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Gun Monkeys: Killing for Cubes for Humanity

IndieMonth | 561d ago
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From Herobyclicking

If you were ever familiar with Size FIve Games when they were Zombie Cow Studios, you would know that they make games, BAFTA-award winning to boot. Though you might be more than a little surprised to know that the game that won an award from the British Academy of Film and Television, Privates, had to do with sexually transmitted diseases. If you were really familiar with them you would know that Dan Marshall of the one-time Zombie Cow Studios also made several adventure games: Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! But the name change wasn’t Dan evading taxes, the mob or a malicious ex-lover. There was no hostile takeover, no obscene exchange of words or messy mergers, Dan Marshall of Zombie Cow Studios just hated the name. “The way I see it, there’s no point going through life putting up with something that makes you unhappy if it’s completely within your power to change it,” states Marshall on his blog back in 2011. That quote was preceded by Dan’s admission that “Well, it turns out actually cows are stupid.” So now, with over three years of brandishing the name Size Five Games (creators of the fifth size of games, don't you know), Dan Marshall is still making comedy games, and Gun Monkeys is no exception. Though funny it may be, Gun Monkeys is an explosively engaging good time.

Gun Monkeys is a procedurally generated platform 1v1 shooter. But really they had me at Gun and Monkey(s). If being a monkey with a gun was not enough, there is actually a bit of story to go along with this relatively nihilistic view of our future of humanity. In the future, an experiment of catastrophic levels decimates humanity. This experiment created Perpetual Energy, a powerful resource that you can now send your bevy of monkeys into the future to retrieve. The game revolves around these yummy cubes of murderous energy. You collect this energy while fending off a monkey from a rival energy corporation. During the match each player’s power is ticking away, while dying drains it even more so. It costs a fair amount of Perpetual Energy to send a replacement monkey hurtling into the future. All this information enters your ears if you have patience and have the volume up while playing the tutorial. Yes, I know this from experience. Yes, I have played through the tutorial more than once. The tutorial is handily voiced by the British comedian Kevin Eldon, known for all sorts of things you may have seen on the BBC, Channel 4 or the internet. It was a pleasant gem when a bit of commentary would spring up intermittently while dueling to the death, snarking on about a particular power-up or whatnot. While my ears were being given a lovely treat of Kevin Eldon, my eyes were granted a glowing love-fest. The bright, sharp colors and use of line created an inviting playground for your monkey to trounce or be trounced.

I have been known to shout many things during multiplayer matches. Many of which I cannot repeat here, though the one that most readily comes to mind is, “I hate this map.” I can’t say that for Gun Monkeys as each map is procedurally generated. Neither player has the upper hand from knowing the particulars of the map; no muscle memory etched into the players reactions. Gun Monkeys deposits the players on an even field of play. In addition to the random creation of the maps, there is no way of predicting the location of the drops for either power-up or power cube. The only advantage a veteran player may have is from using their winnings to purchase a variety of perks which enhance the previously mentioned power-ups, movement or energy collection.
Most plainly put, the playing of Gun Monkeys is raw fun. I was nearly as pleased losing as I was winning, and I was often losing. I didn’t mind, because the games were quick and close. It was exciting, nearly chest-pounding so because of how quickly a lead can be lost or gained. If I could have bribed my fellow player hang out in the lobby, for one more rematch, I would have. Gun Monkeys got me hooked. After three or four consecutive games of not blinking and short breath from, well, not breathing I wanted more. More guns, more monkeys and more power-cubes. Give them to me, now.

So let’s see; Monkeys with Guns, Check. Random map and item generation, Check. Ability Enhancement, Check. What’s missing? You. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be playing Gun Monkeys right this moment. In fact, unless you are trapped under car without proper access to your laptop and internet you should be ashamed. Size Five Games carefully crafted these gun toting primates for us to enjoy, it would be rude to not partake.

Gun Monkeys is available on Steam. If you don’t have someone to play with you locally then you are in luck. Each purchase of Gun Monkeys comes with two keys (one in the form of a Steam gift).

Day 29 | Size Five Games

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MrxDeath  +   561d ago
looks great
but like i said this was free :3
oasdada  +   561d ago
Ill get my hands all over it as soon as i get it..

