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Pissed off PSP Go owner.

iorkara | 1893d ago
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First off. I want to point out that I am from Australian and I have access to the Australian PSN Store.

So, the PSP Go. Jeez. Honestly it's a great device. I don't have to carry around my UMD's which I love. I hated that. Carrying 5 games on me was too much. With the PSP Go, all my games are on the drive. Brilliant.

Now. There are two games that I love and cannot live without. What are they? Lumines and Ridge Racer. These two titles are fantastic on the PSP. These titles have been out for some time.

Can somebody tell me why these two big titles are not on the PSN? There is no excuse. It's just pathetic and I have asked Mike, the guy who posts the EU updates on the EU Sony Blog. I ask him every single week. The first time he ignored me. Once I mentioned that he finally answered. I cannot recall what he wrote and cannot find it because it was some time ago however it was along the lines of I have no idea. So I have asked over and over until I get an answer.

So now it has come to this. I have posted about it here on my blog. I hope this gets the attention of other gamers and those who also want these titles. If not other titles.

Do something about it Sony!

GWAVE  +   1893d ago
I'll just be honest: I don't use UMDs on my PSP anymore. I have a hacked PSP.

Now, I don't condone piracy. I have hacked my PSP so that I can take the UMD, rip the ISO, patch it, and then load it from my memory card. I have the original UMD in case this PSP or the memory stick craps out.

It's a far better way to go, and I imagine that is kinda what Sony was thinking when they made the PSPGo.
ReservoirDog316  +   1892d ago
keep on voting huh?
kenpachi  +   1893d ago
i ask mike every week about naruto and bleach games he does answer me but has no idea if these games will arrive but Sony can't put games on the store unless the publisher of that games says so.

I know how you feel i live in europe too and it sucks for psp go owners
Milky  +   1893d ago
I agree its not upto scratch. MS Peace walker is £32 on the EU store. Amazon are sellng it for £17. Huge difference that completely put me off the PSP Go.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1893d ago
yea. im thinking about selling my go. im really disapointed as well.
alphakennybody  +   1892d ago
the psp ridge racer and lumines are indeed a very addictive games. I played'em everyday, but my psp is broke and can't buy a new one yet :(
Trroy  +   1892d ago
If it's not published by Sony, its not up to Sony, as to whether or not the game does digital.

Also, not all games can go digital, due to streaming race conditions with UMD reading in some games. I'll bet Ridge Racer streams its track data (like most racers), and might not play correctly with the UMD "emulation" of a digital title. Similarly, Lumines may stream its music or somesuch, via some awful technique.

Sony is in it for the $$. They want titles on PSN badly. There's always a reason many of these titles haven't made it to PSN -- it's almost always the publisher or the game itself, and many are just too old for the publishers/devs to bother fixing them.

New games, hopefully, are a different story. Presumably Sony will not let them be published without passing some sort of digital format test these days.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1892d ago
Wow, did not know that... i only had hate for Sony for not putting more and more games on the PSN for my Go, but now i have some understanding as to why. Thanks. I still love my Go though but it would be nice if they lower down their prices comparable to how much Gamestop or other retailers sells their products.
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Trroy  +   1892d ago
The UMD streaming issues are basically the result of human error -- bad programming (and lack of proper testing tools back in the day).

Curiously, some titles actually have the opposite problem -- a couple off the top of my head are the Ubisoft Prince of Persia games on the PSP. Their sound/music skips in UMD form (because it's streamed from the UMD, and apparently it wasn't tested well), but in digital form they're totally pristine.

Streaming is a tricky problem, due to varying disc layout issues, different reading speeds on different parts of the disc, seek times, you name it. Streaming is almost always done in parallel with other tasks (which is why its beneficial), so if you screw up the timing, don't synchronize it properly, etc... the game can run off the tracks.

I'd say this is probably the #1 hurdle old UMD games face when hitting PSN. Sometimes its not an issue, sometimes the publisher/dev will fix the problem. Sometimes.. no dice, and the game never sees the digital store.

If a new game doesn't hit PSN, its almost certainly the publisher of the game who is at fault. They sometimes have wierd reasons, or business relationship reasons (some retailers can get upset if you don't delay the release of a digital version of a game, for example, and the retailers are the publishers *actual* customers, outside of PSN) to not put the game up right away.
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MikeTyson  +   1892d ago
I am a PSP Go Owner as well. Sure wish the game library on the PSN Store was much much larger. AND THE PRICES! Should be cheaper then UMDs because you don't have a case or booklet (sure you get some digital crap).
darkdoom3000  +   1891d ago
Go owner too. Yeah- I would like more games (yu-gi-oh!!) but most games i want are on there.

form factor is the selling point for me.
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