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By Valenka

Insurgency was originally an idea that came to the mind of Andrew Spearin twelve years ago, when he decided to create a modern, infantry first person shooter based on his experiences in the Canadian Army. It was originally to be titled Operation: Counter-Insurgency (OPCOIN). Jeremy Blum, the founder of the Red Orchestra mod and New World Interactive, joined the development team and shortly after, the project was officially renamed to Insurgency.

It’s primarily a team-based, online multiplayer experience focused on tactical, objective-based gameplay. Players are able to choose between the US Marines or the Insurgents, with teams structured around the two squads. Within the teams are customizable player classes, such as the Rifleman, Marksman, Engineer or Support Gunner. Insurgency is quite similar to modern first person shooters of the same niche, but it brings an overwhelming handful of originality and innovation to the proverbial table.

Exclusive screenshot of new map, Panj, currently in Beta

Insurgency features over twenty weapons with numerous attachments, but unless you plan on using a red-dot sight or something like it, there is no crosshair to help you. You’ll have to aim down the sights of your weapon and pray that you know how to use them. There is also a significant focus on realistic weapon behavior, including a free-aiming system and proper reloading animations. Shooting from the hip is still possible, but the free-aiming system makes it difficult. Weapons are also realistically deadly, as most rifles are capable of taking down players and enemies with one or two shots to the torso. It’s something you’ll notice right away when going through the optional boot camp to get a feeling for how the game has essentially revitalized everything you’ve known about shooters.

The aforementioned changes that Insurgency packs are also detriment on any players’ desire to embody Rambo, as teamwork is strongly encouraged in order to survive. You’ll find that communication is key but is also deadly; the communications system includes 3D VOIP, which allows both friendly and enemy players within proximity to hear you, requiring you to pay attention to your surroundings. However, it shouldn’t be too hard, considering that the HUD and UI are simplified, allowing for an immersive experience.

I found that for the first time in a long time, I was completely involved in what I was experiencing. Insurgency is truly captivating not only visually but generally, as the gameplay and overall experience is what you might come to expect from bigger…or mainstream developers who seem to completely ignore the kinds of things that would improve their formulas for success. Insurgency packs a wallop that I was not prepared for, but I kept going back for more. It’s intense, close quarters combat in distinctive and detailed environments that brought me uncomfortably close to a real-world urban warfare experience…and I love it.

Exclusive screenshot of new map, Panj, currently in Beta

A feature that I fancied, that seemed to have been borrowed from Mass Effect 3 and improved upon, is the gear customization, which affects your weight, stamina and movement speed. Initially, I thought it was a better idea to get as much attachments and helpful add-ons as possible, but soon realized I was being rightfully penalized for my gluttony. I originally went into Insurgency not really knowing what to expect and I’ve suddenly turned into a gamer that will talk about it from dawn to dusk to anyone who will listen.

Insurgency offers ten game modes to choose from – Firefight, Infiltrate, Flashpoint, Push, Skirmish, Occupy, Ambush, Strike, Vendetta and Checkpoint – with all of them being crucially dependent on teamwork and communication. They’re all enjoyable in their own respect, but I found Infiltrate and Ambush to appeal to me the most. Infiltrate is like capture the flag, but instead, you must capture your enemy’s intel and return it to your base, and you only respawn when a teammate takes the enemy’s intel or if an enemy stealing your team’s intel is neutralized. Ambush involves escorting a high-value-target to an extraction point; I normally can’t stand any kind of escort mission, but it’s so much fun ambushing the convoy and taking out their HVT before they even knew what happened.

Insurgency is quite similar to modern first person shooters of the same genre you’ll see on the shelves from mainstream companies, but what Insurgency offers to the player is what separates it from its siblings and puts it on a significantly higher pedestal. To be perfectly honest, if Battlefield and Call of Duty had a baby that grew up playing Counter-Strike and graduated at Harvard University, that offspring would be Insurgency in a nutshell. It is everything a game of its genre should be and that’s why I’ve enjoyed it immensely, despite my distaste for the spoiled genre it resides in.

Insurgency is available on Steam for $14.99.

Day 24 | New World Interactive

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grashopper  +   374d ago
Man I wish more games were like this. Emptying a clip into another player and having them scamper off is just silly. Not sure how nearly every shooter has come to that.
CrimsonAzure  +   374d ago
A really realistic war game. Seems like Arma.
beepbopadoobop  +   374d ago
Weapons that are actually deadly! You dont get many of those in online games these days!
Caffo01  +   374d ago
I'd like to try it on consoles...
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dictionary  +   374d ago
Arma is the best imho, let's see how this will be
LostFlock  +   374d ago
Sounds really awesome, love me some realistic shooters like Arma or CS so im in.
Crazyglues  +   374d ago
I like the scope too, it's done well, how everything blurs when you zoom in on the scope, games don't often get that feel right..

