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At a Glance: Lumi Games

Lumi Games is an indie mobile games development company born in 2012 and dedicated to producing free mobile games for iOS and Android. What started as a lofty idea between two friends and game enthusiasts quickly mushroomed into a strong drive to create something fun and unique for people to enjoy in their daily routine. After spending countless hours playing and talking about games, they finally decided to conjure up something of their own – from the deep dark woods of Norway Lumi Games started to shine.

Have you ever felt the need to blow something up? Blowing things up is your sole objective in ParticleBOOM! Try to make a cascade of particles explode as they fly all over your screen. Can YOU survive the next wave of particles?

Play on: Coming soon to iOS and Android

Mini Q&A
Answers by Erik Bratli Skjoldha ug, Co-founder

Why do you make games?
We have always had a passion for games. Since we where young, we have always liked to play games, and tried to figure out how they work, and what makes a game good. We would also like to challenge the conventions of game design and try to innovate and push new ideas forward.

Why should people play your games?
We focus on gameplay, good experience and beautiful graphics. We also donate parts of our revenue to charity. So the more you play, the more you help the ones who need it the most.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
As I said, we focus on making good and easy gameplay. Our games are fun to play, entertaining and beautiful to look at.We do our best to make unique but recognisable games that are simple to understand.

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Day 13 | Lumi Games

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BiggCMan1380d ago

Gotta be honest, not really interested in the mobile guys.

SpeedDemon1380d ago

I've never really tried a mobile game apart from Angry Birds.

ichizon1379d ago

There are a few mobile games that I find interesting. Playing riichi and Wordfeud is quite fun on the go, in small dosages. Generic single player "flash" games don't tempt me though.

MrxDeath1380d ago

i have a lot of mobile games !
but there are down in my list
first : PC
second : Console
Third : Mobile

oasdada1380d ago

Im kinda into mobile games.. but only rpgs or vita cuz of a proper control layout

Derekvinyard131380d ago

Respect you guys for donating to charity very nice

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The story is too old to be commented.