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OctoParty: Dadliest Spy

Who's that man in the 3-piece suit? A Spy! Or maybe just someone's Dad. Short Lived Heroes combined 2 of their favorite indie games to bring you this nonsense! What more do you want from them???

It's indie games meets indie actors?!? You can check out their YouTube channel here:
Day 21 | Young Horses, Inc.

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MrxDeath1434d ago

my god !!
i have spyparty and i would love to see octodad in it

Derekvinyard131434d ago

He's got a tan he looks orange lmao

Skate-AK1434d ago

LOL. That video is great.

Pixolator1434d ago

Octodad rocks! Today played the demo at bestbuy again!

oasdada1434d ago

Octodad cud give sam fisher a run for his money lol

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The story is too old to be commented.