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Pissed off PSP Go owner.

First off. I want to point out that I am from Australian and I have access to the Australian PSN Store.

So, the PSP Go. Jeez. Honestly it's a great device. I don't have to carry around my UMD's which I love. I hated that. Carrying 5 games on me was too much. With the PSP Go, all my games are on the drive. Brilliant.

Now. There are two games that I love and cannot live without. What are they? Lumines and Ridge Racer. These two titles are fantastic on the PSP. These titles have been out for some time.

Can somebody tell me why these two big titles are not on the PSN? There is no excuse. It's just pathetic and I have asked Mike, the guy who posts the EU updates on the EU Sony Blog. I ask him every single week. The first time he ignored me. Once I mentioned that he finally answered. I cannot recall what he wrote and cannot find it because it was some time ago however it was along the lines of I have no idea. So I have asked over and over until I get an answer.

So now it has come to this. I have posted about it here on my blog. I hope this gets the attention of other gamers and those who also want these titles. If not other titles.

Do something about it Sony!

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GWAVE2892d ago

I'll just be honest: I don't use UMDs on my PSP anymore. I have a hacked PSP.

Now, I don't condone piracy. I have hacked my PSP so that I can take the UMD, rip the ISO, patch it, and then load it from my memory card. I have the original UMD in case this PSP or the memory stick craps out.

It's a far better way to go, and I imagine that is kinda what Sony was thinking when they made the PSPGo.

kenpachi2892d ago

i ask mike every week about naruto and bleach games he does answer me but has no idea if these games will arrive but Sony can't put games on the store unless the publisher of that games says so.

I know how you feel i live in europe too and it sucks for psp go owners

Milky2892d ago

I agree its not upto scratch. MS Peace walker is £32 on the EU store. Amazon are sellng it for £17. Huge difference that completely put me off the PSP Go.

saint_john_paul_ii2892d ago

yea. im thinking about selling my go. im really disapointed as well.

alphakennybody2891d ago

the psp ridge racer and lumines are indeed a very addictive games. I played'em everyday, but my psp is broke and can't buy a new one yet :(

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