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5 Insomnia Inducing Horror Games You Have To Play!

jamilv | 98d ago
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It’s not quite October but we thought it would be fun to round up some horror games because who needs to sleep?!

#1. Dead Space ( http://store.steampowered.c...

The 1st of an amazing horror trilogy. You play as Isaac Clark, an engineer, in his way to fix the Ishimura, a starship that sends a distress signal. Almost immediately they find out that the Ishimura is abandoned and no-one is there. After that, they were attacked by weird abominations called the Necromorphs. You’ll have to use Isaac’s engineering skills to use the different tools in order to kill the necromorphs using their cut limbs against them as well. A great horror experience with the only flaw that Isaac doesn’t speak at all, making him feel a bit bland.

#2. Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason

A chase for survival in the frozen lands of the North Pole. You find yourself in an old ship, surrounded by dead people and monsters from the past. You’ll unfold what happened to both the ship and the passengers as you progress. A weird mechanic of the game is you’ll have to be warm at all times, so prepare to spot lamps and all kind of things to replenish it, but depending on the item you won’t be able to refill to 100% until later on. There aren’t many guns so you’ll have to be careful when fighting each monster

#3. Outlast ( http://store.steampowered.c...

A recent gruesome horror trip to an Asylum. You’re a reporter that goes to the Mount Massive Asylum, after an anonymous tip that they are conducting inhumane experiments. Soon you’re trapped in there, chased by the inmates that have escaped, while you try to run away. You’ll only be able to hide or run, trying to see through the night-vision of your camera, but you’ll have to use it wisely since the batteries don’t hold for long. The graphics are great but there are many gore and disturbing moments so be prepared for everything.

#4. The Forest ( http://store.steampowered.c...

A game that was just got an Alpha release on Steam. The game begins with you and your kid in an airplane. After that, you crash in a weird island and the natives take your kid away and now you have to find it. There are many interesting mechanics like the inventory system and that you’re able to build a lot of different things from a small fireplace to even a whole house and the resources to build all these are easy to gather also. Finally, even though it was just released the game shows a lot of potential so try it out if you enjoy games like this.

#5. Dead Space 2 ( http://store.steampowered.c...

The best game of the Dead Space trilogy. After the ending of Dead Space 1, Isaac is in a mental institute and the doctors think and treat him like he is a lunatic. But, the necromorphs appear again and follow him, destroying the world again around him. Now you’ll have to find the source of all this and put an end to them for good. This game is exactly like the previous one but is a lot bigger and improves in many aspects like more customize-able weapons, more armors and even more horrifying enemies. The best though is that Isaac in this game talks, making him a very good character.

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