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How to level design like William Pugh.

IndieMonth | 574d ago
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Hello. My name is William Pugh and today I'm going to show you how to design a level like me - William Pugh. There are lots of things to make levels for, but today I'm going to just go and make a level for one of my favourite games: Team Fortress 2. These steps can be followed for making maps for pretty much any game, but I'll be speaking mainly in TF2 lingo for this article.

Step 1. The ritual.

So, before you even open up your level editor you need to get yourself in the mindset for creation.

Now I'm not talking drugs - I'm talking unholy pacts with the spirits of creation.

If you think you're ready to make Team Fortress 2 maps? YOU'RE NOT YOU'RE NOTHING


So you want to set up a class 2 shrine - I personally use the black candles, but they can really be any colour. I guess I'm just a sucker for tradition!!
Light the two, then the incense - wait in silence for about 30 seconds and then whisper the words.

Drinking from the glass is once again, largely symbolic - but you should take at least one sip after you speak the words, to signal the ending of the ritual.

Step 2. Loading up Hammer.

You'll obviously need TF2 installed, and you'll find the map editor that's tucked away in the bin folder.

So this is what an empty level looks like:

Looks like nothing to you? WRONG IT'S A BLANK CANVAS.

****ing blank canvas you untrained swine

Step 3. Blocking out the map

Oh my god you guys piss me off!!!

You're screaming at me "WILLIAM MAKE THE MAP MAKE THE MAP!!"

It needs time. God. You need to simmer down.

That's what a map in progress looks like.
Blocks!! That's the key. Blocks can be made quickly, and they can be changed easy peasy lemon squeezy! That allows you to iterate upon your map quickly and change stuff around based on how playtesting goes!

Playtesting I hear you ask? Don't be a weakling. The only opinion you need is your own (in this case mine).

Step 4. Detailing

"William this map doesn't look any good!" I hear you whinge incessantly into my poor, poor ear. Stop.
Stop please stop telling me things this isn't a dialogue shut up shut up. God I have a headache. Just look at this image and be sated.

Step 6. The thing

Step 7. Exporting the map!

So there we go! You've finished your map. If you've employed JUST the right amount of creativeness you should have a map that breaks JUST the right amount of conventions and provides a refreshing experience for the seasoned TF2 player.

Let's export this puppy and see what it looks like!!

Yeeeeaaaaaahhh. Enclosed space with low respawn times with team conflict being broken up sporadically by SKELETONS appearing out of the ground!!
TF2 official selection here we come!!

Step 8. Post Release…

So you've made it. What now? Write a blog about it.
- William Pugh

P.S. So, you've read the blog. You've read it and you can clearly see it makes utterly no sense whatsoever. But don't worry - your time has not been wasted. Within these words and images is a secret code that, if decoded correctly will lead you to something I think you'll find quite special.

P.P.S. There is no code. Don't waste your time. I'm sorry. I'm really really really sorry.

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Derekvinyard13  +   574d ago
Install tf2, enclosed spaces, finished. Need another picture, can't continue without it
MrxDeath  +   574d ago
" I'm talking unholy pacts with the spirits of creation. "

i always start my day with a spirit ritual :3

you are sooo awesome William Pugh
rambi80  +   574d ago
Okay, if he gets to curse on N4G, we should be able to do it also.
hay  +   574d ago
You can't curse on N4G? Fuck me, I've been on the wrong site all this time! Bombs are meant for storage and use whenever necessary not to go immaturely trigger happy.

OT: Everyone in gaming industry knows you can't make a level without... Evel...
rambi80  +   573d ago
I must admit, if anyone deserves the privilege, it's this guy.
beepbopadoobop  +   574d ago
its cool to see more behind the scenes gaming stuff like this!
dictionary  +   574d ago
Always cool to see how they make games
shadowvisa  +   574d ago
oasdada  +   574d ago
rofl.. no doubt these are the minds behind stanley parable
MightyNoX  +   574d ago
Now I'm REALLY scared.
XtraTrstrL  +   574d ago
This guy is trolling harder than battle rapper Daylyt. That map was badass though.
ichizon  +   574d ago
Haha! This must is the best thing I've read all Indie Month. Thank you, Mr. Pugh.
SpeedDemon  +   574d ago
The guy defiantly has a good sense of humor.
LukeFair  +   574d ago
The first step is the most crucial for the game for sure
Sarobi  +   574d ago
I feel liked I learned something today..maybe
pyrocloud7  +   574d ago
If you were a real stickler for tradition you would have filled the offering bowl with Hagraven Feathers and Slaughterfish Scales.
BiggCMan  +   574d ago
I gotta play this game man, people said it was just incredible, topping a lot of favorite lists when it came out.
Emilio_Estevez  +   574d ago
The secret code is real!
Disagree  +   573d ago
lol the ritual
FITgamer  +   573d ago
That was above my head.
Monster_Tard  +   573d ago
If only it was that simple.
dota2champion  +   573d ago
Starcraft 2 editor looks easier to use/
Pixolator  +   573d ago
I like this WIP pictures, are you guys hiring any game designers? :)
jpepsi24  +   573d ago
i prefer concept art but hey thats just me
and the job i wanna have in the future
what im going to college for
what ive dedicated the past few years of my life to
nothing serious you know simple stuff
Virtua_Awesome  +   573d ago
Haha! xD Dang that was entertaining. I gotta check to find anymore articles like this by this guy. "Step 6. The thing" Really got me. Now I REALLY gotta get The Stanly Parable sometime soon!
CrimsonAzure  +   573d ago
I was really expectating some kind of human sacrifice step thrown in there. Quite an interesting approach, though.
MisterAV  +   573d ago
A ritual just to make a map XD
LostFlock  +   573d ago
my head hurts, i'd just hire a ton of people to do it for me then take all the credit while underpaying my employes, now thats business.
MasterofMagnetism  +   573d ago
Have no idea what I just read. lol
gobluesamg  +   573d ago
TF2. Pretty much the only online game I can stand.
coolbeans  +   573d ago
Step 5? WHERE'S STEP 5, DANG IT?!?!
RexDD  +   573d ago
There must be a secret code! He's just trying to confuse us!
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