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The viewpoint of a single gamer

Never thought I'd be a person to do a blog but after the latest "scandal" going through the gaming world I felt I had to take to my keyboard/phone and let loose.

Please bear in mind I've never done one of these, most likely never will again so cherish the moment (or let it die in the submissions area) and feel free to criticise/point out areas I need to approve .

The topic I'm referring to is that of Ubisofts recent revelation that there is no female characters in their latest assassins creed and far cry.

What have we, as a gaming community, come to?

Devs spend countless hours dedicating their lives to bring hours upon hours of entertainment to our lives and what do we do? Go to arms over a relatively small issue.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for equality but lashing out at devs because they have opted not to include a female lead is ridiculous. Gaming is an art form regardless of what the main stream says. Some games lately have been mind blowing gorgeous (admittedly short on substance but beautiful none the less). To me they're an art form. While this may sound like random drivel it is leading to my point.

Has there ever been uproar against artist because they haven't used enough men or women in their art. If a dev opts for a male lead that's their choice, their right as the makers of the game. Why should what they feel best suits the game be modified and twisted to suit a minority. The majority of gamers (at least I hope) couldn't give two tosses if the lead was male, female, both or some new alien sex.

And so ends my little rant. Feel free to criticise, praise, hate, love, help on the above.

Do bear in mind this is my first time blogging. Thanks for reading!

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Highatus1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

It is complete and utter BS. The sense of entitlement people have these days is ridiculous. It is a choice made by the devs created in their storyboards to make sense for the direction they want their game to take.

However they are damned either way since if they did do a female lead or the opposite someone would have the opinion that they are over sexualized in some way or another and be blown out of proportion regardless.

The double edged sword of the internet and media is that everyone has a voice and the ones that want to be heard make the most noise unfortunately.

In my preference if something doesn't interest me I don't buy it, not try to stir up controversy about minute things such as you describe, if people devoted all their energy to actual problems in the world then maybe we could be less self absorbed and care more about our brothers and sisters everywhere.

I also usually create a female character that allow it and I'm a Hetero-male!

PiNkFaIrYbOi1407d ago

Yep, a lot of gamers are entitled when they have no reason too. We don't care if a game devs do with their game. If we find the game interesting we will buy it and try it out. It doesn't matter what gender the main character is to us.

Though we do prefer male main characters as we can relate to them more easily being a male.

fenome1407d ago

Nice first blog! It's a very relevant topic too, heck, I just wrote a blog a while back about the same kind of thing. Not specifically about what you wrote, but just about gamers bashing games and the lack of respect given to developers in general:

The only thing I can think of as far as help on your blog is maybe change the headline to something like 'The viewpoint of an individual gamer' or 'Just the viewpoint of one single gamer" or something along those lines.

The only reason I say that is because when I read it I thought you meant 'single' like a relationship status, for example, the opposite of "The viewpoint of a married gamer". For some reason it was hard for me to put that into words, hope you get what I mean and it was probably just my mistake for reading it incorrectly. lol

Either way though, good job on your first blog, they're a great way to get things off your chest!

speedforce1311406d ago

Nice first blog! You should probably keep that rollin! Anyways, on topic, I totally agree. It's an art form and that art comes from the creator. The creator can do as he or she wishes to realize their dream.

If people don't like that there aren't any females in the new AC games then maybe they should go make an AC-type game with a female lead in it.

That said, it does show that there is a demand for females in Assassin's Creed. If I had executive powers at Ubisoft, I'd fill that demand. I mean, they are making like, 5 AC games right? Can't one of them have a female lead?