U sure the full version was free?
dota2champion  +   560d ago
He's probably talking about "free weekend play" Steam sometimes let users play a full game for an entire weekend
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Derekvinyard13  +   561d ago
I miss monkeys :-( I remember in timesplitters they were huge but now everything is zombies
herobyclicking  +   560d ago
Oh my, I played that tone until my eyes bled. My friends hated that I played Robofish all of the time.
nunley33  +   560d ago
love games like this, i'm not gonna whine about some saying it was free. It's cheap and deserves some money for it. I wish them luck with this and in the their future projects.
herobyclicking  +   560d ago
And each purchase gives you an additional key to share. Seriously, great fun for the price.
ichizon  +   560d ago
Well, it's not free per se, but the developer is handing out free codes randomly, because the game has had issues filling the lobbies for lone players. He said it had already paid for its development and considers it a success, but while many players may be playing private matches as he intended, some are stuck in empty lobbies.

An alternative would be not to have a lobby system at all, but I think having one, even if empty, trumps just not having one. Marshall's working on finding solutions to the issue, and giving out keys is one of the proposed solutions. Getting more people playing the game.

What's more work though? Searching for one of the keys, or coughing up a few bucks from your hourly wage for a couple of copies?
beepbopadoobop  +   560d ago
The little monkey dudes with guns look awesome!
shadowvisa  +   560d ago
looks nice
beckisback  +   560d ago
Okay guys, I get your point, but I really can't play it while working. I'll give it a go when I get back home!
dictionary  +   560d ago
c'mon, they maybe deserve money
fllysurfer  +   560d ago
Im on it... GO INDIE GO!
LukeFair  +   560d ago
I will certainly check this out and I look forward to play it with my friends
Crazyglues  +   560d ago
This looks awesome...

||.........___||............ ||
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SpeedDemon  +   560d ago
Great game, I really like competitive 2D multiplayer games like this and Awesomenauts.
pyrocloud7  +   560d ago
It's cool to see someone like Kevin Eldon voicing this little indie game.
Gigus  +   560d ago
Looks interesting. Gonna look into this more.
Monster_Tard  +   560d ago
I'd like to try it.
BiggCMan  +   560d ago
MONKEYYYYYYYYYYS!!!! Anyone remember the amazing monkeys in Timesplitters?
XtraTrstrL  +   560d ago
Oh, haha, it's suppose to be a modern day power company. Procedurally generated is always welcome, cuz that means replay value goes up as long as it's done right.
Disagree  +   560d ago
procedurally generated maps sounds amazing keeps players on their toes and each match feeling fresh.
Kalebninja  +   560d ago
so many explosions, Michael Bay would love this.
xHeavYx  +   560d ago
Wouldn't mind playing this on my PS4
Fullmetalevolust  +   560d ago
This sounds like the set up of an arcade shoot 'em up on versus mode with friends on local co-op or online multiplayer.
I love quick matches where winning or losing doesn't matter as long as fun is what drives the game.
Kevin Eldon voicing over the tutorial is indeed a treat.
I'm not usually one for shooters, but when it's well made and fun and not first person, you can count me in!
Well done Size Five Games...Monkeys have been sorely missed, especially holding guns. Oh the shenanigans!
KellyRay  +   560d ago
I've always enjoyed your games and humor. Good work Dan.
grashopper  +   560d ago
If they make a sequel they need to add chickens as well. Or just a alt skin.
MYDEATH21  +   560d ago
Comes with 2 keys!? This is looking better than I thought lol
Darklurkr23  +   560d ago
Well for 6 bucks yea I'd be up for it. But come to consoles
Snookies12  +   560d ago
Got this game from my brother a week or so ago... Definitely need to try it out. Curse gaming backlogs, lol.
Jeice  +   560d ago
I love explosions and definitely think this platformer will make the cut. I will be sure to tell my nephew about Gun Monkeys.
Virtua_Awesome  +   560d ago
That's really cool how all the power-ups/cubes are randomized as well as the levels, and the game also has abilities/perks? Sounds awesome! Gun Monkeys really has such a cool, distinct visual style as well. All those screenshots are really eye-catching.

And that's really generous of them to include a second steam key for just $6. The game lets you play multiplayer regardless of where your friends are :D
LostFlock  +   560d ago
sounds really awesome, and the game looks really beautiful.
Pixolator  +   560d ago
Great indie game with great art, I like the how colorful it is :)
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