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Making The Zune More Appealing

 I don't own a Zune but was wondering on ways to make it more attractive to the public audience. I was also thinking of the tools Microsoft already has in it disposal and what could come by the end of the year. At the moment in the hand held department there is the Zune and Window Mobile OS in pocket pcs. With everything revolving around the Xbox 360 itself then it would be a smart assumption that content could be taken from the Xbox 360 to the Zune and possibly windows ppc (abbrev.). Obviously the first setup is videos dealing with trailers, a good bundle of tv shows, and movie downloads being synced up to your Zune/Windows ppc. This will be a nice start but nothing really major unless you downloaded a bunch of content on the Xbl marketplace. 

Trying to think a bit deeper (not really, just took me 30 seconds lol) I was wondering what can work for a small application like the Zune plus other windows hand held. The next logical step was games which only includes XBL Arcade games. I don't know about you but this seems like an ingenious idea to give more of a incentive for consumers to buy the Zune and other windows ppc (at least xbox 360 users). I don't know about you but I would enjoy playing Geometry Wars while on a Zune (2.0?). 

Another thing is IPTV which is basically to me a direct tv with tivo. The basic idea would be recording content to your Zune or Windows ppc like the Toshiba Piano mp4 player (Needs Windows MCE). Thinking about this worries me about the battery life of the device. I'm pretty sure it would take up to 2 hours before the hand held you're working with would ultimately run out of battery life which is unacceptable. 

Zune can possibly equal into a smaller version of a DS but I' am sure I'm missing out on a lot of components. I'm also pretty sure everyone thought of these ideas already but damnit I just wanted to write it. FYI I'm planning to buy a Zune around may just because I need to look cool hehe.

If anyone is interested, I plan to write a follow up story on Parappa The Rapper called "Story- Parappa: International Dog of Mystery?"

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