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Robot Angst: Making it Work With Booze and Adventure

IndieMonth | 241d ago
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By Herobyclicking

I was in the midst of precarious platforms and robots blasting me with lasers that it clicked. This is my childhood. As I navigated the battle arenas of Dejobaan Games Drunken Robot Pornography I was nostalgically transported to another age. An age of building towers from blocks and creating robotic menaces from erector sets. In Drunken Robot Pornography I became that brave action figure who destroyed the menace, flying through the air with blaster smiting action. Though as a child I was not motivated by booze - but Reuben is, the game's protagonist and bar owner. I asked Ichirco Lambe President/Founder of Dejobaan Games about this unlikely hero and the origins of Drunken Robot Pornagraphy, "[It happened] While on a magical high-speed train out of Shanghai during the Game Developer's Conference, fellow developer extraordinaire Tim Ambrogi suggested to me that our game should experiment a bit with narrative. I listen to whatever Tim says, because he's bright and awesome. So, in DRP, you're a bar owner [Reuben] who owns a robot bartender, named R. Tim Ambrosia in honor of Tim Ambrogi -- see! You give him sentience, he processes all the patrons' sob stories all at once, and goes crazy."

Crazy indeed. The self described first-person-shooter bullet-hell with giant robots and a jet pack delivers just that. There is no denying the excitement of the move and shoot, power-up scramble, boss-fight rush. It comes on slow for some levels but then spirals out of control like an aptly intoxicated fiasco for others. These robots are not just giant robots, however. They are Titans. Not the stoic "prepare for Titanfall" Titans. Drunken Robot Pornagraphy's titans are classy. No, really: they wear top hats while dealing death, at least on special occasions. That's pretty respectable. If being fashionable wasn’t enough the Titans explode in glorious, segmented chunks. I was consistently satisfied collecting temporary upgrades to Reuben’s blaster to destroy these floating harbingers of angry robot angst. All the while avoiding thousands of drones, rockets and of course, the 40 Titans themselves. But wait, there’s more; twelve suggestively named robotic “centerfolds” have joined your former bartender in ending future Boston. The provocatively named robots are the only risqué aspect to DRP (aside from some questionable player made content). All of this occurs over the course of 52 levels of frustrated robot madness aimed directly at you.  It gives that sense of the classic shoot 'em up though wrapped in a first person package that is incredibly reminiscent of Jumping Flash/Jumping Flash 2 for the PS1. Where the Jumping Flash series successfully translated a platform game into first person, DRP does the same for shmups.  I was also delighted to flit to platform to platform “conversing” with my own chatty robot-flight suit. I did feel a pang of guilt dispatching so many of his brethren, but that faded. Gunning down robots was like popping candy, and I really like candy. Except nougat, I never really got into that.

I spent a fair amount of time tinkering with the robot and arena creator. A quick tutorial aided me in constructing a spider-like robot which I could test out by blasting it to bits in the simple arena that I constructed. Though if I were motivated, I could create a proper arena in which to dole out mechanized demise. All the Titans and arenas you design can be uploaded for others to use on the Steam Workshop. At the time of writing there are almost 200 arenas and over 450 Titans in the Workshop. If you need some further guidance on design and creation tips, you should follow and/or visit Dejobaan’s Twitch channel. Videos for building are plentiful there.

Still not enough DRP? When can we see new content you ask? "Right now," exclaims Lambe. In addition to player generated content Dejobaan Games has been putting out new levels as part of their Drunken Robot Battle Royale. "Every week (except when we're travelling), we've put out a new challenge that typically comprises a new level, new Titans, and so forth. Players give that a go, and compete for first place. Rinse. Repeat," states Lambe. Lambe continues, "this is giving us a chance to have fun with the game's level and Titan editors (how many times can I copy-and-paste a row of robots before it bogs down the system?) and feature the best player-created levels."

Hope for a console port for DRP may be on the horizon for Sony and Microsoft, though Lambe stresses “we're already invading the living room via Alienware's sexy Alpha console, and I'd like to see our games go beyond PC/mobile.” Looking at the eclectic library that Dejobaan Games has produced and the current atmosphere of “indie friendliness” we are bound to see their titles on consoles eventually.

One of the most important things to know about while playing Drunken Robot is that you shouldn't stop moving. Just don't. The game begs you, it demands your locomotion. It also helps to look where you are going. Also don't stop shooting. Move across the arenas and dodge those death rays. Did I mention there was a time limit? Though you cannot ignore the satirical, yet allegorical messaging inherent in this tale of technology gone wrong. You can pose your questions of life and how our emotions intertwine with our logic. Or maybe you should just blast more robots. You’ll be glad you did.

