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At A Glance: Gone North Games

IndieMonth | 392d ago
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Gone North Games is a small studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded by 9 students with a passion for games and creating great experiences, their debut title is A Story About My Uncle. Coffee Stain Studios is supporting them by publishing their game.


A Story About My Uncle is a non-violent, first-person platform adventure game about a boy searching for his lost uncle and finding a world he couldn’t imagine existed. The beautiful art and mysterious story draw you while the focus on movement through the world creates a sensation of speed and freedom.


Play on: PC

Mini Q&A
Answers by Sebastian Eriksson, CEO

Why do you make games?
When deciding to go down the path to become game developers I think that we all did it partially because we were gamers ourselves, and there's always been that strange allure to one day get to make our own games. But now that we are in it I believe we'll keep doing it because of that magical feeling you get from seeing someone play and enjoy a game you've made. It's seriously intoxicating!

Why should people play A Story About My Uncle?

We believe that we've crafted an experience you can't get anywhere else. Except if you are secretly spiderman! Mixing grapple hook enabled freedom of movement with fast paced first person platforming and a story that starts of as a simple bedtime story but takes the player as far down the rabbit hole as they are willing to go.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?

In this time of free to play multiplayer games and procedurally generated worlds we wanted to make a genuinely hand crafted single player adventure, where the player get's to decide how to tackle the obstacles placed in front of them. It may seem like a pretty linear game, but what we show the player is only the easiest route forward. Giving the player this type of freedom has been one of our biggest design challenges, but it's also the thing we are most proud of.

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Day 1 | Gone North Games

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RexDD  +   392d ago
Haha he seems like pretty cool guy.
Nicominoru  +   392d ago
This game looks pretty nice actually, it seems like Mirror's Edge meets Spider-Man.
kingdom18  +   392d ago
Now that sounds like a beautiful combination.
randomass171  +   389d ago
Indeed. I like the sci-fi aesthetic they went with for this one. Very interesting looking premise.
SpeedDemon  +   392d ago
Looks interesting.
PrimeGrime  +   392d ago
The more I read about this, the more I want to give it a try and it actually looks very good graphically also. Only $13 on Steam.
Hellsvacancy  +   392d ago
It's the first i've seen of it, it looks amazing
waltyftm  +   391d ago
Agreed, very cool stuff.
Robochobo  +   392d ago
Will check the game out on Steam. Had no idea it even released.
user3050031   392d ago | Spam
Stopher92  +   392d ago
Alex_Boro  +   392d ago
Need this!
MrBug  +   392d ago
Fun fact: This is from the same guys, who developed Goat Simulator.
YodaCracker  +   392d ago
Never would have guessed that!
herobyclicking  +   392d ago
Actually Gone North did not develop Goat Simulator, their publisher Coffee Stain Studio did.
randomass171  +   389d ago
Thanks for the correction. :) Bubble up for being helpful.
CrimsonAzure  +   392d ago
Reminds me of Metroid and Bioshock.
tamd  +   392d ago
Some cool art present in that game.
Sniper_amer  +   392d ago
really interesting game
WillGuitarGuy  +   392d ago
Saw this featured on FFSTV on Twitch. The concept is awesome!
nagalaga31  +   392d ago
His hand super-power reminds me of Singularity. A great game.
Budobear  +   392d ago
Its got a great art style, so if this makes it to the PS4 I'll have to try it.
(Love the company logo to)
Mokastro  +   392d ago
Ooo.. the trailer looks really good.
Came across the title a couple of times on game sites. The game title just didn't quite catch my eye.
dictionary  +   392d ago
Very interesting, I want.
LightDiego  +   392d ago
Looks incredible, single player games for the win!
Sarobi  +   392d ago
I totally want this
Kayant  +   392d ago
That art direction, those gameplay elements.... Looks awesome can't wait to see more.
MightyNoX  +   392d ago
Can't help but feel there's a twist where this fantasy world is his defense mechanism for dealing with some sort of incident with his uncle.
mydyingparadiselost  +   392d ago
Looks pretty interesting, like a first person runner.
coolbeans  +   392d ago
Didn't even know about this game until this blog popped up this morning. Great exposure for the developers. :)
blockcoc  +   392d ago
Cant wait to see more of this
Emilio_Estevez  +   392d ago
Grappling hook ftw! I've had my eye on this one.
TheFanboySlayer  +   392d ago
This game looks awesome lmao definitely on my radar
iceman06  +   392d ago
I might need to try this one.
Caffo01   391d ago | Spam
rambi80  +   391d ago
i am secretly spiderman.....and i endorse this game
Gothdom  +   391d ago
this looks interesting. Also, I have cookies.
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