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Grand Theft Auto Eve

I'm writing this blog with a big smile on my face because by this time tomorrow night I'll be in line at my local GameStop joining thousands for the midnight release of this incredible game. Judging by the game reviews and reactions by the N4G community, the excitement is at a fever pitch.

But as we enjoy and savor every blissful moment with this game, we as gamers must stand ready to defend our beloved franchise at all costs from the ignorant. The same rampant ignorance that motivates people like Jack Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Cooper Lawrence, and Fox News reporters. I fear the evolved realism and violence within GTA4 will further perpetuate the bottom-feeding pests of the gaming industry.

We need games like Grand Theft Auto to constantly push the envelope and expand the boundaries of our games, and I'll be damned if any wretched politician, deceitful author, biased journalist, or psychotic lawyer stops our cherished gaming industry from innovating. Time will tell what controversy the media will dig up and try to exploit out of GTA4 in an attempt to pull it from retail shelves. Perhaps PlayStation fans and XBOX fans will work together and be ready to fight against the real threat to our gaming community.

Happy Grand Theft Auto Eve to everyone. We're in for a bumpy ride.

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Jinxstar3676d ago

Midnight release is tonight bro. Not tomorrow....

Jerkstore813676d ago

Yeah, I wrote this late last night. It was approved by the N4G community earlier this afternoon though.