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At a Glance: Modern Dream

Modern Dream is a small group of game developers passionate about games, art and music. from The Button Affair to The Cat That Got the Milk to their latest title, LA Cops, their style and vision is recognizable and distinctly beautiful.

LA Cops
A shootout game with a hint of strategy and gameplay inspired by Syndicate (The Bullfrog Classic) and modern top down shooters, it’s bold, vibrant and un-apologetically filled with gun action. LA Cops takes the art style of previous Modern Dream title, The Button Affair, and combines it with a 70’s Cops set in LA. In making this game they’ve been inspired by David Hockneys "A bigger splash" painting, Edwards Ruscha's "Standard" painting and by the great state of California itself.

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Mini Q&A
Answers by Oliver Clark, Director
Why do you make games?
For the love of it. I've loved playing games since my dad brought home a Commodore Vic20 many years ago and from then on making games was the only thing I ever would and could do.

Why should people play LA Cops?
To escape into another involving world for a few hours. Its an action game designed to be beautiful to look at whilst involving and challenging to play.

As our new game it's our latest step into producing games that poke the eyes and grab attention.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
That "just one more go!" feeling. This is the most important feeling to capture.

Feature wise we're proud of the cop buddy system which allows the Cops to cover each other as the player leap frogs them up through the level.

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Day 10 | Modern Dream

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randomass1711347d ago

'That "just one more go!" feeling.'

I get the feeling this game is going to be quite challenging. I say go for it! Games are quite easy in comparison to several generations ago.

oasdada1347d ago

Cudnt agree with you more

LightDiego1347d ago

I wish i could dress like the characters of the game in real life, bring back 70's and 80's.

MrxDeath1347d ago

"Its an action game designed to be beautiful"

Will you done it right :3 this is Beautiful !

SpeedDemon1347d ago

Looking good, I wonder if the game will have multiplayer? Hope so.

randomass1711343d ago

A game like this could definitely work with a multiplayer mode. Here's hoping!

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The story is too old to be commented.