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N4G Contest Memo

JL|2553d ago |Blog Post|22|

Hello, fellow gamers. As you know, each month we do select contests on here to reward our loyal members by giving you all a chance to win cool prizes. Well, June will be no different. And being as this is the first of the month, that usually means new contests details.

However, there will be a slight delay in getting those details to you. As our great and powerful leader Cat is currently unavailable, it may take a little time before the full details will be posted.

In the meantime, I did want to give fair warning that we should be continuing our Loyal Reader Lottery this month, as we have done in the past following months. So, while full contest details will be delayed, you should currently count on that being one of the contests for the month of June. As such, that means you will need to make sure to visit N4G every day in the month of June to be eligible for said Loyal Reader Lottery.

I can't give full details at the moment on what the rest of the contests will be and what prizes there will be, but I assure you that you won't be disappointed as we have some cool stuff lined up for you.

We appreciate your patience and full details will be along as soon as possible. I just wanted to make sure you all got the heads up that the Loyal Reader Lottery will be returning. This way it will be fair that you all received notification of this, rather than having it sprung on you when we're already 2-3 days into the month.

Again, thanks for your patience and remember to keep visiting N4G each and every day!

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thebudgetgamer2553d ago

i heard cat is doing time for jay walking.... and a double stabbing

Cat2550d ago

everything you've heard is true.

Kon2552d ago

Contests.. pfft. I won 3 months ago and i'm still waiting for my prize.

PaPa-Slam2552d ago

same here i still haven't received the winnings of April, it looks no one has as I've received about 4 PM by different contributors & winners asking if i got my Prize.

-MD-2551d ago

Takes awhile sometimes. I've won/earned stuff from all the newsboiler sites and it usually takes at least 3-4 weeks for a physical item.

Cat2550d ago

Prizes are issued by the end of the following month (for example, a prize for something won at the end of April is issued by the end of May) and I followed up on your prize. As you live in Brazil, shipping times are unpredictable - something I'm sure you're familiar with!

-Mezzo-2552d ago

Thanks for the heads up.

Any idea, if there will be contributors contest.

Odion2552d ago

she's at E3 I am pretty sure she is more then ok lOL

JL2552d ago

lol Yea she's fine. Didn't mean to word it in a sense that she's not well. Just she's a busy woman and especially at times like these (around conferences) she has times where she may be away and busy for a few days.

Apologies again for the wording. But never fear, Cat is well. She still has 7 more lives to go through lol We should all be so lucky as to be at E3!

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