20 weapons seems a little light, but if it's done right, I don't think I can be mad at it.

If the weapons are made realistically deadly then this could be a really challenging shooter.
Which would be a lot of fun.

||.........___||............ ||
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oasdada  +   374d ago
The weight system sounds interesting.. finally there wud be some difference between a player with heavy machine gun and a player with only a hand gun equipped (me lol)
SpeedDemon  +   374d ago
I will give it a try, I like about anything that's a FPS.
shadowvisa  +   373d ago
looks nice
LukeFair  +   373d ago
I'm not a fan of shooters but this game seems fine for the FPS genre lovers
pyrocloud7  +   373d ago
I really like that aspect of balancing what you are equipping with how that affects you, not only does that bring in that extra touch of realism, but it also adds some nice RPG-esque elements to the equation.
XtraTrstrL  +   373d ago
I'm not sure how I feel yet, I'd like to see another vid with more movement. It seems like it could have potential though.
Disagree  +   373d ago
I like when actual teamwork is incorporated into shooters. *sigh* I miss socom
Emilio_Estevez  +   373d ago
Yeah, reading this made me think of Socom as well. I miss old Socom, not the newest one.

Hopefully this captures that feeling we got when playing those games.
Disagree  +   373d ago
theres this game called H-hour coming to ps4. sort of a spiritual successor to socom. its on kickstarter. hopefully that turns out nice
Emilio_Estevez  +   373d ago
Yeah, I've heard of it. I just generally don't get too hyped about games until I can decide if they are worth it or not. Still need to see how it comes along before I buy in.
KellyRay  +   373d ago
No crosshairs. Love it.
Monster_Tard  +   373d ago
Looking good, keep up the good work.
Jeice  +   373d ago
This game is even faster than Call of Duty from the looks of it. I've yearned for such a game.
Derekvinyard13  +   373d ago
Socom teamwork, miss those days
Darklurkr23  +   373d ago
Yea besides only PC, always ask for ID @ Xbox or PS calling
HammadTheBeast  +   373d ago
Graphics look great, I'm wondering if this is a competitive shooter like Socom in the old days.
ichizon  +   373d ago
I have grown weary of most of the semi-realistic FPS games out there. I liked the Red Orchestra series though, and the new survival games that try to focus on realism come off as good concepts to me as well. I think that if Insurgency is the next step for something like Red Orchestra, I'd love it.
iceman06  +   373d ago
These types of games need a revival on consoles. By that, I mean the one and done, non-bullet sponge gameplay that most of us remember from the SOCOM days. Not only do those games rely on strategy and teamwork, but they inherently foster a tense atmosphere. I can't remember the last time that I played a shooter and was actually concerned about death and my approach to the objective. This would be a refreshing option to the CoD and Battlefields of the world.
Pixolator  +   373d ago
Price is very reasonable, if it does good on steam store, we may see it on other platforms, xbox and ps4 *wink, wink ;)
dota2champion  +   373d ago
red orchestra 2 is the most realistic shooter i played. maybe insurgency will topple that if i decide to try it out
ArcherCZECH  +   373d ago
Red Orchestra 2 is love, Ro2 is life , my favourite youtuber says, that insurgency is fine, but it isn't so realistic, when bullets spawns in the middle of the screen... you know, he hates headglitching =D
MYDEATH21  +   373d ago
That's cool. I like realism in shooters. Though I hate when it's me dying in 1 shot lol. Probably something illbjustbhave to get used to.
MisterAV  +   373d ago
The description make me want to play it, even if just to die a little, I'm not good at FPS XD
gobluesamg  +   373d ago
Tactical objective based combat that requires team work. Completely different than what I got when I used to play Call of Duty.
Virtua_Awesome  +   373d ago
Nice read! Insurgency sounds great, and man, that's a lot of different gameplay modes for a $15 game! I've always enjoyed teamwork based FPS games the most, instead of the more, as the article says, "Rambo"-ish ones. Teamwork just adds such a awesome element to FPS's.
ArcherCZECH  +   373d ago
Real game... real battles... description of Insurgency, not Betafield...
NitroUK  +   373d ago
Nice to see war from a Canadian point of view.. Being English there are a few Canadian / English world war 2 military camps nearby so I look forward to playing this.
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