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Enough with the Uwe Boll vs. Michael Bay coverage!

I'm extremely fed up with the reckless reporting by gaming journalists about Uwe Boll and Michael Bay. I don't even remember how it all started, yet the gaming press continues to obsessively cover it like the Paparazzi. The Boll and Bay drama has been mentioned frequently on every gaming podcast I listen to (including IGN, EGM, and 1UP) and as of this writing on 5/3 at 1pm CST it's on Joystiq's front page.

Although Uwe Boll makes terrible movies based on video games, all of this is nothing more than Hollywood trash and is irrelevant to the gaming industry. I don't understand why all this has been covered so closely.

Remember that being a gamer is heavily scrutinized by ignorant politicians, lawyers, parents, and other organizations and they're on a mission to destroy what we believe in. We cannot be distracted by insignificant drama like Boll vs. Bay and then turn a blind eye to a real threat to our freedom to game.

We as gamers are extremely intelligent. Let's stop following news that isn't.

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LinuxGuru3673d ago

I hope Michael Bay beats the sh!t out of Uwe Boll.

Hagaf223672d ago

i totally agree with you, this isnt the only story that gets posted way to much but even stories that do relate are way over posted, such as jack thompson.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33672d ago

Dude, chill out.

You take gaming way too seriously.

"I'm fed up with the reckless reporting by gaming journalist..."

O.K., its not like they're the alternative press or something. They aren't going to uncover some kind of injustice in society. Not unless that game has something to do about the genocide in Darfur. People don't come to gaming websites for legitimate news. These sites review games that consist of pudgy italian plumbers saving princesses from evil turtles and gumbas.

I think its funny how people act like the industry is threatened by lawsuits. Whenever an industry starts taking off they're going to see their fair share of people trying to attack them. Fact of the matter is, the gaming industry is so rich and powerful they're a lot less vulnerable than people make them out to be.

I do know this much however, I'm sure there is a fair share of gamers out there that would like to see Uwe Boll get his head smashed in for the atrocities that were Island of the Dead, Dungeon Seige, and Bloodrayne.

LuigiLogik3670d ago

you listen to 6 gaming podcasts, chances are your gonna hear the same crap from different angles.
It's news, dude, it's game related(Uwe and his craptastic adaptations and Bay who's movies are pretty much un-interactive video games), and it's somewhat interesting. And heck, who wouldn't want a chance at beating the snot out of Uwe Boll .. to bad he's challenging one of the skinniest guys in Hollywood... I reckon him and Mel Gibson would be a much better match...