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DualShaft 3

Sony PlayStation 3 gamers across the United States are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the DualShock 3 controller and will finally be able to enjoy haptic feedback in their PS3 games. While most gamers might be applauding Sony for bringing back this feature for their latest console, maybe we shouldn’t be so forgiving. The way I see it, gamers are still getting the shaft.

We’re now required to buy new controllers in order to enjoy vibration feedback in our PS3 games. Consumers looking to replace the four SIXAXIS controllers they already own with four DualShock 3 controllers will pay a hefty price of $54.99 each simply to get a feature that’s offered within older versions of the DualShock.

I understand the Immersion litigation was the main culprit behind the exclusion of haptic feedback in the SIXAXIS, but this problem was out of the gamers’ hands (no pun intended) and it seems like we’re the ones getting punished. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the SIXAXIS always felt like a half-baked controller since vibration feedback was removed, but there weren’t better alternatives offered to play our PS3 games.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Sony is offering the DualShock 3, but this is the controller we should have been using all along. Sony needs to take care of the consumers who bought the SIXAXIS, and here are some options:

1.) Create a trade-up program where consumers with a SIXAXIS controller can trade-up for a brand new DualShock 3. Since the shells of both controllers are exactly the same, I’m sure Sony could gut the SIXAXIS to include the vibration components.

2.) Offer a voucher for every SIXAXIS we own that would allow us to purchase a DualShock 3 at a reduced price. We can provide Sony with the serial numbers of each SIXAXIS we have and get a voucher in return. If Nintendo can give away free rubber jackets for consumers who previously bought Wii remote controllers, I don’t see why Sony couldn’t arrange this to happen for consumers who previously bought the SIXAXIS.

3.) Drop the price of the DualShock 3.

Any of these would be viable solutions that would prevent PS3 owners from feeling cheated because they purchased a SIXAXIS prior to the release of the DualShock 3. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t make a habit of excluding rudimentary features from peripherals only to offer them in later versions down the road.

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Surviver3700d ago

Although I do not own a PS3, it is still a big rip off.
And Sony is not really being called on it like they should.
What they should do, is, without question,
make the DS3 available for the people
with the sixaxis for either a minimal price,
or free, as an apology.


Jerkstore813700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Thanks man! :o)

LastDance3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago ) love to see you run a company.

Sony dont owe anyone ANYTHING. how do people get off thinking that companies OWE them something. the notion is just incomprehendible.

Jerkstore81, you bought four controllers? well done. Its your problem. if you want dual shock. why dont you take some friggin resposibility for your actions. stop blaming other people for your shortcomings.
you could have waited for DS.

Dry your eyes.

Jerkstore813699d ago

LastDance, you're absolutely right. I am taking responsibility for my actions and utilizing my freedom of speech to take a pro-consumer stance on how Sony recklessly handled the release of PlayStation 3 controllers at the consumers' expense.

I see it doesn't bother you when a company removes a highly-valued feature from a peripheral required to play games, sells the product on the market for over a year, and then sneaks the feature back in again later down the road. I admire your ability to turn the other cheek on this, but many of us feel jaded.

What if instead of haptic feedback, Sony removed the two analog sticks and replaces them with two D-pads instead? Then a year later new controllers are released with the dual analog sticks back. Would you still be saying the same thing?

It's simply the principle of this type of business practice that I have a legitimate reason to be concerned about, and I just don't want something like this in any shape or form to happen again.

Thank you for your feedback, though! If I ever run my own company someday, I'll let you know so you can watch. :o)

LastDance3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

correct me if im wrong, but wasnt the reason they COULDNT add dual shock was because of legal reasons? They were getting sued?

I dont think they were just rumble F* it.

Ps. i wasnt talking to you about running the company. ;)

LastDance3698d ago

they could have just as easily not worried about dual shock and stuck you with six axis for the life of your ps3.
but im pretty sure they paid millions of dollars so people like YOU could have a dual shock.


You should be thankful.

sonarus3698d ago

I own a ps3 and i still whole heartedly agree. Now every reviewer is reviewing the DS3 giving it praises and all. They should really be slamming the $hit out of sony in order to make that trade in program happen.

To be fair it wasn't really their fault it happened but they could be doing a whole lot more to fix it.

Jerkstore813697d ago

I'm just reading the comments posted within the last 24 hours and am so happy to see a mix of different opinions!

To answer your question LastDance, you're absolutely right. Sony was barred from using the rumble technology, but only because they chose to continue litigation for stealing another company's technology rather than cut their loses and establish a licensing agreement with Immersion for Sony's future controller developments.

Microsoft was also brought to trial along with Sony for infringing on patents held by Immersion, but they settled out of court. Sony could have done the same, but made the poor choice to continue the legal battle, lose, then appeal multiple times starting with their first loss way back in September 2004. The PS3 was released in December 2006, so this was more than enough time to make amends and reach a licensing agreement with Immersion in future products.

This was not the gamers' fault. Sony made an insane amount of poor choices leading up to the release and development of the SIXAXIS, but they mask it as an early-adopter issue.

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Genesis53700d ago

That was very well written. All though I agree with you I really don't think we'll get any breaks on this one. It's an early adoption issue.

Sony must have really thought most people would trade the rumble for motion control. Turns out they were wrong. Luckily I never bought a second controler until now.

I am glad they kept the SIXAXIS though. In some games it's well used,like Ratchet & Clank and Heavenly Sword.

Jerkstore813699d ago

Thanks for the kind words!

DrPirate3700d ago

I guess I don't feel ripped off because my sixaxis (pos controller by the way) broke and I replaced it with a DS3.

I fail to see how this is a rip off though.

Harry1903700d ago

you get so many bubbles?
That's insane.

Harry1903698d ago

to have as many bubbles as you.

Alcaponedyou3700d ago

shaft? to those who didn't plan ahead.
But in truth, I'd rather have a dualshaft3 than macroshaft

Bricheous3681d ago

My wife bought me another controller so she could play and I told her she had to sit this one out until Spring! It was harsh, I know, but I did it. The truth is I knew the Rumble was coming and told her we'd wait to buy one then. It's your own responsibility when purchasing the latest upgrade or feature to plan ahead and research when the next upgrade or feature after that will be released (if that makes sense). PC users get shafted every year with new graphic cards. IPOD owners get the same boot. Come on people! Its the electronics industry where we have to sit back and watch the price of a flat screen drop by half after shelling out big bucks! Its in the game (no EA pun was intended while writing this closing) live with it.

DarkSniper3700d ago

Dark Sniper agrees with you. Unfortunately, Sony didnt do this when Dual Shock was introduced on PS1, so it's highly doubtful they will do it now.


yanikins1113699d ago

for the ps1 because it was new tech back then. On the other hand, who bloody cares. 6axis controllers still work. The way I see it, if you have 4 6axis controllers, buy a ds3 for yourself and have 4 6axis for your friends. You guys know the ps3 can connect to 7 controllers right?

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