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"Why does everyone have to be so Negative about everything? It's really Depressing!"

The Time is Now for Sega to Return!

HyperBear | 906d ago
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Xbox One...Dead on Arrival/DRM every 24HRS/Privacy Outrage. Wii U...Dismal sales/No steady game releases/weak hardware. PlayStation 4...Looking to recapture the core gamer audience/Still needs more clarification requiring online DRM/used games, etc. (*And please don't give me links to Feb. 21 articles about what Yoshida said*). Sega...QUESTION MARK?

Microsoft have literally 'shot themselves in the foot' with their recent Xbox One reveal and their Online/Game Management/Privacy rules and restrictions ( And unless Microsoft, at the last minute before launch, change their minds and get rid of everything from restricting games purchased to 1 console and 1 account, to the every 1hr or 24hr DRM, then they might be able to salvage the Xbox One (But knowing Microsoft like I do, that will never happen). Yes, Microsoft have said they have put up to $1 Billion into internal and third party exclusivity games and gaming development, but that has yet to be seen or heard and we'll have to wait till E3 to truly find out where that money has gone towards. Essentially, at this point in time, Xbox One will be dead before it even gets out of the gate, and don't be surprised if consumers/gamers start protesting the sales of Xbox One.

Nintendo does not have any of these restrictions that are being imposed by Microsoft, however, there are still multiple issues with the Wii U. For starters, sales of Wii U are getting lower on a per month (even per week) basis since the Wii U launched last November. That can attest to the fact that Nintendo have not been steady with the releasing of new games for the platform, or even releasing games through their eShop/Virtual store. And, to add insult to injury, Third-Party support is getting consistently weaker. With EA essentially dropping out of Wii U Development, Epic's Unreal Engine 4 cannot run on Wii U and some developers (Insomniac) not even considering Wii U a next-gen platform to develop for ( Needless to say, Nintendo has it's issues as well.

Then there's Sony PlayStation 4. As of typing this blog, Sony have set up the PlayStation 4 as the only consumer/gamer-focused, true next-generation gaming platform ( With exceptional hardware, an excellent array of First party titles currently in development, tremendous Third party support and an amazing focus on Indie development/games. While currently the only console getting positive attention and positive news right now before E3 2013, gamers (myself included) seem pretty confident that Sony will be doing the right things and actually 'listen' to their fans, continue to provide amazing games and gaming services first and will do the right things for the consumers of the PlayStation 4.

So all of this leaves out the only other company to have released a major console device before these 3 company's became the Big 3...Sega! I know it's probably a long-shot and probably in Sega's mind it is an enormous NO! due to their financial situation (don't forget it was the Saturn and ultimately the Dreamcast that caused them those financial losses and forced them out of the hardware business). However, I believe if Sega had ever dreamed of getting back into the hardware business again and had some extra money stored away in a Phantasy Star bunker somewhere (or could get a sizable investment/loan from someone), then now would be the perfect time to get back into the game. All Sega would have to do is grow out it's internal development teams more, acquire or get exclusivity with indie devs and have a good focus on indie gaming and put all money towards gaming and a solid online infrastructure and forget all these apps and entertainment features that are turning these new "gaming consoles" into media devices.

So what do you guys think. Would you like to see Sega return to the console hardware market again and do you feel now is the time to do so? Or do you believe Sega should just stick to what they are doing now, and leave it to the Big 3 to change what a gaming console should be?


Gimmemorebubblez  +   906d ago
Unfortunately Sega does no longer have the capital to cause any major competition. Unless of course they joined forces with a company like Google or Samsung but otherwise Sega does not have enough cash to cause a stir. The industry needs a new fresh and exciting player, Valve if they can somehow get SteamBox in powerful but low-price box they could positively shake up the industry.
HyperBear  +   906d ago
Yeah, that's true. But who's to say Valve won't be doing the same things as what Microsoft are doing. The SteamBox is just a PC in a small box that only runs Steam and probably a U/I steam layout for the O/S. Plus, the SteamBox won't have any exclusive's besides what Valve will develop and release themselves, other than that, it's just another which I don't think SteamBox is the answer, cause millions of gamers already have PC's that can run Steam and play PC games on their TV's or dual/triple monitor set-ups.

What would be a shock and a stir-up to the industry is if Valve and Sega teamed up. Valve invests into Sega, Sega produces a new console and Valve releases all their developed games only on the Sega platform for consoles and then Steam on PC's. That would be awesome! (Will never happen, but still to think about the possibilities, that duo would be awesome)
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ABizzel1  +   906d ago
I was just about to say this is Valve's chance.

Steambox could really do some damage if they market it right and take away every advantage the Xbox had, and become the "New console on the block".

