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Feline Fine with Catlateral Damage

IndieMonth | 584d ago
User blog

By Kyle

Catlateral Damage allows me to be the jerk I have always wanted.  Without a care in the world, I, as a callous cat, will jump on top of whatever I please and using my dexterous paw, I will knock that damn row of books from the shelf.  I will take my righteous paw and set that television to the ground.  I am all that is cat. I am all that is lion.  I am all that is tiger.  I am the embodiment of feline ferocity.

Born from a small first-person shooter game jam, Chris Chung based this destruction simulator on his real-life cat terrorist and longtime friend, Nippy, an adorable black and white meow machine who had a propensity towards mischief.  Now, it only makes sense to honor this whiskered fellow by immortalizing him as the star of this demo.  Of course, why wouldn't a game built entirely on the idea of destroying absolutely everything become a hit?  Garnering hundreds upon thousands of downloads, even in its unpolished and “unfinished” stages way back when, Catlateral Damage was an absolute hit and, needless to say, an absolute delight.

As some of you know, Catlateral Damage is already available to play in a very “incomplete” form consisting of two objective levels (one based on number of objects successfully pawed to the floor and the other a score-based level for maximum multipliers) and a free-play area that allows you to destroy to your kitten heart's content.  Blissful. Truly blissful. There hasn't been a game with such wanton destruction that elicits the amount of joy that Chris Chung has brought us since perhaps Blast Corps. on the Nintendo 64, minus the horrible anxiety involved with keeping a nuclear warhead from obliterating everything you hold dear.

Thankfully, Catlateral Damage instead gives you a lovable and fun romp in the paws of a furry friend to BE the rampage, BE the catalyst of disaster, BE the cutest jerk in existence. And all this in a silly demo. This demo, however, did not satisfy the masses and a full game with more cat antics was wanted. Demanded.

Now, with the Kickstarter ( on its last leg and well over its initial goal, Chris Chung in conjunction with Fire Hose Games and their generous indie acceleration program, are on their way to release a full-on adventure to carry on the demo's immense legacy.

What sort of adventure, you ask?  It seems ridiculous to craft an entire storyline about cats being jerks, but the grandness of being the ultimate cat jerk cannot be contained within a single room.  No, you must venture out into the world and create havoc outside of your living space.  You must go towards the deepest recesses, where most felines are not allowed to go, to hidden spaces and locked vaults to knock over the most precious of items.

Be the ultimate jerk--that is the true heart and soul of the upcoming, full version of Catlateral Damage, wherein you must infiltrate a very well-kept vault and knock over an intensely precious and guarded item.  Why, you ask?  Because you're a cat, and therefore an indurated jerk of unimaginable magnitude.

It's beautiful, in a sense, almost poetic, that you, as a human, are now taking the care-free role of a cat to perform all the wanton destruction to your tiny, beating heart's desire.  The upcoming version of Catlateral Damage will not only let you destroy things, but there will be endless opportunities, because the game will be different every time you play.  Yay, procedurally-generated fun! The houses, the items, the possibility for points--all randomized and always a joy to explore to create havoc.

In addition, you'll not only take the spiritual role of Nippy, but other feline friends will fill out your stable of cats, some with special abilities that allow you to jump higher or swipe harder than your whiskered brothers and sisters.  Sure, all this sounds ridiculous, but what sort of fun would being a normal house cat be?  Actually, probably really fun, because napping in the sun and eating when you feel like and sitting on your owner's head for no reason sounds like a grand old time.

That's neither here nor there, however, as within the confines of Chung's game, you will be able to experience all the joys of being the most playful and destructive force of nature that isn't a hurricane made of smiles.  Yes, more than taking the role of several of the beloved critters, you'll also hunt down your arch nemeses (the mice) on occasion and, of course, knock over objects as you please for points. You can also take catnip to go on whacked out trips to who knows where, because why not, right? Just go nuts. GO CRAZY. CAT CRAZY.

Where will Catlateral Damage take you?  Only time will tell, but we already know it will be absolutely amazing.

Day 5 | Chris Chung

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randomass171  +   584d ago
There's an episode of Versus on Achievement Hunter where Lindsay took on Ryan (I think) in this game. Needless to say, it's a very funny video. :P
PSNintyGamer  +   584d ago
I guess the Cat's out of the bag
Utalkin2me  +   584d ago
Right meow it is..
MYDEATH21  +   584d ago
The cat came back!
Alex_Boro  +   584d ago
They should make VR support for this game haha
herobyclicking  +   584d ago
That might actually be a lot of fun.
Sidology  +   583d ago
I actually think Oculus support is in the cards if it hits some stretch goals!
randomass171  +   583d ago
That'd be pretty dang awesome. If they port it to PS4 maybe they could also use Project Morhpeus.
BiggCMan  +   584d ago
Looks pretty funny at least.
WillGuitarGuy  +   584d ago
A rogue-like game (when it comes to procedurally-generated rooms) with mayhem driven cats. I'm down. Also, I didn't even think about catnip being in this game. That's hilarious!
SpeedDemon  +   584d ago
Looks fun, hoping to see some outdoor environments in the game.
wingman32x  +   584d ago
Very interesting concept. As a cat owner myself, I can relate lol. This seems like a great time waster.
F4sterTh4nFTL   584d ago | Spam
shadowvisa  +   584d ago
Derekvinyard13  +   584d ago
Did you just say meow
Nicominoru  +   584d ago
If you really wanna take it to the next level how about some outdoors first person free roaming lol being a house cat is nice and all, but being a alley cat is where all the actions at!
beepbopadoobop  +   584d ago
Cat simulator! Awesome!
dictionary  +   584d ago
Love the cell shading.
MightyNoX  +   584d ago
Stupid cat...
ichizon  +   584d ago
I hope you get a human to annoy in the complete version. Trying to sit on top of their flat screen TV, bite electrical cables, eat their breakfast, sit on them while they sleep, etc.
LukeFair  +   584d ago
Even a story mode? Day 1!
gobluesamg  +   584d ago
Yeah I would like to give this a try.
rambi80  +   584d ago
My cat dreams about knocking over my consoles....i just know it!
randomass171  +   583d ago
Don't all cats do that? :P
ldurham  +   584d ago
What are the system requirements? I'm asking because my laptop is not very powerful. My PC would have no problem playing it.
Disagree  +   584d ago
my cat will play this game
FogLight  +   584d ago
I have three cats... Yeah, they are seriously curious about everything and they could make anything fall so that game is basically accurate xD

I will keep an eye since I really enjoyed the early build so I hope the final game will be great :3
Juliussmith12  +   584d ago
Awesome more cats! Leave the dogs out.
heisenberguk  +   583d ago
What's new puddycat?
Mokastro  +   583d ago
Should be interesting by adding other Animals types for other modes and Challenges. Cat vs Birds & Dogs.. Chaos will surely ensue.. or Even fishes :D
Robochobo  +   583d ago
The perfect simulator to how cats really act.
MrxDeath  +   583d ago
i love cats ,, i have a cat ,,
and this is great !!
Kayant  +   583d ago
I get to play as a creature I love. SOLD!!!!
Virtua_Awesome  +   583d ago
Before you guys featured this game on N4G today, I hadn't realized that Catlateral Damage had been turned into a full game. So thanks for doing this! Off to try the new demo! :)
mydyingparadiselost  +   583d ago
"Be the ultimate jerk" So, I'm a cat that's a 32X fanboy?
randomass171  +   583d ago
Ssssss, burn. :P
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