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At a Glance: Q-Games

IndieMonth | 487d ago
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Q-Games’ focus is technology, originality and creativity. Founded in Kyoto, Japan by Dylan Cuthbert in 2001, Q-Games has since created 18 games across numerous platforms. The PixelJunk Series exemplifies their characteristic devotion to innovation and whimsy.

Nom Nom Galaxy is the newest member of the PixelJunk family. Debuting on Steam Early access, fans have a chance to contribute to development. Players are cast as Astroworkers working for galactic corporation, Soup Co. Explore the galaxy for rare ingredients, make delicious soups, create a soup monopoly!

Play on:Steam Early-Access

Mini Q&A
Answers from Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games Founder

Why do you make games?
We make games because they are so inspiring and a ton of fun. They let people explore worlds that are beyond their imaginations, and they do it all interactively as opposed to movies. Games are a multi-headed medium too, they can be sports ( attests to that), adventure, puzzles, education, complex simulations, and a whole lot more, there is probably no other medium that can enable so many things.

Why should people play titles from Q-Games?
The games from Q-Games are for people who like to see a unique take on things. We try not to do anything in the way people have done it before and this can alienate people who want a bit of an easier life (and that's fine too), however for those who want to bite off a little more than they can chew every time they play a game our games are perfect.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
The controls are the immediate feedback to the player and have to be just right. That's the reason why Nintendo's version of Tetris on the gameboy was the king of all tetrises in its day. Controls are subtle delicate things and if you make a slip up it affects every single player. I also like a story, not one that is thrust down your throat but a cleverly expositioned story. Movies like Star Wars show how this is done and a lot of games follow that kind of approach to give you a real sense of the "epic". (Dark Souls for example)

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Day 31 | Q-Games

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BiggCMan  +   487d ago
That video was absolutely glorious hahaha.
Derekvinyard13  +   487d ago
Skip over 4:11 and 4:40 if your Squimish
Jeice  +   487d ago
I can see Q-Games has been around for some time. This is exactly what we need, experienced game developers.
MrxDeath  +   487d ago
omg , they have split-screen co-op !
this game looks fantastic :3
it's a good ending to this awesome month
Fifagirl2014  +   487d ago
This game is kind of gross but I like it which is weird!
MYDEATH21  +   487d ago
These are the kind of games i want to play with my son in the future =)
beepbopadoobop  +   487d ago
The gameplay looks epic! Cant wait to get my hands on this and make some awesome nom nom soup!
ichizon  +   487d ago
I think that is the weirdest trailer I have ever seen, but I couldn't stop watching. And why does Steam pop up when he adds a PS3 to the soup..?
Q-Games  +   487d ago
We've got Sony roots! And you should keep your eyes peels for Gamescom, too. <hint hint>
dictionary  +   487d ago
This team is definitely awesome
oasdada  +   487d ago
I totally agree that games are a medium that let u experience 1 step further from movies/tv
LukeFair  +   487d ago
Finally a Japanese indie developer featured! I played few of their games, they always had something new and were fun. Also loved the video!
Caffo01  +   487d ago
definately coming to ps4, i'm going to try it!!
CeilingManx  +   487d ago
Q-games have made good games in the past, so I trust them. They are kinda weird but definitely addicting.
hudibauc  +   487d ago
can't wait for it on the ps4. would be cool to have second screen on vita. ;)
Crazyglues  +   487d ago
Nice Video...

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MisterAV  +   487d ago
This is one of the few companies of the indie month which I know very well from previous games
timmyp53  +   487d ago
So you threw a move controller in there...
XtraTrstrL  +   487d ago
LOL, crazy sounding game. Exploring the galaxy for soup ingredients.
SpeedDemon  +   487d ago
That poor PS3 in the video.
pyrocloud7  +   487d ago
All I can think about reading that description is the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, lmao
Monster_Tard  +   487d ago
I'm into any game with splitscreen multiplayer.
KellyRay  +   487d ago
Ooo! Early access on Steam.
dota2champion  +   487d ago
gameplay mechanism seems a lot like terraria
xHeavYx  +   487d ago
I wonder what that PS3 soup tastes like
coolbeans  +   486d ago
It gets better when you give it time to settle and update.
Disagree  +   487d ago
with ingredients like that, how can you go wrong? :)
r21  +   487d ago
Nom nom indeed.
grashopper  +   487d ago
I just realized this is kinda the first pixel junk game with more than 1 word title.
Was this pixel junk soup at one point?
rambi80  +   487d ago
I'm gonna found the PETA equivalent for consoles (PETC?) because of that vid. LOL
IzNatDolan  +   487d ago
Co-op! (giddy school girl voice) ee-ee-eeh. This game looks terrific! Definitely buying it! I Hope it is released on consoles!
shadowvisa  +   486d ago
nom nom
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