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Strategic Combat with Sci-fi and Magic Mixed gives you Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall

IndieMonth | 570d ago
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From FogKnight
RPGs are one of the biggest genres in the history of gaming. As text-based video games have role-playing elements implemented in them, and I would argue that was the earliest iteration of the genre. From turn-based to real-time strategy games, to MMOs, many games use elements of RPGs - but a true RPG has more complex mechanics than a strategy game with interesting characters, captivating story-line, and mysterious yet brilliant lore.
Created by Jordan Weisman, Shadowrun is one of the most popular board games created. Loved by many board game players and interesting and successful that there were early game adaptations for it on consoles like SEGA CD and SNES. Then those fans began demanding a modern vision of Shadowrun, as not many people seemed interested in developing a game like that. That’s until Kickstarter came a long, and Jordan came back just for this project.
Harebrained Schemes was founded by the creator of Shadowrun himself, Jordan Weisman, and Mitch Gitelman. They wanted and needed to make a great Shadowrun game so they went to Kickstarter and asked the greatest fans to crowd-fund the game so they can make best Shadowrun game possible - Shadowrun Returns.
Shadowrun Returns is a strategic, turn-based RPG video game adaptation. Weisman was inspired to create a game with a "more authentic tone" after seeing 2007’s Shadowrun game, a first person shooter in which, unfortunately, he wasn’t involved in. He bought Shadowrun rights back from Microsoft but he couldn’t find the backing from a publisher so he decided to use Kickstarter to make the game, a game he wanted to release.

Weisman announced the game as a "graphically rich 2D turn-based single player game with deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat." This is downright factual as the game has interesting strategic combat mechanics in which you control each member of your party, each with a captivating background story and dialogue - a feature worthy of the spotlight as not many games succeed with story and dialogue.
The first thing you get to do is character creation as you choose gender and race from a list that includes humans, elves, dwarves, orks, and trolls. You can also choose which class you want to use such as Street Samurai, which focuses on combat and weapons; Mage, which uses various spells including attacking and healing spells; Decker, which specializes on hacking into computer systems; Shaman, who can summon spirits to help you in battles; Rigger, whom controls robotic drones that can specialize in combat or healing, and finally Physical Adept, who uses his magic to enhance their strength in many ways. You can also just start without choosing a class if you feel confident enough, since you can choose whatever skills you want as you level up - for example a Decker can have Shaman’s summoning ability. The leveling is great if you want to have diverse skills for your character as you gain Karma to improve yourself with Body, Quickness, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower and Charisma.

Combat is turn-based and you control yourself and each member of your team in every turn. You have Action Points (AP) that determines how many times you can move and do an action such as movement, firing a weapon, reloading, and unleashing a spell, or just using an item. Switching weapons doesn’t use AP, but you have to be wise with your actions since the AI is quite intelligent in combat.
In Shadowrun Return’s original campaign, the game was quite linear as there were only few instances where you could have small exploration in some maps. This was among the first things fixed in Shadowrun Return’s DLC, Shadowrun Dragonfall. Harebrained Schemes made the game less linear and implemented much more interesting plot-line and character storylines, and dialogues which would captivate a player while playing the game. Basically Shadowrun Dragonfall fulfilled the game’s potential and satisfied Shadowrun fans everywhere.

Speaking of exploration, you can also interact with the environment in multiple ways - from pushing aside objects, hacking terminals to find hidden rooms, gaining access to new routes to their main objective or finding items to use or sell. Mages are also able to see magical ley lines, which enhance their abilities while standing over them, while Shamans can see points that allow them to summon spirits in areas. Most interestingly though, Deckers are able to "Jack In" to the matrix at specific points. This puts them in a different, virtual world while still controlling the party members in the real world. In the matrix, their stats are determined by the cyberdeck they have equipped and their abilities by the programs they have installed. In the matrix, they can fight ICs and enemy deckers while trying to gather data and hack devices, such as elevators or auto turrets.
I would really like to talk about the storyline, but I don’t think that is a bright idea for a game like Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall - so I will leave it as a surprise for future owners of the game on N4G! I hope this feature got you interested in the game, and happy indie month once again! Hopefully you all are enjoying it so far.

Day 22 | Harebrained Schemes

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MrxDeath  +   570d ago
this game looks wonderful ! i love the art style .. it's like transistor .
but i've heard some gamers say .. that the storyline is sh*t
so , i have mixed feelings about this game
3-4-5  +   569d ago
I have the first one...It's pretty good so far but I've heard Dragonfall is Much Much better.
CrimsonAzure  +   570d ago
So this is like an RTS right? Seems OK
Raf1k1  +   569d ago
It's turn based so when in combat you can make a limited number of actions before it's the enemy's turn.
LightDiego  +   570d ago
Looks great, i wanna try it.
Derekvinyard13  +   570d ago
love me some exploration!
XtraTrstrL  +   570d ago
Oh, wow, it's turn-based, ok. I like the interaction with the environment to find hidden rooms and secrets, kinda like Zelda or something.
oasdada  +   570d ago
I remmember shadow run on snes... my bro wud play and id watch.. cant belev it made it way back thru a kickstarter..
herobyclicking  +   569d ago
There is definitely some homage to the SNES and Sega versions in this title.
shadowvisa  +   570d ago
nice looks
URNightmare  +   570d ago
Gotta give it a try. It Could be a lot of fun.
SpeedDemon  +   570d ago
Got to try this game.
Mokastro  +   570d ago
"after seeing 2007’s Shadowrun game, a first person shooter in which, unfortunately, he wasn’t involved in."

