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Will You Buy the Xbox One or PS4? Why I Believe Microsoft Will Have a Tough Time

iGAM3R-VIII | 705d ago
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So from the last blog I did, I compared the PS4 to the Xbox about a month ago. Now that both consoles are officially revealed, I can tell you everything about the console and why Microsoft will find it very hard to keep up with Sony and their PS4. First I will talk about my review on the reveal and what was revealed, then I will talk about which one is better specs wise, and then features wise. Then to clean it off, I will talk about which reveal was better and then to rap it up, why I believe Microsoft will have a hard challenge and some of the games.

The Xbox reveal was at 1pm EST and since i was not able to watch it, I watched the recorded video, and boy do I regret watching every second of it. Before the reveal I wished 2 things Microsoft wouldn't do, and that is to make sure it isn't all about entertainment, and to make sure that most of the online and used game rumours were not true. We found out that the console is called Xbox One which makes no sense because in theory, the Xbox One came out in 2001, the better name would be Xbox 720 or Infinity or something. The specs seem decent with 8GB of RAM, almost the same processor and other things like USB 3.0 and Blu-Ray drive. Now the reveal was 50% entertainment, 25% games and 25% specs and features. This is a huge let down. I was hoping gaming should be number one but it wasn't. Also it is worth noting a few websites such as IGN and others have said the X1 reveal was a flop. It even recieved a 3.5/10 in a review. Microsoft decided to take the wrong path, this is a gaming console market, not a TV market. I was very disappointed in the reveal. The new Kinect seems okay and the same with the controller as so does the design, now onto the specs and features.

So the specs were released with the Xbox One vs PS4 today, and so far the PS4 seems like a winner. The PS4 is running a 64-bit x86 AMD ‘Jaguar’ processor with 8 cores and is rumored to run at 2GHz. The Xbox One seems will have the same AMD processor but will run at 1.6 GHz. On paper the PS4 will have a slightly faster clock speed with a difference of .4 GHz. The PS4 uses the Radeon HD 7970 and the X1 uses the Radeon HD 7790. A quick comparison from gpuboss shows the differences ( http://gpuboss.com/gpus/Rad... . The PS4’s graphics will have more memory, more bandwidth, higher texture rate, higher pixel rate, more shading unites, more texture mapping units, more output processors, more compute units, and a wider memory bus. What the 7790 does do better is the higher clock speed, memory clock speed, and the amount of energy needed to run and the PS4 has the X1 beat in terms of horse power. Both consoles seem to have the same multimedia features.

Now to the controller and Kinect 2.0/PS Eye 2.0. The Xbox controller looks just about the same with only a few advancements in the appearance and design. It also includes a smart feature which is the vibration in the triggers, this is smart but it may be bad depending on how forceful the rumble is because when my controller vibrate my hand gets weird feeling and if it is too long then i have to let go on the controller. Hopefully that will not happen. The thumbsticks and D-Pad look nice as well. The new Kinect is very impressive though, it is able to sense your heartbeat, more polygons sent towards you body and more skeletal inputs which can read you movement and body better. The DS4 looks more advanced and better in my opinion due to the new features and advancements. The most killer thing which makes me realise that Microsoft is a total fool is the fact that Kinect is mandatory to use the Xbox One and you will have to pay to use used games. This is a total flop and Microsoft will soon see that it will hit them hard and they will learn a huge lesson from this gen. Sony seem to be improving as Microsoft is failing and the PS4 is stepping up.

The questions that are being raised are quite easy to answer now, especially the question "Which reveal was better, the Xbox One or the PS4?". I have the the perfect answer, and that is Sony beat them by a long shot. Microsoft focused more on TV than games, the games they did show were decent but not a lot of actual gameplay, and to top it off, their finale was a video from the COD Ghosts, please tell me how this works, that was a fail. They still have E3 to regain their rep, but they will have to work 150% harder.

Some of the games such as Watch Dogs and COD we already know is coming but what about the exclusives. All we know is that 15 exclusives are coming to the X1 in the coming year. You can expect Forza 5, and Halo 5, but we do not know a lot of the others. The PS4 has Knack, Driveclub, Infamous, Killzone, and a lot more including special gameplay additions exclusive to the PS series.

To wrap this blog off, in my honest opinion, Sony have a better change this next-gen now. Microsoft have just made too many mistakes and it seems like with that pay to use used-games and Kinect mandatory features, the X1 is going down the drain.

To end this off, Sony's stock has risen 9.25% after the Xbox reveal and Microsoft's stocks have lowered 1%. This shows something and it means a lot to Sony. Investors are going into Sony's route.

edonus  +   705d ago
I know some may call this spin and will probably disagree with me but let offer a different perspective.

Now I will say that clearly the XBOXONE reveal hasnt turned out smooth and as a big love fest with everyone shaking hands and high fives around the room, and I am sure MS wish it could have been that. If you want to call that a fail its understandable.

But lets look at the entire picture.

First remember a reveal is not a launch. These 2 systems will be out in the stores at the same time with commercials and demonstration at store and kiosks in retail around the world. If everyones buying decisions was made from what they saw on the reveals Sony would be getting ready to slaughter.... but its not.

