Setting the bars high so people might as well set theirs low


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PS4 vs Xbox One: Why Microsoft, Why?!

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rainslacker1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Thanks for the link on the GPU specs. I guess I somehow missed the actual GPU type during this whole fiasco.

Only thing I can point out is that it may be premature to give Sony a pass on the used games front. They have said that they will leave it up to the publisher. Because of this, it is highly likely that the major publishers will want to block used games, and at the very least I'm sure EA is giddy with excitement over this...after all we had to know they didn't drop online passes out of love of their customers. I hope Sony doesn't do it, but if 1st party games, and if a good number of devs don't block used, then it's still a viable system for me. Otherwise Wii U may be my only next-gen console, because it's simply something I can not support, even though I always buy new, and never trade in. I simply can't roll over anymore in the face of so much anti-consumer BS that's happened these past 7 years, and I can not see myself doing it for another 7+.

Otherwise I found most of your blog pretty fair, and seems to echo most of the common consensus.

Jurat1669d ago

Some good points here; thanks for sharing.

I would urge you to dive a little deeper into the new controllers and Kinect features. I actually think that the ‘dynamic impulse triggers’ coupled with the TrackIR capabilities of the new Kinect could add a whole new layer of immersion to console gaming.

I’m drafting up my thoughts on the reveal and will post later. (“,)