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My Yellow Light Of Death Conundrum

iamnsuperman | 1595d ago
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It was a sad day two days ago. My 60gb fat PS3 ,sadly, packed in after 4 years and 3 months. What makes this situation worst was I bought From Dust and was thoroughly enjoying it until my PS3 cut out. Now I am in a dilemma on how to move on. I have got all these PS3/PSN games that I still play so I would like to get another. But there is a surprising number of option out there.

One option is to wait. There are signs that the next generation is coming soon. I could wait for this generation to end before picking up a new console but the problem with this solution is how long the generation could be anything between a year to two or more years away. Sings may be there hinting at a new generation but with Uncharted 3 and ACR (my biggest games coming out) I would not only be missing out but I could be waiting for a while

The next option is to get it fix/fix it myself. I have had a look and it doesn't look to complex but how long does this fix really last? I have seen on forums that a fix can last 2 months and some of the prices floating around the web and at my local It shop are well a little extreme for something that can break again in as little of two months. So realistically this option doesn't make sense. It would mean I could play my PS2 games but not really a permanent fix.

So this leads me to one final option. Buying another PS3. £200 is not bad for another PS3. But this again runs into other options. There are basically two models. Is there much different between the two models? At the moment the cheaper it is the better. The other problem is the PS3 slims can't play PS2 games. I have a few PS2 games that I play from time to time. I could live without the function of playing my PS2 games but I would rather not. I could by a PS2 as well which are cheap around but this could be around £40 on top of something I am barley able to afford anyway. Instead, though, I could buy and old PS3 fat which range from £42 to £120 but the likelihood of these breaking is much higher and at those prices there is the same risk as if I was going to get it fixed.

I may be over thinking things but either option can be quite costly. I know I will get my situation sorted out eventually. I just wished it was as easy as it was to replace my PS2 when that broke. I want to take the financial plunge but which option is really the best?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1595d ago
I say buy a new PS3, you will get a warranty with it anyhow. I have to many games on my PSN account to just let that go to waste. My Ps3 hit the dirt this summer and I just bought a new one and it's worth it and you know it. Good Entertainment.
SilentNegotiator  +   1595d ago
So long as the warranty is out of date, he may as well try one of the more "crazy" methods that people use to get their console back to life temporarily. Then maybe make a copy of the saves he wants.

Then you're probably best off buying a new system. New system, new warranty, better power consumption...

I wouldn't wait for the next generation. You never know when that will actually be. But that's coming from someone who's just shy of being a VG addict, lol.

It's an unfortunate situation all around. There aren't really any "good" options, but I suggest getting a new one as the "best" option.

But this sort of thing should probably be a forum post in the future...
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blitz0623  +   1595d ago
I suggest repairing it via the heat gun thermal grease method on youtube (3-part video including assembly and disassembly). It cost me $20 total and a few hours of my time. Honestly, it's not that hard putting the ps3 back together. Of course, you have to trust yourself or ask another person to help you out to make sure you don't damage the system even more. But really, what have you got to lose right?
skabias  +   1593d ago
Did what blitz said with the thermal grease 6 months ago and it still working like a champ and if im not wrong it can be done multiple times.
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maniacmayhem  +   1594d ago
I wouldnt want to buy a new ps3 unless it was a 60 gig fat like his original.

I have a 60gig fat also and a ton of ps2 games that i still play to this day.
I hope i never get this ylod.
Jio  +   1594d ago
My 60gb PS3 got YLOD in 2009. I got it fixed but now I'm scared to play games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, but I'll do it anyways. I hate hearing the fans because I keep thinking it'll break again...
MidnytRain  +   1595d ago
I guess it depends on your financial state. Waiting for the next generation seems like the logical choice, but like you said, you could end up waiting years and let a bunch of amazing games pass you by. I say you should buy a new PS3 so long as you're not hurting yourself.
zero_gamer  +   1595d ago
The only difference between the two models is the hard drive space. The systems are both identical otherwise. If 160GB is good enough to start you off but need space later you could just pop in a new hard drive upgrade which can be inexpensive.

YLODs are generally caused when the thermal paste applied at the factory is shot and causing the chipsets to overheat and the solder joints to crack.

