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GTA 4 - Grand Frustration

I'm one of many unlucky souls that is currently experiencing the intermittent freezing issue with Grand Theft Auto IV on PlayStation 3. However most are reporting problems only with installation or in the very beginning of the game. My installation went smooth, but unfortunately I'm a good six hours into the game and it randomly locks up on me while in the middle of game play. The only thing I can do is hit the power button on my PS3 and start back from my last save.

Here's a YouTube video I made demonstrating the problem:
GTA 4 issue

Rockstar - please fix this quick!

My video was pulled for reasons I'm not sure of. I'm trying to find another way to host it.

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DevonTheDude5353643d ago

Rockstar pulled your video dude

Jerkstore813643d ago

I guess it's okay for them to sell us a defective product, but we're not allowed to complain about the problem using a locked-up image of the game on our TVs.

Bravo Rockstar!

gamesR4fun3642d ago

getting the same issue and shame on rook$tar fro pulling the vid.

seems to be ok after i did a factory reset on my 60/ps3 left all the settings at default no freezes yet...

Jinxstar3643d ago

I have no random lockups but the frame rate drops every now and then for seemingly no reason... I could be in a quit area and everything and then it goes from 30 to 0 for like 1 or 2 seconds....

gauravraw3643d ago

This seriously blows man. I don't want to say this but i am now afraid of shelling out 60$ for this game just to see it freeze my console, I don't even have the warranty on my PS3. They delayed the game for this?!!

Jerkstore813643d ago

You don't have to worry about the console bricking on you just by playing GTA IV. It seems to be a software issue with the game programming, not the PS3 hardware.

MonsterHunter3642d ago

Iv been playing the game on my 60/PS3 and am over 34% complete and am yet to encounter any of the problems posted. Must be a lucky one ;p

MonsterHunter3642d ago

I must be a lucky one because after over 20 hours of gameplay i still haven't encountered any problems. But what a lethal game!!!! Have any you guys noticed you can burn the tyres clean off the vehicles!

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