Drunken Robot Pornography is available on Steam.

Day 7 | Dejobaan Games

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randomass171  +   241d ago
Getting serious Quake flashbacks from this game, and that's good! I like how it not only blends a colorful artstyle with such crazy gameplay, but also seems to take a lot of inspiration from classic PC shooters from back in the day. Very exciting to see come to fruition and I hope to see more!
ichizon  +   241d ago
I agree. It seems to control a bit similar to how the Quake and Unreal engines would control. Although, I think the gameplay looks completely different from any of those. Fresh!
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   241d ago
Keep making great games, wishing you all the best of luck and a very bright future.
MrxDeath  +   241d ago
looks fine as hell .. love the art style and it's FPS !!!
love it , i hope they keep on going with this amazing game
rdgneoz3  +   241d ago
Looks like it'll be a great game, hopefully it comes to the PS4.
randomass171  +   241d ago
This. Definitely hoping for a PS4 release as well.
beepbopadoobop  +   241d ago
I think as soon as you mention this name to someone they are going to be interested in what the heck your playing :P crazy awesomeness
oasdada  +   241d ago
Colorful version of quake
Kayant  +   241d ago
Remember seeing this before..... Such a strange name but describes the crazy action in the game quite well :)
SpeedDemon  +   241d ago
I'm liking it, especially the creating robots part.
dictionary  +   241d ago
It deserves to be bought for that name ahah
Caffo01   241d ago | Spam
LukeFair  +   241d ago
This game seems very fast paced! I hope i get the chance to try it
user3050031   241d ago | Spam
PrimeGrime  +   241d ago
Pretty cool, like mix between Super Stardust type games and a first person shooter.
nunley33  +   241d ago
nice read, i hope for a PlayStation port also.
shadowvisa  +   241d ago
Robochobo  +   241d ago
Reminds me of older "granddaddy" FPS's (Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, UT) with a lot more color added.
Emilio_Estevez  +   241d ago
Tempted to buy it right now.
BiggCMan  +   241d ago
It really does look great.
gobluesamg  +   241d ago
Can't beat fast paced robot smashing action!
randomass171  +   241d ago
Haven't seen too many games with a focus on giant fighting robots. Wonder how they will simulate the size speed, like how the monsters in Shadow of the Colossus move very slowly due to relative motion.
herobyclicking  +   241d ago
It's methodical, very much like the bosses from games like Gradius or R-Type. Still a lot of fun.
Carib  +   241d ago
The "don't stop moving" when playing reminded me of Resogun lol
rambi80  +   241d ago
I honestly think that if robots are given sentience, they would see the futility of it all and just throw themselves into a trash compactor
XtraTrstrL  +   241d ago
Hah, I just mentioned how it's similar to Jumping Flash! on the last article about it that I replied to. It seems like it could be a good game.
Mokastro  +   241d ago
Seems to have a 3-man pack offer on steam. Too bad it doesn't have co-op. Looks a god damn fun game to play with buddies.
kalebninja  +   241d ago
makes me wanna throw up sparkles
randomass171  +   241d ago
Or fart rainbows.
Fullmetalevolust  +   241d ago
It has that classic FPS vibe from PC games of yesteryear and it's not a bad thing at all, rather it makes it a solid experience.
Love to the art direction and the color scheme. They know how to invite the eye, that's for sure.
FITgamer  +   241d ago
Probably one the best game titles ever.
Juliussmith12  +   241d ago
Looks like a great game worth getting.
Disagree  +   241d ago
love the style

you think sony/or Microsoft might force you to take out the porno part in the name to be on their consoles in the psnstore/marketplace?
herobyclicking  +   241d ago
There are no finalized plans for it to come to consoles, it was mentioned as a "maybe." But yes, the title may cause the respective console folks some pause,
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randomass171  +   241d ago
Nintendo let the game "Bombing Bastards" onto the eShop, so I don't think this game needs to worry. :P
herobyclicking  +   241d ago
That's true, and I am 100% certain Dejobaan would not change the name to get onto the consoles.
pyrocloud7  +   241d ago
Would love a PS4 port. Until October comes and floods me with games I will buy pretty much anything that gives me a reason to turn my PS4 on.
MasterofMagnetism  +   241d ago
Nice art style.
TreFord  +   241d ago
Never heard this until N4G story on them
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