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OctoParty: Dadliest Spy

IndieMonth | 347d ago
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Who's that man in the 3-piece suit? A Spy! Or maybe just someone's Dad. Short Lived Heroes combined 2 of their favorite indie games to bring you this nonsense! What more do you want from them???

It's indie games meets indie actors?!? You can check out their YouTube channel here:

Day 21 | Young Horses, Inc.

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MrxDeath  +   347d ago
my god !!
i have spyparty and i would love to see octodad in it
Derekvinyard13  +   347d ago
He's got a tan he looks orange lmao
Skate-AK  +   347d ago
LOL. That video is great.
Pixolator  +   347d ago
Octodad rocks! Today played the demo at bestbuy again!
oasdada  +   347d ago
Octodad cud give sam fisher a run for his money lol
Disagree  +   347d ago
trailer eerily reminds me of that one game we already covered in indie month lol
BiggCMan  +   347d ago
shadowvisa  +   347d ago
Loved the game
PTibz  +   347d ago
This is so great!
beepbopadoobop  +   347d ago
lmao that video is great! I really think octodad could pull off being the next james bond :P
dictionary  +   347d ago
Look at him, he's so cute :)
LukeFair  +   347d ago
This short is so hilarious! I want an Octodad tv series now! It reminds me of Mr Bean, just even more nonsense
iceman06  +   347d ago
Octodad just needs a theme song like an underwater version of Shaft and it would be epic!
XtraTrstrL  +   347d ago
Huh, getting a little vid promotion goin' I see.
Insomnia_84  +   347d ago
Haha that was pretty good!
mrpsychoticstalker  +   346d ago
what is the point of this video?
dota2champion  +   346d ago | Helpful
to make you laugh
Monster_Tard  +   347d ago
lol WTF.
MisterAV  +   347d ago
Just the noises he makes, made me laugh!!!
paul-p1988  +   347d ago
Brilliant video, this game looks incredibly original, and games that can use physics this well as the main selling point are normally a LOT of fun! (anyone remember 'Pain' on PSN, that was just pure silliness and I loved every ragdolled minute of it)
pyrocloud7  +   347d ago
Trying to control Octodad perfectly to avoid suspicion in SpyParty would be like the equivalent of playing SpyParty: Extremely Extreme Hard Mode.
SpeedDemon  +   347d ago
Reminds me of Mr.Bean.
Caffo01  +   347d ago
How can anyone see octodad as a human? lol
Emilio_Estevez  +   347d ago
lol @ sushi plate. Dat cgi Octodad looks amazing btw.
FITgamer  +   347d ago
I forgot about this one. When does it launch on PS4?
PTibz  +   347d ago | Helpful
It came out back in April!
FITgamer  +   347d ago
Really? Where the hell have i been? lol
TheOnlyMastrx  +   347d ago
Haha, when he sees the sushi, priceless.
DeadRabbits  +   347d ago
Who would have though losing control would be such fun!
ichizon  +   346d ago
Haha! I hadn't seen this before. Funny original parody, though the hands behind the scenes were quite obvious when Octodad panicked. He's not the real Octodad! Shame the assassin missed that imposter. A dangerous human being is on the loose.
Cat  +   346d ago
It's new, I made Brandon make it for us :)
MightyNoX  +   346d ago

timmyp53  +   346d ago
haha dumb video
Nexfero  +   346d ago
Does Octodad ink, or have some similar abilities?
jpepsi24  +   346d ago
I played the first Octdad it was so much fun
this is exciting
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