I don't really know the best choice. If you want to continue playing PS3 games soon, then buying a new system probably wouldn't hurt. Sending your system to SONY could get you a replacement 60GB, though I am not sure about that either. You might want to call SONY and ask them if they have a 60GB if you're still interested in the BC. Note, the warranty for refurbished systems from SONY is 3 months, vs. a 1 year for a brand new machine.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1595d ago
You say the only difference between the 2 are harddrive space? well thats wrong, 60 Gig ps3s can play Ps2 games.
zero_gamer  +   1595d ago
"There are basically two models. Is there much different between the two models?"
Persistantthug  +   1593d ago
@zero_gamer......You're totally right about the paste.
I tell some people this, and they act like I'm if they've never heard of this concept even in PCs.

A PS3 is at it's core a computer. after 3 to 4 years, the paste has to be changed.

I just changed mine 2 weeks ago and it's running like the first day I bought it.


However, there are some minor to moderate differences between the many skus of the PS3. For example, the launch 60 gigs don't have big block heat sinks....rather, they have copper maze like piping.
My block heatsinks were upside down facing up and seated in the PS3's bottom half of its case. Actually made my job easier.
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TopDudeMan  +   1595d ago
If you can wait, then wait. Personally, I couldn't wait. With all these games coming out, it's gonna be hard to not want to play them.

My fat 60GB PS3 bit the dust early last year and I bought a new one like 2 days later. I couldn't survive without one. What I suggest you do, is sell your old broken PS3 on ebay and specify that it's broken. There are people who buy YLOD PS3s for parts on there.

Other than that, your PS3 had a good run, I guess if you've been playing it a lot.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1595d ago
Hey, I forgot to mention this but you can possibly fix your ps3 on your own. I done this once and it's not very hard.

you just need some time.
DragonKnight  +   1595d ago
The problem I have with the "fix it myself" method is that the YLOD is not a specific problem like the RROD. The yellow light is simply an indication that something is wrong with the PS3. The true fix would only occur after you figure out the true problem and repair that. Often times, if it's the thermal paste issue, fixing it yourself in conjunction with regular cleanings and placing it in a cool well-ventilated area is all you need. It all depends on the real problem and how bad it is.
gamerz  +   1595d ago
Might as well try fixing it yourself. That's the cheapest option and even if it doesn't work you can resell the parts afterwords.

My 60gb's fan started getting louder over time so I bought a 19 blade fan, cooler running power supply and new thermal paste- all on ebay. It wasn't hard and I sold the replaced components so it actually didn't cost very much. The power supply didn't make much of a difference but the fan and paste helped dramatically. It's running great now for over a year without any problems.

You may need to do a reballing or reflow which requires a heat gun and some flux. Mine didn't need it but it's not hard to do either.

I love the phat ps3 since it not only plays ps2 games but upscales and smoothes them with nice memory card management features. Well worth the trouble to fix if you're like me and still play ps2 games.
Cajun Chicken  +   1595d ago
Sorry to hear that man. Practically got me concerned for my classic 60 gig now and if I had the same situation.
Bathyj  +   1595d ago
For starters, waiting should be the last thing you do.
You might be waiting 2 years for all we know. Nothings even announced yet, and likely wont be announce till E3 and then it takes another year to see release.

I dont mean to sound like money isnt important, but if money is THAT important, then gaming is not a good hobby for you anyway. Gamers spend, thats life. I woundn't wait 6 months if it meant I would miss out on Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian. And PS4 might not be BC anyway. Waiting might mean you NEVER play the games that are still coming, and believe me there are many.

If you can fix it, go for it. You have nothing to lose, you arent voiding any warranty. Its like asking out that hot chick, all she can say is No. As George Castanza says "they cant kill us."

My practical solution, assuming the fix doesnt work is to just buy a new one. Seriously, they are so cheap now, get a bundle you like and get even more value. Usually its like the cost of the machine and you get the game about half price. Dont worry about BC for now. If you still crave it later, then get a PS2. At least a new PS3 will get you back on the horse and you can shop around and save for a PS2, you dont need it right away.

Besides, if you want a bit of nostalgia gaming you should be picking up Ico.
Hicken  +   1595d ago
Go ahead and get another PS3. It's too late now, but I would have recommended that you buy the extended warranty for your system.

