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E3. What a disappointment.

This years E3 has been, well, really underwhelming in terms of quality. I am not going to run down the list of the conferences as many users have already given a broad range of opinions to look out but more an over view as why this E3 was disappointing.

1. Casual/gimmicky motion control gaming is back. This is more focusing on Microsoft but Sony and Nintendo have fallen victim to this. Kinect seemed the centre piece at Microsoft conference where third party developers tried to justify the PR tag line of "better with Kinect". This gimmick nature of stripping a rifle apart with your hands in Ghost Recon to the voice commands (which isn't new nor ground breaking) has made me question what are they doing. That was the hope core 360 fan base squashed for a Kinect core game. The first party from both Sony and Microsoft was well poor. From Sony we had an on rail swinging game ( I am not sure why when there is a sub controller) and a Fable on rail spin off from Microsoft (with other kids games). I thought motion control gaming is meant to be a new way to play but they have failed. Nintendo showed a little of with their tech demos and trailer which seems more mini party games than actually decent motion control games.

2. Wii U conference. Big let down here. The come out an announce the controller and not really the system it self. I know the controller is the main (I would say gimmick more than game changer) system but this is meant to be a first look. I ended up feeling more confused. The rumours made more sense than the actual conference. I had to read around to find out that it isn't really the console but a small box is. They sold this console really badly. Instead of being hyped and waiting for the next details announcement I find myself not caring. I am not sure what it does and why I should put money down when the third party exclusives are going to be the same on the 360/PS3. The first party games like Mario and Wii Sports (looks the same with other controller interfaces) are not enough. I was expecting a few new IP announcements in the works. Overall there is nothing here that seems next gen. I didn't believe the rumours but they sounded a much better idea.

3. Celebrity endorsement is back. EA came on the stage and what comes out with them an arsenal of celebs. I really do not care what celebrities think or say I wanted to see more about the games.

4. No shock announcement. Before I start I know there were a few (like Far Cry 3) but apart from that nothing at E3 made me go WTF. Sony announced most of there games already and Microsoft's Halo 4 was inevitable (would have been better if they had shown gamplay. That would have been a shock).

I know this seems like a rant but in recent memory this has been a really disappointing E3. There has been nothing that made me go wow. I hope next year is better but this year has been disappointing.

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