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At a Glance: Chris Chung

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Chris Chung loves playing, designing, programming, and creating art for all sorts of games. His specialties are graphic design, digital painting, 3D modeling & texturing, pixel art creation, QA, and game-jamming. His interests include indie games, Pokémon, LEGO, robots, and cats.

He may be a cat. We’re not sure. So don’t piss him off.


Catlateral Damage
Cats are a-holes and now there’s a game about it. In Catlateral Damage you play as a cooped-up cat where your paw is your only weapon and mischief-making is your only directive. Move your paw to swat at things and knock them onto the floor. Knock as much stuff on the floor before time runs out!


Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com...

Play on: Coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, but you can play the demo now for free:

Mini Q&A:
Why do you make games?
I've always loved playing games and creating things, so it just feels natural to put those two together! I love the feeling of writing code, making art, fusing them together, and seeing a living, moving product emerge. There is also a lot of unexplored territory with games, such as new genres, themes, gameplay mechanics, and art styles. It's exciting to be able to explore those territories and create unique experiences people may have never seen before.

Why should people play Catlateral?
Catlateral Damage allows you to experience life as a typical domestic house cat, a perspective you probably haven't seen before in a video game. The utter destruction you can cause with your tiny cat paws is extremely satisfying. One of the great things about it is, since it's a video game (or maybe just because you're a cat), you never get in trouble! It's simple, silly, and anyone can enjoy it.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
I believe that gameplay is the most important part of designing games. The distinguishing factor of video games from other media is interactivity, so what the player does should be the primary focus. Once the core gameplay is solid, all other aspects (themes, art, audio, etc.) can be added to create an amazing, cohesive experience.

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Day 5 | Chris Chung

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MYDEATH21  +   510d ago
Lol my cat is a lazy mofo. All he does is beg for food and kill Flys XD
randomass171  +   510d ago
My best friends two cats are total dummies, but I think they can totally relate to this game. XD
PSNintyGamer  +   510d ago
Life as a Cat eh?
Alex_Boro  +   510d ago
Playing as a cat? Sounds cool
WillGuitarGuy  +   510d ago
I've been wanting this game since people started uploading their runs on YouTube months ago. It looks ridiculous and the game seems to have a lot of potential.
BiggCMan  +   510d ago
Need more pet animal games!
Sean101618  +   510d ago
Crazy name interesting
durassell1  +   510d ago
I like the games where you just crash everything.
SpeedDemon  +   510d ago
If I found my house messed up like that, the cat would be going outside.
randomass171  +   509d ago
My friends tend to keep their cats in a closet for a while if they misbehave. I think that's a little safer since nothing can happen to them indoors.
F4sterTh4nFTL   510d ago | Spam
shadowvisa  +   510d ago
Derekvinyard13  +   510d ago
r21  +   510d ago
Props to him, working on a game by himself. It will sell, everyone knows anything cat-related catches on fast ;D
beepbopadoobop  +   510d ago
This so reminds me of when I went to somebodys house with 3 tiny kittens, nobody went into the room they were in much unless you wanted to see a huge mess or get your face clawed off! Adorable little buggers :p
randomass171  +   509d ago
Aww, that sounds adorable! Cute little death machines. XD
dictionary  +   510d ago
I need to summon Longcat and Tacgnol!
Robochobo  +   510d ago
This is the first I've ever heard of this game. Leaves a good first impression though.
Stealthsniper75  +   510d ago
Playing as a cat? Sounds cool
MightyNoX  +   509d ago
I believe Triumph the insult comic Dog has a song about cats that fits this occasion. Won't mention the title to avoid a ban.
Software_Lover  +   509d ago
.......... I don't like cats, except lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers, pumas, and jaguars.
PrimeGrime  +   509d ago
Why not? I like cats, although I prefer dogs because they have some weird undying loyalty towards their owner/pack leaders which I think is awesome.

Hairballs do scare me though when they cough those up, they also leave hair everywhere >.>, not that dogs can't but cats just get their hair everywhere and on everything it seems.

They can be kind of creepy sometimes also, I don't know why. My friend used to have this cat and it would always come to the end of the bed and just stare at me forever, until I got so freaked out I asked him to move the cat or something. lol.

Could also just be my experience with cats have not been the best of times heh.
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randomass171  +   509d ago
My friend's cat likes to sleep on peoples' faces. Eeeeeyyyup.
LukeFair  +   509d ago
Cat simulator? Haha videogames industry is getting even more interesting with all thos animal simulators coming out!
gobluesamg  +   509d ago
This game looks crazy.
ichizon  +   509d ago
Will there be any multiplayer option? Who is the most destructive cat!? There could be a variety of fur patterns and genders to go with it. Your very own kittentity!
rpdube  +   509d ago
I love cats but they can be like little tornadoes destroying everything in their path. Cool game BTW. CATS FTW
rambi80  +   509d ago
Are there any catfights? Someone should make that game - DOA doesn't count
Disagree  +   509d ago
(will) cat looks like mine
Juliussmith12  +   509d ago
I can say right meow that I'm going to get this.
FITgamer  +   509d ago
I wonder if you'll be able to pee on your owners bed.
heisenberguk  +   509d ago
What's new puddycat?
Mokastro  +   509d ago
Wonder if there will be Yarn Balls? lol
Robochobo  +   509d ago
Cats, goats, can we get dogs next?
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