I'd advise holding on to your hard drive, as you can transfer that info into your new system.
Pillage05  +   1593d ago
How do you pull the info off the hard drive when the ps3 ylod? If you put it in a different ps3, it automatically overwrites everything on the drive, doesn't it? Can you get it through a pc?
Hicken  +   1593d ago
There are cables used to transfer data from hard drive to hard drive, like when you're replacing one inside a computer. I'm not 100% sure, but about 90% certain these same ones will work. They may, however, require a computer to make the transfer.

Also, if you put that hard drive in another PS3, you MAY be able to get it up and running to a level that allows you to back up the important data. Since the drive is already formatted for a PS3 and such, I don't think that it would erase the preexisting data, but I'd call Sony just to be on the safe side.
InTheLab  +   1595d ago
Buy the UC3 bundle or..

Buy the cheapest PS3, then spend $60 on a 500 gig 2.5 inch Sata HDD..

I personally would call it quits like I did with my 360 after 3 failures. I refuse to buy another one when every console I've ever owned besides it, from Atari to PS3, still works to this day.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1595d ago
The PS4 hasn't been announced yet and even if they announce it next year you can bet it wouldn't come out until fall 2013. If you think you can wait 2 years without PS3 then do it... My PS3 60GB had YLOD in 2008 and since I play PS2 quite a lot I bought a PS3 slim when it came out and a PS2 slim for $100 ($400 both).

After the PSN hacking I did an update and the PS3 slim got stuck in a loop where it starts the installation then it gets an error then it reboots and the installation begins again; again and again. I have done everything from removing HDD and internal battery but it still doing the same damn thing and now I'm forced to buy a new PS3, a third one.

You should consider yourself lucky that your 60GB lived for so many years!
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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1594d ago
Put it in the freezer. That fixed my laptop......

(there is a scientifically proven reason why his works sometimes...)
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Bladesfist  +   1594d ago
Put it in the microwave (Please dont it will blow up)
starramirez   1594d ago | Spam
zero_gamer  +   1594d ago
Concerning BC, SONY is emulating PS2 games for the PS Store. Unfortunately they won't be played from a disk and you'll have to rebuy them off the store. All non BC PS3s will be able to emulate PS2 titles from the PS Store only.
stevenhiggster  +   1594d ago
My 60gb died on Friday :-(
Luckily I had Continuous Play and thus I have a 60gb for life and am getting my replacement tomorrow.
Only thing that bothers me is that for some goddamn stupid reason I hadn't bothered using the cloud saving (I have PS+) and now I have lost all my saves!
Most games I'm not bothered about it, I'd love an excuse to go back and play some of my older games. It's just inFamous 2 which I hadn't finished but was well on my way to collecting all shards and GT5 which I poured hours upon hours into.

So let that be a lesson to anyone as stupid as me, use the cloud, or back up regularly. I used to back up regularly but haven't done it for donkeys so I'd still lose my GT5 and inFamous saves anyway doh! Cloud saving FTW.
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LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1594d ago
damn sorry 2 hear ur ps3 threw in the towel :/ i kno how thatt feels like when my 40 gb phat died on me in the beginning of the year also, I went into a small depression not knowing what to do... after trying to fix it and failing, I decided to sell it on ebay for 70 bucks. I bought a new ps3 slim in the summer and used the money of the phat ps3 to put a playstation protection plan on it of 2 years :) so in total its on a 3 yr plan :) ... a great idea for you though is go get it repaired at your local hardware store, if it doesn't cost much, and then once it works you can sell it somewhere else like on ebay or amazon and as long as it works, sell it for a reasonable price and get yourself a new 60 gb somewhere else or just settle with a new ps3 slim :) now a days, those 60 gb models are pretty rare and if you have it working, you can earn some serious bank for it. hope everything goes well for you mate :)
IAmLee  +   1594d ago
R.I.P :'(
ndl1531  +   1594d ago
sadly i had the ylod like 2 years ago with my 80 gig bc model and had to pay 200 to get it fixed. after that i sold it for 250 and got a slim. they are much more reliable because they use 30 percent less power and produce way less heat. so im good for now
bunfighterii  +   1593d ago
I had my 40gb YLOD on me about a year ago. I did the Gilsky fix on Youtube, it worked fine until about Feb this year, happened again, so I did the fix again, made sure it was working, and traded it in towards 120gb Slim.

I know of two other friends who had the same problem, and did the same thing. That's the way to go.

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