don't know what your deal're trying to start some website or something, right? ? (It won't open currently.) At any rate, there are enough biased sites out there that favor one console or the other. Is that what yours is going to be? If you are truly dedicated to gamers then why pick a "side?"

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MysticStrummer1614d ago

Lost crown?

Second place has a crown?

thorstein1614d ago

Yeah, coming in 3rd in sales means you get a crown? Usually that means you lose it. But the PS2 owned the previous gen in sales. So....

memots1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I was just wondering that myself.

With the amount of broken 360 out there ( I have 4 here in my basement ) all from friends would not wait or tired of waiting and got a new or the slim eventually ( I fix them as well as ps3 )

The amount of people I know who had 2 or 3 of them Is ridiculous and one of them even had 5.
There is no crown for MS this gen.

Just look at install base and the total worldwide software sale and you'll know who's got the crown..

IanVanCheese1613d ago

360 is beating both the wii and the ps3 here in the UK, an I believe also in the USA... the only 2 markets microsoft gives a shit about if we're honest. Still it's not that they took the lead so much as they took a huge portion of Sony's lead away this generation.

IanVanCheese1612d ago

Odin: Never said that (I'm UK lol) but if we're honest the USA and UK is Microsoft's main market and it's where they've made the biggest impact.

Automatic791614d ago

I have always said go with the system that caters to you.

_FantasmA_1614d ago

This must be one of those super special 3rd place cardboard crowns like the ones Burker King used to have.

BillytheBarbarian1614d ago

360 always sells more software.



The Xbros run the game world this generation no matter how you try to spin it. When Call of Poopie sells at least 10 million for each console every year you know the game industry is just ......pffft.

_FantasmA_1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Well its cheaper to buy an xbox 360, so yeah. PS3 is more premium and more expensive. Also with Plus, alot of people don't even need or want to buy games because theirs too many being given out for free. Some are cheap and don't want to buy games because they have a chance of being put on Plus later.

Besides, there is more variety on PS3, which is why the sales are more spread out. On 360 almost everyone buys Halo and Gears, because what else is there to buy with so much time in between the next recycled iteration? I know I bought Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 because of peer pressure. All my friends bought them and like a jackass so did I.

BillytheBarbarian1614d ago

I don't really care. People were just saying 360 was third place. Really, where game sales are, 360 is first. That's why they wear the crown.

Looks like it will be Sony's turn to wear the crown this time.

CGI-Quality1613d ago

Great spin, there, but you can't claim a crown based solely on software (and really, what do those numbers mean when the more expensive, late comer STILL outsold your greatest effort)?

The crown rests with the Wii for the 7th gen. The PS3 is the only console with potential to outsell it, but at the very least, it's no longer in last place.

The losing console has never been considered the victor, in any case. The 360 is no different.

BillytheBarbarian1613d ago

"Great spin, there, but you can't claim a crown based solely on software..."

Yes you can. The PS2 would beg to differ.

Here's an example:

So I make a game with say 100 copies for easy math. I port it to both Wii and 360, 50 games each. The Wii has a large install base but my game sells 20 copies meanwhile I sell 40 copies on the 360.

Like most 3rd party publishers, they're much happier with the 360 attach rate which is why you see so many companies dropping support for Wii and Wii related projects. Is the Wii still your winner? Software baby! Common sense. Companies lose money on hardware and get it back on software. It's always been that way.

"The crown rests with the Wii for the 7th gen..."
As the ultimate dust collector possibly.

I'd guess 50% of Wii owners didn't even realize you could switch out Wii Sports to play something else. Just my opinion but judging by game sales it must be true.

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EXVirtual1613d ago

This was all a scheme from the start. M$ came into the industry because they saw it growing more and more popular. They saw that as an opportunity to spam houses with their services when the tech was ready. They used the original Xbox to gain money and a following. They used the 360 to gain more money and more of a following and started with their multimedia business. Now they're using the Xbone to nickel and dime people and really push the multimedia with the new tech. The DRM is not gone. It's being temporarily covered by a patch that you need to get rid of them. When they sell enough units, they'll roll off that patch. The sooner they get out of this place, the better. Sony and Nintendo are the future of console gaming. The PS4 and the Wii U will bring back the golden age of exclusives and a complete focus on games. M$ has tainted the industry with gimped multiplats, corporate whoring COD and every other BS FPS, introducing timed exclusives, paying devs to make their games multiplats, introducing DLC and all this other BS. M$ is not needed in this industry and this gen will kick them out for good. The sooner, the better.

BillytheBarbarian1613d ago

That's what a lot of Nintendo and Sega fans were saying about Sony in 1995. Hahaha