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PixelJunk - Nom Nom Galaxy T-Shirt Design Contest

IndieMonth | 555d ago
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Have you heard?

Nom Nom Galaxy will be at PAX again this year with some new updates not yet seen in Early Access and a couple of surprises! To celebrate, lead artist Yasuyoshi "Yamatron" Yamamura has put together some designs for the shirts that Q-Games will be wearing - and giving away! - at PAX Prime.

Yamatron made around 40 designs and they’ve narrowed them down to five for the community to vote on. Voting will take place here on Facebook ( ), with winners chosen at random. They’re also giving away t-shirts @PixelJunkNews on Twitter through a RT campaign.

The contest began July 25th and ends Aug 3rd at 11:59pm. You can read more about the contest on their dev blog:

Day 31 | Q-Games

What you'll be voting on (be sure to go to FB to vote! ):

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BiggCMan  +   555d ago
My favorites are C and E! But all of them are really neat! If E had the black shirt instead of blue then it would be the best for sure!
Derekvinyard13  +   555d ago
C is my favorite. B is pretty nice to
randomass171  +   554d ago
Gotta agree. I think C has the most to say.
Jeice  +   555d ago
These shirts are so awesome, especially A and C.
MrxDeath  +   555d ago
My Favorite is A and D, they look good :3
MYDEATH21  +   555d ago
I'm definitely liking C the best :)
beepbopadoobop  +   555d ago
I would wear the crap out of E! it rocks!
ichizon  +   555d ago
Too bad I don't use Facebook! I do like C best though. Mainly because it's wearable in public without causing too much of a fuzz, and it just sort of looks cool on its own.
Q-Games  +   555d ago
You can still win a shirt if you aren't on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter and look out for the tweets that tell you to RT for the t-shirt. We're giving out five t-shirts on Twitter.

If you're attending PAX, we'll be there giving away t-shirts, also!
nunley33  +   555d ago
I like the C & D designs
dictionary  +   555d ago
Contests related to design-skills everywhere... :(
oasdada  +   555d ago
Ill try 1 too.. btw me likey C
LukeFair  +   555d ago
My favourite one is idea B, but I like also C!
Caffo01  +   555d ago
A and D are the best!
CeilingManx  +   555d ago
A is pretty cute, but I'd have to go with C. Seems more inspirational.
hudibauc  +   555d ago
Like A.
Q-Games  +   555d ago
Thanks for commenting! Remember to go vote for your favorites:

You can vote everyday, so get to it!
MisterAV  +   555d ago
I prefer A and D!
timmyp53  +   555d ago
C is definitely the best makes me wish you guys did a 3D game akin to no Mans sky but not open world.
SpeedDemon  +   555d ago
I voted for D.
XtraTrstrL  +   555d ago
I'd try some Wooly Mammoth meat in my soup. Leave me alone though PETA, I love animals.
Jorjk  +   555d ago
A and D
Crazyglues  +   555d ago
I like C and D

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pyrocloud7  +   555d ago
I am all about Design D, but I think that design on the color of the shirt for Design E or A would look awesome.
Monster_Tard  +   555d ago
B is my favorite.
Astragali  +   555d ago
My favourite is C - it just looks so epic! Ship that soup!
dota2champion  +   555d ago
I'm going to flip a coin for B & C and then vote
KellyRay  +   555d ago
Pulling for C!
xHeavYx  +   555d ago
I think that C is the best one
coastwise  +   555d ago
E is definitely my favourite. Astroworker is so rad!
Disagree  +   555d ago
I really like C :)
grashopper  +   555d ago
I like A a lot myself. I loves me my pixel junk.
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