When I go to the store I am going to XBOXONEs set up next to Ps4s. They are going to both have a game or or some Demos for me to play. The quality in the games will be on par with each other. This is just a fact of development life. Even if say the Sony could run circles around the ONE 2-3 yrs from now right now the difference will be minute at best. So we got 2 console playing some good looking games.

Now there is a demonstration or you or someone starts start diving in to the features of the consoles and start playing around. Ps4 has a nice Dash board it says you can record and share and send things to facebook. People can watch you play and takeover games for you. You look through the store leave there go to the browser it even shows how if you have a Vita it will let you remote play... this is nice.

Then you go to the XboxONE It has Facebook and apps t shows the shows the game dvr. Then it shows you can go to live tv instantly..... then it shows you can snap the tv feed to the corner and play your game at the same time. Then It shows you can take a Skype call and never stop doing what you were doing. It shows that the system works like the google TV and Apple TV down the way. It shows how it can pass data back and forth from your Smart phone and tablet to your TV.

This not even counting the two Camera function side by side. At Gamestop the name Kinect makes people cringe at Bestbuy all ears perk up. I have seen the two Kinect and MOVE stations and seen the overwhelming interaction with kinect. But thats beside the point the marketing will determine the reception.

If you havent figured it out yet my point is on the internet and comments sections it would seems the game is over but when you put these two thing next to each other for real. Lots of those features the internet is scoffing at suddenly gets a lot bigger clearer and impressive in person.

They both have a vision I think MS vision is a little more lofty but I dont really know if it will really be a harder sell when a real side by side is done. I know gamers are all screw MS right now but they arent the world and there are a lot of days between now and purchase day.

And as for the stock thing. If I am not mistaken Sonys stock went up that day because they finalized or start the process of splitting up and dropping certain divisions that were not earning. And a MS drop by 1% is a very small flutter. MS does a lot of business the reveal couldnt have that kind of impact that quick. This is just FUD.
rainslacker  +   705d ago
You make some valid points. But you also leave out some important details in how people buy products.

Sure, these demo stations are going to do their job, and that's to get peoples attention. They're going to try out the product, and they may come to decision that they feel they need one because of all the spiffy features, or cool looking games. This is particularly true at places like best buy, where they might be looking at getting a TV, and all those TV functions might entice them towards the X1.

However, these devices aren't going to be $99 impulse or additive purchases. These are going to be expensive game machines. Most people are pegging them to cost between $400-500(which I find fair).

For that much money, these people, are going to research these purchases. I'm not going to claim because of the economy, because there are plenty of people that can still buy this stuff. I'm going to claim this because it's still expensive.

These people are going to ask the store clerks, their friends, and search the internet, on if the purchase is something that really has the value for the cost of admission. They're going to come across all these negative things, because likely blocking used games is going to top the Google searches for a while to come. They may not understand why it's a bad thing, but all that negativity is going to have a factor. Store clerks, for the most part, at places that take in used games are going to push the system that allows used games. Friends...well that will depend on what kind of friends they have. If it were me, I'd find out what they were looking for then make a recommendation, but I would give them the negatives of both systems and let them decide for themselves. Not everyone is quite as reasonable as that though.
urwifeminder  +   705d ago
Well said the recent devalue of the yen was to help drive more investment in japan as well they are playing a dangerous game with their economy over there atm printing money so fast can make it worthless.
MichaelLito79  +   702d ago
When you launch a system and give a media briefing not all information comes out at once. If you look at CES for example they announce products but not all information on the product is available until a later date. Before you make your decision remember one thing Xbox had to come out swinging showing off the console first. After all, when you go to a dealer to purchase a car you have to know what kind of car you want and what it can do before you make your decision. That leads to getting the keys to start the car of your choice. As of right now Xbox has that Porsche that will make you want to get the keys (which is software) to start that car. When I saw Sony PS4 conference they gave me keys (which is software) but no car to drive, just features that I can plainly find in any device. Also to all who nitpick about the games. Remember for years people have plain out claimed that Xbox 360 has fallen off on new IP's. So MS stating that they are changing that with Xbox One is it really a bad thing? I saw at sony show more multiplatform games then I did exclusives. Guess what all of those games are also coming to XBox One and many were shown via cutscenes. Your choice for a system should be the one that caters to you period. Right Now I Like Remedy, I like Turn 10, I like 343, EA has always delivered and so on. I also love Xbox live and a few apps that I use. I get that everyone wanted to see games more then the system's functionality. I also agree that they should have shown off a little more. I disagree with the wave of hate because they actually told you days before the show that the story will be told in 2 events. Right now Xbox one is unveiled and the functionality of there TV elements as well. Xbox has said that E3 is all about games. Meaning less talk at a Gamers show about tv and more about games. It is the competition(Sony with PS4) who will have the opposite effect because they have to show the console how it will work with games and at the same time share space for psvita and ps3. So why not wait till E3 to see how you feel, take that with what they have showcased and it if does not impress you, by all means continue feeding the media and create what is truly killing gaming.
PistilloLawrence  +   678d ago
I totally agree with you but still I would say that I will go with PS4.
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