I reckon Weisman should have been glad & "fortunate" that he wasn't involve in the 2007's ShadowRun. Cause that game was (lacking a better term) "Shit".

2007's Shadowrun was essentially, just a shooter inspired by Shadowrun's use of Magic in a Sci-fi setting. Oh and it happens to bearing the name "Shadowrun". That game didn't develop anything beyond that.
herobyclicking  +   569d ago
I agree, though I didn't think it was "shit.' I actually "liked" the game, though was frustrated it bore the name ShadowRun.

Honestly, I would not have played it if was named anything else. I was looking for ShadowRun and got a (sub)standard shooter.
VonSchtook  +   569d ago
Ok, so up until my 360 was stolen a month ago, I still played Shadowrun (2007), and it still had a 'thriving' (relative use of the term) online community. The game had excellent balance and was a lot of fun. I would personally buy a shadowrun revival (I'm fine if they nix the shadowrun moniker) reboot in a heart beat.
herobyclicking  +   569d ago
I misspoke VonSchtook! I should have put "sub" in quotes, I really didn't think it was a bad game, we had a good time with it. I wouldn't have looked at it if was named anything else, but it was an overlooked title and unfairly lambasted.
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coolbeans  +   569d ago
I'm a bit tempted to pick it up to see what all the fuss is about if it's online is still active.

Could be fun.
Mokastro  +   569d ago
Ok i might be a bit harsh, I too natively bought it because, it bears the "Shadowrun" name. But i mean what i said.

Overall, it was very disappointed experience for me. I played it on PC, which didn't help negate the negative feeling.

"Honestly, I would not have played it if was named anything else."
That was my point. The game was inspired by "Shadowrun" not a "Shadowrun" game.
I bought it expecting a RPG-FPS, but the Muli-player only without any Single-player campaign? It might be buyable now, but at the price-point it was initially release for a game with such limited contents just doesn't justify.
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dictionary  +   570d ago
I'll give it a try, looks strategic
LukeFair  +   570d ago
My friend has this game on the iPad and it's an awesome turn based strategy game! I like the fact that they made it less linear
nope111  +   570d ago
Any chance this will see a console release? or better yet, PS Vita? This would be perfect for the Vita.

I don't PC game nor do i play tablets, soooo. I would like to play this.
biddern1  +   570d ago
I've got a feeling about Dragonfall, it's gonna be awesome... Man, that soundtrack is so on point.
Gh05t  +   570d ago
Its been a while since I have played a good turn based game. I need to try this out.
pyrocloud7  +   570d ago
The great thing about Kickstarter is that it allows these passion projects to become a reality. Are Kickstarter games the best games out there? Well no, but each an every one of them has this certain spirit about it that sets it apart from traditionally published games.
Monster_Tard  +   570d ago
I haven't played any of the past Shadowrun games. I wouldn't mind giving this a try.
gobluesamg  +   570d ago
Strategic turn based games like this would be perfect for my vita.
Crazyglues  +   569d ago
Would love to play this...

||.........___||............ ||
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BiggCMan  +   569d ago
Sci-fi an magic?!?! YES PLEASE!!
ichizon  +   569d ago
I recommend this game to everyone that has a slightest affinity for tactical role playing games. It's definitely one of my favourites. It truly gives off that role playing feel, perhaps a bit similar to the early Fallouts. If you played and loved the SNES version, this one is right up your alley.

I think FogKnight describes the game pretty well in this article.
FogLight  +   569d ago
I tried my best since I don't usually play tactical RPGs but this game was actually really good so yeah. I would recommend to anyone who loved games like the early Fallout series.
styferion  +   569d ago
Isometric turn-based sci-fi rpg, damn, I'll check it out definitely later!
CurrySwag1042  +   569d ago
I never have played a tactical rpg. Looks like this is where I could start. Solid gameplay and art style.
Disagree  +   569d ago
I actually prefer turn based over real time.
Ajem  +   569d ago
I've been playing Shadowrun, the real rpg with dices and paper... Man, this game brings memories!
FITgamer  +   569d ago
Definitely down for this.
beckisback  +   569d ago
I was never a massive RPG fan and I can't believe how much was I missing. If only I could find more time to play...
Hassassin  +   569d ago
It's feels more like X-Com than transistor
ldurham  +   569d ago
Not all games need multiplayer and/or turned into a FPS.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   569d ago
The exploration seems great, like hidden items behind movable objects, maybe even hidden areas/paths, etc.
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