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At a Glance: Lumi Games

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Lumi Games is an indie mobile games development company born in 2012 and dedicated to producing free mobile games for iOS and Android. What started as a lofty idea between two friends and game enthusiasts quickly mushroomed into a strong drive to create something fun and unique for people to enjoy in their daily routine. After spending countless hours playing and talking about games, they finally decided to conjure up something of their own – from the deep dark woods of Norway Lumi Games started to shine.

Have you ever felt the need to blow something up? Blowing things up is your sole objective in ParticleBOOM! Try to make a cascade of particles explode as they fly all over your screen. Can YOU survive the next wave of particles?


Play on: Coming soon to iOS and Android

Mini Q&A
Answers by Erik Bratli Skjoldha ug, Co-founder

Why do you make games?
We have always had a passion for games. Since we where young, we have always liked to play games, and tried to figure out how they work, and what makes a game good. We would also like to challenge the conventions of game design and try to innovate and push new ideas forward.

Why should people play your games?
We focus on gameplay, good experience and beautiful graphics. We also donate parts of our revenue to charity. So the more you play, the more you help the ones who need it the most.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
As I said, we focus on making good and easy gameplay. Our games are fun to play, entertaining and beautiful to look at.We do our best to make unique but recognisable games that are simple to understand.

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Day 13 | Lumi Games

BiggCMan  +   415d ago
Gotta be honest, not really interested in the mobile guys.
SpeedDemon  +   415d ago
I've never really tried a mobile game apart from Angry Birds.
ichizon  +   414d ago
There are a few mobile games that I find interesting. Playing riichi and Wordfeud is quite fun on the go, in small dosages. Generic single player "flash" games don't tempt me though.
MrxDeath  +   415d ago
i have a lot of mobile games !
but there are down in my list
first : PC
second : Console
Third : Mobile
oasdada  +   415d ago
Im kinda into mobile games.. but only rpgs or vita cuz of a proper control layout
Derekvinyard13  +   415d ago
Respect you guys for donating to charity very nice
Lumi_Games_AS  +   415d ago
Thank you Derek. We believe its important to give back, and help people who needs help.
I have to be honest, i dont play alot of games either, because there are so much crap out there.. But we are trying our best to make games that are fun and real.
Its possible to make good games for mobile aswell, but i think its to easy to copy other peoples work and portray it as your own. apple and google should be more strict when it comes to whats being released on their stores, and maby then people would respect mobile games abit more. :-) its just a dream i have. Hehe :-)
randomass171  +   413d ago
Very admirable of you to pursue these ventures! Thank you on making a valuable product first and a profit second.
LukeFair  +   415d ago
Donating part of the earnings to charity is for sure a noble thing. Respect
shadowvisa  +   415d ago
RexDD  +   415d ago
PAX HD interested me more, but ParticleBOOM! doesn't seem bad, I'll have to try it out.
Lumi_Games_AS  +   415d ago
Thanks RexDD.

Iam working on uploading a gameplay playthrough of PB (particleBOOM!) right now. and will post the link asap in the "Game designers approach" section of this blog.

Hopefully you think it looks fun. :)
beepbopadoobop  +   415d ago
I must say I never really have time for mobile games but I guess making a bit of time to try a few cant hurt
XtraTrstrL  +   415d ago
If it's fun, it's fun. As long as it doesn't try to hide 'buy' buttons in there for random items - then it can be aight. I didn't have a smartphone until last October, so I still play a few android games every now and then. I just can't stand the ones that try to get you to click on stuff that leads to a charge nonstop.
Lumi_Games_AS  +   415d ago
I totally agree with you.
That is why we set up the game so that you can earn everything you need by just playing the game. And there is no popups or anything that makes you push anything you dont want to push.

We have set up a ingame store so that you can buy credits and keys etc so that you dont have to play and unlock awards to get it, but thats a choice the player makes for themself.
There are no hidden things in the game that tries to trick you into using money at all. We truly dislike developers who makes games only for the reason of tricking people into using money on it.

We have also put a limit on how many or often you can use certain powerups, so that you cant just buy yourself to glory :)
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XtraTrstrL  +   415d ago
Nice, so no tricks to get lil kids to lose their parent's money. You also don't allow p2w through the store. Sounds like you got that part down for sure. The game style seems to have the potential to be an addictive score chasing game. I still have to see it in action, but the visuals are up to par for what it is. You also know your platform, cuz this is just the type of game that works well on mobile. I'll keep an eye on this one.
dictionary  +   415d ago
Future is mobile gaming
Disagree  +   415d ago
nice that sales help charity
rambi80  +   415d ago
How did charitable donations become part of your company culture? Just curious
coolbeans  +   415d ago
I typically don't play mobile games very often (I think the only mobile thing that can purchase game apps is my Kindle), but if it becomes more of a norm for me I'll keep an eye on these guys.

The charitable donations is also a great plus compared to the cynical wannabes of EA's f2p creations.
Darklurkr23  +   415d ago
Looks rather bright and seizure tastic :P
gobluesamg  +   414d ago
Never really got into mobile games but I'll try some of their stuff.
Virtua_Awesome  +   414d ago
Wow, that's fantastic that you donate parts of your revenue to charity! I hadn't heard about ParticleBOOM! before, but I'll definitely go check it out.
MisterAV  +   414d ago
It's the first time I hear about them
MYDEATH21  +   414d ago
I'm ready to try this new game
yoshiroaka  +   414d ago
The charity work is pretty cool of them. I respect that.
MasterofMagnetism  +   414d ago
Not much into mobile games but this sounds cool.
longcat  +   414d ago
Pretty hard to dirrentiate yourself in the mobile market these days. Everything looks the same.
grashopper  +   414d ago
Nice to see us giving to charity even though you're still relatively new and small.
mydyingparadiselost  +   414d ago
Hurray for games!
LedZeppelin  +   414d ago
hurray for indies
pyrocloud7  +   412d ago
If you have a true and honest passion it shows in your games. Keep making great indie games and doing your thing!

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