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At A Glance: MagicalTimeBean

IndieMonth | 517d ago
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MagicalTimeBean is Ian Stocker - is Ian Stocker a goat? He began his game career as a musician/sound designer specializing in Nintendo Handhelds and working on some 40 titles in 8 years. His first solo project was XNA dungeon crawler Soulcaster and after completing its sequel went completely indie in 2011 and created Escape Goat. Escape Goat 2 is the sequel (spoiler alert?). He claims to have liked Dark Souls before it was cool and lives in the SF Bay Area.


Escape Goat 2 is a goat-based puzzle platformer and uses the environment, machinery and a mouse (in a dungeon). It differs from its predecessor with a new art style, new puzzles and new magical hats. Made by MagicalTimeBean, published by Double Fine.

Play on: PC, Mac and Linux

Mini Q&A
Answers by Ian Stocker

Why do you make games?
It's the only way I can rid myself of these game ideas, which assault my mind until they are allowed to exist in our world. For this game in particular, I wanted to make a single-screen puzzle game where you had stackable blocks and machinery. The whole goat thing came later.

Why should people play Escape Goat 2?
You'll enjoy your time with it. Seriously, nobody puts the game down when they first start it up. I've observed hundreds of people play it, and have scientifically balanced it for maximum enjoyment.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
Game feel is the most important thing to me. This is not just character control and responsiveness, but the feeling of inhabiting the avatar (the goat, in this case) from the get-go. The tutorial can't get in your way--ideally you won't even recognize that the game is teaching you things. But it also has to teach you enough to solve the puzzles. There's no hand holding. This is the transcendent experience I aim for in my games, and I get a little better at it each time. Escape Goat 2 is the best I've done in this regard.

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Day 3 | MagicalTimeBean

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Derekvinyard13  +   517d ago
Game ideas assaulting his head, I know how he feels congrats on making your creations come true
randomass171  +   517d ago
"Why should people play Escape Goat 2?"
"You'll enjoy your time with it."

Haha, I like the level of confidence being conveyed. Nice Q&A. :)
F4sterTh4nFTL   517d ago | Spam
IamRhino  +   517d ago
I would like to spend my time playing Escape Goat 2
beepbopadoobop  +   517d ago
Goats! Millions of em!
Caffo01   517d ago | Spam
dictionary  +   517d ago
Looking into this!
thoffman7411  +   517d ago
As a game design student, i really enjoy reading things like this. Give me reason to push on. I want to make a goat game now.
SpeedDemon  +   517d ago
Looks like something I would enjoy.
Valenka  +   517d ago
Goats and dungeons. What a combination. Definitely something I'd enjoy and I love the arcade style look to it.
MightyNoX  +   517d ago
Just watched the video! Looks brilliant! I need moah puzzles in mah life!
rambi80  +   517d ago
mark my day COD will have goats
coolbeans  +   516d ago

I can imagine something like the inevitable BOIII having zombie goats for its co-op.
randomass171  +   516d ago
That would be simply amazing.
PoeHao  +   516d ago
That looks like an enormous amount of puzzles... A daunting task awaits!
Nineball2112  +   516d ago
Looks like a great game!
Disagree  +   516d ago
more goats.
xHeavYx  +   516d ago
Looks pretty fun, I'll have to check it out
mydyingparadiselost  +   516d ago
Escape Goat 2 - "Scientifically balanced for maximum enjoyment" :D
gobluesamg  +   516d ago
I would love to try this game out!
Tapani  +   516d ago
Juliussmith12  +   516d ago
This plus goat simulator would be amazing.
FITgamer  +   516d ago
More goats!
ichizon  +   516d ago
The controls sure look snappy in that video. My main criteria for puzzle platformers is that they manage to challenge me. Experimental physics can be fun too, as it may enable us to beat levels in unintended ways. Many fall into gimmick traps, and are not necessarily hard to beat.

The last puzzle platformer I enjoyed was Trine [and its sequel] with its wonderful aesthetics and Lost Vikings-like gameplay. I don't think any puzzle game has had me stumped since Supaplex.
ExCest  +   516d ago
MaalDeJah  +   516d ago
Goats are clearly taking over the world.....the indie world.
triggerfinger  +   516d ago
"There's no hand holding."

IMO, this is crucial to a good experience. Some explanation is okay for more advanced stuff, but its great when a player can mostly learn from playing.
randomass171  +   516d ago
Not everyone is able to really figure things out on their own. I think that tutorials and hand holding should remain as an option for those gamers who need the extra help while the more advanced and experienced players should be allowed to have the option to eliminate hand holding from their experience with the game.
MagicalTimeBean  +   516d ago
I definitely found this to be true in my many hours of playtesting and showcasing the game. Even something like jumping high by holding A longer, I take for granted having grown up with games. But not everyone has that lineage! So I did my best to put things in the right place for players to demonstrate all these things naturally.
pyrocloud7  +   516d ago
Thank you for being another harbinger of the Goatpocalypse. Your contribution is appreciated.
MrxDeath  +   516d ago
just awesome , goats are great , funny awesome looking game
PrimeGrime  +   516d ago
All these interviews are inspiring, I need to stop being so lazy >.<

Maybe I will try making my own indie game one day, probably a huge task for one person but I got plenty of time on my hands.
MagicalTimeBean  +   516d ago
It can be a huge task if you let your feature list grow too big... but if you start with something basic, these days it's manageable. Just get a basic understanding of programming and art, and put in the time a little each day.
PrimeGrime  +   515d ago
I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me this, amazing to actually get direct feedback like this. I will keep it in mind going forward, luckily I already have both those subjects covered when it comes to basics, still studying of course.

Kind of funny you say that as well because I really have a bad habit of trying to put too much on my plate if you catch my drift. So I'll make sure I learn how to walk before I try to run.

Thanks again. :D
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PSNintyGamer  +   516d ago
How hard would it be to create my own Indie Game?
randomass171  +   516d ago
Do you know how to adequately design, draw, code and structure your game on your own? :P
PSNintyGamer  +   516d ago
no :(
randomass171  +   516d ago
Well, the internet is at your fingertips! Find a team of creative people or start researching and learn about game development! :D
MagicalTimeBean  +   516d ago
It's best not to worry about how hard it is up front, or you'll talk yourself out of trying. Just aim for something basic, even just cloning a simple game like Pac Man. No need to even show it to anyone--but you can learn a ton by following the motions. Kinda like following a recipe book when you learn to cook.
Virtua_Awesome  +   516d ago
I hadn't heard of this game before this post, but it looks darn good. Thanks for doing this Indie Month, N4G!
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