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Old days Of Gaming

I'm starting this off due to the fact that over the last week or so I have been reading all the comments of Xbox one vs PS4. If you want to read a lot about it click on any Xbox one article and scroll down. I am going to slightly touch on it but not heavily. No what I want to talk about here is what happened to the days when everyone enjoyed both or all three consoles? And in my opinion how can someone say my system is better than yours.? Or even the whole if it was not for my system we would still be gaming in bits not gigabytes.

So first up the whole everyone enjoying both systems. When I started off playing games I was about 5 back around 93. My family had a NES and I had just got the SNES I played a bunch of different games for it. Among my favorites from that console was Actraiser. A friend of mine had a Sega we would both get together and drag one of our systems over to who's house we were at and play one for sometime then switch and hookup the other. We did not care about the sticker on the console all we cared about was how fun the games were.

So what has changed have we all forgot about story's and characters that all we really care about is graphics? I feel that may be slightly true. I remember In 98 I got a demo disc that had metal gear solid on it for the PlayStation, the demo hooked me. I asked for it for Christmas and I was hooked. The story was so good in that game that I can from memory recall almost everything that happens in that game and guide you through it with no problem. Yes the graphics were good but the story had you hooked wanting to know what was gonna happen next. Another great story game FF VII, Do I even really need to go into detail on this one it was amazing.Then to wrap up Final Fantasy X it had great graphics no lie but the story was sound and really wanted to make you get to the end to figure it all out. Halos story was not as amazing as the last games listed but the way they built up master chief was amazing then in halo 2 they hit the story well. So in the comments Please respond on this note.

Now for the systems being better this is gonna be short and sweet. I understand a system itself can be better depending on what it provides to you as a gamer or entertainment lover with a casual gaming side. But if you say it is only better for the reasons of hardware specs then I think you are you are ill informed. Just because a system is powerful does not mean it will make it better.

That all falls in the hands of who is developing the games for it. If they use a engine that takes that system to the max and they spend tons of time going over and weeding out all the bugs that may cause it to glitch or tear graphics. Just because it is an exclusive don't mean that the graphics are instantly maxed for that system, If that were true then the PS3 exclusives would have taken full advantage of the cell which to my understanding still has not happened. And we would not be waiting almost 3-4 years after launch to see games get to a higher level than at launch. End of that one again please comment I enjoy hearing other sides of the story and others ideas.

Lastly a brief touch on the whole if it was not for my system games would not have been revolutionized. Fact shows us that Nintendo and Sega back in the day did things that did not take off on consoles, But we use them today. First off Sega was really state of the art if we look back and see that they were one of the first ones to utilize CD's(they were actually cheap audio cd's not CD-Roms). Also you can probably thank Sega for Sony getting into the mix. You see when Sega made the deal with Sony to create the CD drive for Sega CD the same offer Nintendo turned down, Sony would only release dummy consoles to Sega then Sega had to take it upon themselves to finish it.

So my theory is Sony took and analysed the system to start there own. Which hey i'm not complaining just simply put my theory out there. A lot of things we have today in gaming if you search around you will see someone already did it way back somethings farther back than you would expect. Like the whole live streaming of games Sega with there Sega TV and partnership with Timewarner.

So in closing cant we all just be grateful for whoever gets whatever They prefer, and the fact that one company is making the other strive for perfection. And instead of bashing everyone for what they like actually post some constructive comments. OK so there it is hope to hear some thoughts in the comments thank you for reading and have a great day.

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BillytheBarbarian1724d ago

You were too young to witness the war that was SEGA vs Nintendo.

My face has been ridden with the scars from the fist of a power gloved Nintendo fanboy. He attacked me at recess for bringing a Sega Visions magazine to school. He said "Sega is lame. They don't have Contra, River City Ransom or Excite bike. They don't have the power pad, u-force, or the sweet power glove. Trade your Sega in at funcoland and buy a NES or I'll get you every day with my Nintendo power glove."

He did just that. Every day he'd track me down and ask me if I switched to the power of Nintendo. My friends watched as I stood up to him. With every time he knocked me down I'd slowly rise to my feet and say..."SEGA!"

I began to provoke him in front of teachers..."Dude, Sega's Double Dragon has 2 player co-op!"...He'd push me to the ground but get caught and got detention. I continued to set him up. "Sega's Rampage has all three characters including Ralph!". He knocked my magazine out of my hands and got detention again. "Phantasy Star has been called the greatest RPG ever on any home video console by Electronic Gaming Monthly beating out Final fantasy and Dragon Warrior!"
Boom! Detention again for this Nintendo power bully. "Sega Master System can display 32 colors on screen at once compared to the NES's 16."

Finally he wanted to fight. He put on his captain N jacket and told me to meet after school the next day and come prepared to battle.

He had his jacket, power glove and two control pads in which he planned to use on me like whips. I showed up. I wasn't going to go down without a fight. I had the Sega 3d glasses on to protect my eyes, my Sega T Shirt that read "to be this good takes ages, to be this good takes Sega", and I also had two control pads ready for battle.

We slapped each other so bad we ended up bloody ruining our clothes. Our parents took our games away for months. We ended up being friends...until Sega Genesis came out.

Ivel881723d ago

Well said where i'm from was a small town everyone knew everyone literally so there was none of that but I do agree with what your saying until I wrote this I had never actually caught on that the Sega and SNES did not release when I thought they did. But i agree I was to young to ever be there for the releases at the right age. thanks for the comment though.