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At A Glance: Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios
Making games requires passion, and Coffee Stain Studios loves making games. Coffee Stain Studios is independent and intends to stay such, producing high quality games that innovate and change. They are a small focused team with high ambitions and a lot of passion, and they bring that ambition and passion with them into their products, making them into something very special.


Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true! WASD to write history. It’s all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. Destroy things with style, such as doing a backflip while headbutting a bucket through a window, or you could just give Steam Workshop a spin and create your own goats, levels, missions, and more! When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game.


Play on: Windows, ports for OS X and Linux currently in development

Mini Q&A
Answers by Armin Ibrisagic, Game Designer and PR Manager

Why do you make games?
I needed a way to sponsor my expensive hobby of collecting disposable lighters

Why should people play Escape Goat 2?
I never said that.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?
Okay, let's get serious for the last question. I think innovation is by far the most important element, both for game designers and for the industry as a whole, if it's not to degrade to a state where every game is polished, well executed, but essentially the same. I read a lot of game design literature in college and I hated it, it always tells you how to design a game - games are art and there should be no order or "best practices" in art.

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ExCest1264d ago

I can lick boats. Good enough for me.

noncompos1264d ago

Whatever floats your goat.

cleft51264d ago

This game seems really crazy and fun too me. I like unique games that are out there like this, these developers definitely have a cool sense of style.

Transporter471264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Too bad you can't make the goat use disposable lighters.

randomass1711263d ago

At least you've got realistic boat licking action. :P

rdgneoz31264d ago

Any goat shaped disposable lighters?

oneluckybullet1264d ago

goats are ok with me.......