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Q-Games' John Davis on PixelJunk, Nom Nom Galaxy and T-Shirts

IndieMonth | 562d ago
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Hi, I'm John Davis, Q-Games Community Manager and Assistant Producer on the latest PixelJunk title, Nom Nom Galaxy! We're honored to be part of the N4G Indie Month and to be in the company of such great developers. I'm also excited to talk about contest we're running now for a chance to win one of the exclusive Nom Nom Galaxy t-shirts we'll be giving away at PAX Prime!

If you're unfamiliar with Q-Games or the PixelJunk series, here's a brief primer. Our company president, Dylan Cuthbert, got his game dev chops on projects like the original Star Fox and development of the PlayStation 2. In 2001, he founded Q-Games in Kyoto, Japan. We've had our hands in small bits of the PlayStation 3 development, including my favorite PS3 visualizers, Earth. We've also done some great DSiWare games, like Reflect Missile/Trajectile and X-Scape. And we were lucky enough to return to the Star Fox universe on the Nintendo DS (Star Fox Command) and 3DS (Star Fox 3D). But gamers are probably most familiar with our PixelJunk series! Since 2007 we've developed and published seven PixelJunk games and various expansions on PSN.

Nom Nom Galaxy is the latest in the series and our first game to debut on Steam. It's unlike anything we've done in the past; a 2D genre mash-up of base building, tower defense, and galactic economic domination through soup that we like to call SoupCraft! This is also our first Early Access title, which has been both amazing and incredibly stressful.

We'll be showing off the latest version of Nom Nom Galaxy at PAX and a few other places over the next few months. I can't get into the specifics of where or what you'll see it just yet, but we're really excited for the upcoming announcements. So excited, in fact, that we're holding a Nom Nom Galaxy t-shirt contest right now on our PixelJunk Facebook page and Twitter! All you have to do to enter is vote on your favorite design to be automatically entered into the drawing. If you've got a Twitter account, follow us @PixelJunkNews and look for the RT contest for more chances to win. And if all else fails, come play Nom Nom Galaxy at PAX for another chance to snag this swag!

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Day 31 | Q-Games

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BiggCMan  +   562d ago
"a 2D genre mash-up of base building, tower defense, and galactic economic domination through soup"

I mean there's literally nothing else you can possibly ask for!!! BRING IT!!
randomass171  +   561d ago
This makes me hungry for the game. And soup.
Derekvinyard13  +   562d ago
@ 4:40 in the video, I didn't think he was gonna do it, I was wrong
rambi80  +   561d ago
I have a broken ps3 and i still wouldn't do that to it.Too many memories and feels.
Jeice  +   562d ago
As the last game ofr Indie month, I wouldn't expect anything less than Nom Nom Galaxy. The game sounds very fun.
MrxDeath  +   562d ago
this game looks fu**ing amazing !
the art style and the 2d style is just wonderful :D
MYDEATH21  +   562d ago
This is epic! I want this so bad XD
beepbopadoobop  +   562d ago
I hate to pick favorites but ive always loved the games these guys make so Q-games has to go to the top of my list for indie month!
ichizon  +   562d ago
Can't say I did pay much attention to the other titles in the PixelJunk series, but I've only heard good things about PixelJunk/Nom Nom Galaxy. I played Terraria and Starbound, but I've heard Nom Nom Galaxy is a bit different despite the world and certain base mechanics being similar. With the added tower defense part, it sure sounds like it!
nunley33  +   562d ago
I like some Tower defense games and i like all their games on PSN so that's all i need to know to buy this,i got them all. He's a cool guy and did a great job on the PS3 music visualizer, Sony needs to get him to make another one for PS4. and MRXDeath is slipping a bit, only got the 4th comment
dictionary  +   562d ago
Such a colorful game, great!
oasdada  +   562d ago
As soon as i heard it was tower defence.. i was like booo yeaaahhh
Caffo01  +   562d ago
Love the art-style, but the genre not so much..
LukeFair  +   562d ago
I like pixeljunk series, I have shooter (1 and 2), monsters encode and eden! I would love to get a t-shirt of the series!
hudibauc  +   562d ago
we want printed nom nom comics. ;)
MisterAV  +   562d ago
Too bad I can't go seem them at PAX...
timmyp53  +   562d ago
When are you guys going to do a full 3 Do game? Not that Im OT UK nterested I just got a platinum trophy in shooter ultimate.
SpeedDemon  +   562d ago
It reminds me of Terraria which is good, love tower defense games and the game has split screen co-op also, sounds great all ready.
XtraTrstrL  +   562d ago
I'll keep an eye on this, just based on the track record of the creators. While I hope for a PS4 Monsters game.
100Ton  +   562d ago
I have played all the Pixeljunk games even Racer!
Crazyglues  +   562d ago
I like the- Space, the Soupy Frontier - in the T-shirt contest... pretty cool design.

This seems like a pretty cool company / anyone who came from starfox is a game god in my humble opinion... Loved that game.

||.........___||............ ||
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pyrocloud7  +   562d ago
@XtraTrstrL I am right behind you on that, would love to play both Nom Nom and Monsters on PS4.
Monster_Tard  +   561d ago
I can see this game being very successful.
KellyRay  +   561d ago
Love it! Can't wait.
dota2champion  +   561d ago
i think this game is going to be really successful compared to the other PJ games, and it seems to have more replay value.
xHeavYx  +   561d ago
Can't wait to try this game
Disagree  +   561d ago
ah don't have a facebook, so twitter it is!
grashopper  +   561d ago
Bummed I live so far from pax. Would love to nab a shirt. Will try on Twitter. I hope it's the "hello" shirt.
I also hope that PS3 soup was broken! ;)
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rambi80  +   561d ago
Best use of a Move controller so far. Really pervy sequence though. This was awesome.
IzNatDolan  +   561d ago
I like the art style, and the t-shirt looks awesome.
shadowvisa  +   561d ago
looks fun
Darklurkr23  +   561d ago
Alot is going on that's for sure :D
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