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At a Glance: Daniel Benmergui

IndieMonth | 190d ago
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Daniel Benmergui is an independent videogame maker born on 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently developing Storyteller, a storytelling puzzle videogame based on the language of comics.

In the past he made a few artgames, all of them based on experimental gameplay mechanics. Today I Die is the best known. It won the "Jury Award" at IndieCade, and was a finalist for the Nuovo award at the Independent Games Festival during 2009. I Wish I Were the Moon was chosen "Best Indie Game 2008" by Gamasutra, and selected for the first Sense of Wonder Night at Japan.

He also co-organizes the Experimental Gameplay Sessions at GDC, which is one of the most successful sessions of that conference.He worked at Gameloft for three years as lead developer of a team of 120 programmers. Plus, he co-founded Duval, a growing community of South American game developers.

Ernesto RPG
Recently Benmergui decided to take a week to make a small game - Ernesto RPG is that game.

Ernesto RPG is all about tracing a heroic path through a dungeon to kill the Dungeon God.

After releasing it into the wild, Benmergui realized that there might be upsides to turning it into a tiny commercial game. This is a “side project” of sorts in the midst of the development of Storyteller, allowing him to go back to it from a different perspective.

Plus, it makes him happy.


Planned for: Steam and iOS, 2013

Storyteller is a puzzle game where you build visual stories by placing characters and props into a comic-like sequence of frames.

Each level has a goal like "make a murder of jealousy" or "a tragedy of love". You are free to fulfill it in any way you want. Storyteller is simple to understand and play, but stories will get more and more twisty! Manipulate secrets, desires, personalities, monsters, returns from death, betrayal, amnesia, love and other plot elements.

An early prototype won the innovation award at the Independent Games Festival 2012.


Planned for: PC, Mac and iOS

Mini Q&A

Why do you make games?
I wanted to make game since I was a kid. Weirdly enough, I only manage to take a serious crack at making games after my 30th birthday. A sort of "rebirth", as it may.

Why should people play your games?
What element of game design do you hold above all others?

I am not sure "people should play" my games or anybody else's. But a common trait of my work is to explore unconventional game mechanics. I don't make single kind of games, each new project of mine offer a different experience: Today I Die is a short poem-game about changing our worldview; Storyteller is an attempt at making a toy out of stories, and Ernesto is an RPG about finding the optimal path through an adventure.

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Day 23 | Daniel Benmergui

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MrxDeath  +   189d ago
" I wanted to make game since I was a kid. Weirdly enough, I only manage to take a serious crack at making games after my 30th birthday. A sort of "rebirth", as it may. "

i think that is nice .. that you know when you were a kid that you will make awesome games
nunley33  +   189d ago
A nice read, ernesto looks interesting and storyteller looks good too, i'll like the humor i think.
Derekvinyard13  +   189d ago
Congrats on doing what makes you happy dude, looking forward to storyteller it looks great
XtraTrstrL  +   189d ago
Storyteller looks like a cool and different type of game.
ShadowWolf712  +   189d ago
Ernesto looks interesting. Might actually be useful for easing some folks I know into RPGs
dogmanx23  +   189d ago
New games and pretty different. Something gaming needs.
RexDD  +   189d ago
I love how indies strive to make new and unique games. I Will be looking forward to this one.
oasdada  +   189d ago
In the end you turn to whatever makes u satisfied.. its never about the money
SpeedDemon  +   189d ago
Both games look great. The simple yet awesome ideas that get turned into video games.
Monster_Tard  +   189d ago
I'm looking forward to seeing more about the games.
LukeFair  +   189d ago
I played Today I Die, it was short but it gave me chills. The music and the meaning of this game makes it so emotional. In my opinion this is important in a game... and is the thing that keeps it in your memories for long time.
Also Storyteller has a great concept that reminds me a little of Scribblenauts, where the player must complete a goal, regarding a small story, with his creativity.

Keep the good work Daniel!
grashopper  +   189d ago
Scribblenauts popped into my head too. Storyteller does look like a interesting concept.
CrimsonAzure  +   189d ago
He's a humble man.
dictionary  +   189d ago
Nice read and happy for him
Jeice  +   189d ago
This game has beautiful colors and adorable characters. I am looking forward to it.
mmofanatic  +   189d ago
Storyteller looks very interesting. I wonder how many endings there are?
shadowvisa  +   189d ago
nice read
rambi80  +   189d ago
Storyteller looks interesting. It looks like something that i'll enjoy. I like the whole "make your own story deal"
pyrocloud7  +   189d ago
"I am not sure "people should play" my games or anybody else's"

This is seriously an awesome attitude to have, not trying to cram your game down anyone's throat, just offering it up and letting it stand on it's own merit. Nice!
randomass171  +   186d ago
Humility certainly goes a long way. Good for this dev! :)
Emilio_Estevez  +   189d ago
Had to look up 'Today I die'.

Was interesting to see a 'poem-game' in action and wish it was a little more fleshed out.
Disagree  +   189d ago
both games ios yes!
MisterAV  +   189d ago
One things I can say for sure is that is full of passion for what he does
BiggCMan  +   189d ago
Very interesting. Always nice to hear about new games!
Caffo01  +   189d ago
Never heard of him but he seems to be talented..
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HammadTheBeast  +   189d ago
Hopefully it comes to Android as well in the future.
FITgamer  +   189d ago
Well this is different.
xHeavYx  +   189d ago
This game looks fun
Soulsaber  +   189d ago
We need more puzzle games for iOS and Android
gobluesamg  +   189d ago
Unconventional game mechanics is right. Storyteller looks interesting.
dota2champion  +   189d ago
Played the demo for both. Didn't like Ernesto. Storyteller was fun though, even though I dislike the pixel graphics.

Here's how it went down when I was playing storyteller.

Basically, the queen killed one of her childhood friend and force her other childhood friend to fall in love with her.
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ldurham  +   189d ago
You made a game in just a week?!? That is impressive!
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