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To Anon & Sony

Ingram | 1765d ago
User blog

My name is Dan, pleased to meet you.

We are not Anonymous.We are The Gamers.

Our core goals aren't political nor aesthetic.

We did not ask to be pushed into GNU vs Proprietary wars.

We just want to own the hardware and buy the software at lower, reasonable prices, preferably paid directly and/or mostly to the developers.

We don't feel the need to hide.
We won't put up anymore with greedy companies(Activision, CAPCOM, Squeenix) nor invisible unpredictable lamers who further compromise our already tight freedoms.

You won't have to expect us, we were here long before Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft or Anonymous, yet we grew together and fed each other.

We core gamers -as any specific group of human beings- have ONE weapon, amongst many (Loyalty, easeness to work as a group, critical thinking, passion, reflexes and imagination), that identify and bind us all.

We Never Give Up.

Cease and desist on this charade soon, or start losing money and time on both fronts.

pew pew, MF.

Ingram  +   1765d ago
For any of you that hasn't been following the preposterous open war between Anon & Sony, here's a complete video summary. Yeah, that's GeoHot at 0:49.

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SanMarco  +   1765d ago
Love it. That'll be the outcome as well.
dulcegm   1765d ago | Spam
Otheros00  +   1765d ago
It would be better if you post this on their website.

"We won't put up anymore with greedy companies(Activision, CAPCOM, Squeenix) nor invisible unpredictable lamers who further compromise our already tight freedoms."

I agree with this.
Ingram  +   1765d ago
-Addendum- To the "big three":

If you continue directing your resources to the casual market, you'll discover you've gained millions of unpredictable, easily bored customers, who will never pay as much as we do for your games, and steadily lose your hardly earned core fans, who have the potential to be loyal across many generations, as already demonstrated.

We didn't even coordinate, we are loyal and critical by nature. You're on the verge of destroying this golden age of quality gaming. Corporations and Core customers, together, we have raised and nurtured this for decades now.Think Twice about the new target suggested by your subpar marketing & PR teams, or perish following a fad.
KwietStorm  +   1765d ago
Not exactly sure what this statement is meant to accomplish. Is it just a parody?
unkn0wn  +   1764d ago
Yeah, do you want Sony and Anon to stop battling each other? Or.. mmm.. I'm confused. If you want them to stop, probably not a good idea to perpetuate the whole debacle.
Ingram  +   1764d ago
well yes, it's just a small parody of the attitude and stance of Anon, and of course I want them to stop their struggle, I just hope there's a good outcome for all of us.
OmegaSlayer  +   1763d ago
Nice :)
Still, an intelligent mind like yours won't unfortunately win against dull yet capable minds.
outwar6010  +   1759d ago
When i buy something i hopefully should be able to retain the the ability to be able to use it in the bare minimal the state it was when i first bought it with ALL the features i paid for it without fear from removal of said features and without a million amended terms of agreements! i dont support piracy i just want what i paid for all 425 pounds of it(and im on my third copnsole after this i wont buy sony because they dont stand for quality anymore or have much integrity in my eyes)
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