Nintendo can flat out lose this gen, and it won't matter because of the success of the Wii (which made up for the Gamecube, and should still take care of the Wii U). Considering they basically repackages the GC ($50 tech) into the Wii ($100 tech) and sold it for $250 they've made a killing, so even if Wii U sales 20 - 50 million as being predicted, Nintendo still has money to stay in the console race for at least another generation and hopefully they learn from this.

Sony is in prime position to dominate this generation like the PS1 and PS2 before it, simply don't do what MS has done, and keep getting developer support, building 1st party studios, and launch at a reasonable price $399 (would be best).

This leaves a position open for a second platform to come in and cause major damage, and Steam box / PC seem like the best candidates. Any company looking towards making it big in the console business now is your chance.

Current rankings

PS4 >>> Wii U >/= X1

PC, Steambox, Ouya (I don't see Ouya taking over), and everyone else has a chance.
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Donnieboi  +   906d ago
I think Nintendo should merge (not just simply buy-out) SEGA. That would be epic.
dedicatedtogamers  +   906d ago
SEGA is definitely on the upswing but what is more likely (actually, what is already happening) is SEGA will partner more and more with Nintendo and begin aligning themselves with Nintendo via exclusive deals. If you pay close attention to SEGA over the last few years, their best-selling and most-profitable games have been on Nintendo hardware. SEGA recently got burned by Gearbox (Aliens Colonial Marines) and so I anticipate them stepping away from heavy 3rd party publishing across all platforms.

It is no coincidence that the next three Sonic games are exclusive to Nintendo hardware. I expect the same may happen for a lot of SEGA franchises if this partnership goes well.
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NYC_Gamer  +   906d ago
SEGA is in the perfect spot playing the publisher role
PrimeGrime  +   906d ago
I am sick of hearing this "PS4 Still needs more clarification requiring online DRM/used games"...

They clarified that several times now Mark Cerny and Shuhei Yoshida. DRM will be left up to publishers to decide on for PS4 games and used games will be the same as they were before just like on PS3 or any other previous system.

1.) The PlayStation 4 can play games offline without having to be online. This was clarified the day of the PS4's reveal back on February 20th.

2.) Sony will not have any mandatory DRM for used games. You can buy, play, trade used games on the PlayStation 4 just as usual. No additional registration fees, pay-walls or internet registration required.

3.) If you so choose, you can play games from disc, download them from the digital store or remote load them. Sony doesn't mandate any method over the other for multi-format titles.

4.) Just for extra clarification the PlayStation 4 does not and will not require a constant always-on internet connection.

How many times do they have to answer this for people to stop asking for more clarification?

Anyway yea sure Dreamcast 2 would be awesome but that is beyond wishful thinking, Sega I can almost bet will never return to making consoles.

If people like Nintendo and Sony are struggling... I highly doubt Sega wants any part of this hideous industry anymore, they already got a good taste early on. The gaming industry now is almost as bad as the movie industry.

Dreamcast was and is still one of the most amazing consoles in my eyes, it pushed innovation in many ways. All the things we see today were all used in the Dreamcast long ago but of course at that time the majority thought it was stupid and that no one would ever want to use any of those features.. Now look how the tables turned.

As I always say the Dreamcast was one of those devices that was too far ahead of its time for people to actually understand. Just bad timing for that thing.
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HyperBear  +   906d ago
The reason why I keep asking for clarification is because it's not 100% official, yet! Sure Cerny and Yoshida can say everything about the PS4 in interviews all over the web, but because it isn't officially on the playstation website and given how in this industry, rules and regulations can change in a day, you never know. Plus there's still a few things like: Will I be able to borrow or lend games to friends without logging into my account? Do I have to install every game under my account first?

But yeah, I do believe Sony will follow through on all those points for PS4, it just makes sense. But maybe you can help me out with this question: So if Sony are doing the same things as Microsoft, in that letting third-parties control whether or not to implement DRM/used game fees on the third-party games, why don't Sony go all out and say NO to all third parties wanting DRM/Always Online/Used game fees?
PsychOff  +   906d ago
Because it isn't on the Playstation website? What the hell? So the actual President of the company and the person who developed the PS4 is not enough confirmation for you?

Ok. You sound like all these Xbone drones who are just praying they aren't the only ones stuck with something like that.

More importantly if that was actually said at the reveal on the 20th that you won't be required to be online in order to play a game. What sense does that make you are asking if you need to be logged into your account to play a used game? You obviously cannot log in without being online so that should answer your question shouldn't it?

So let me guess them saying this at the actual reveal isn't enough proof for you either?

Well whatever when the PS4 is released and you own both that and the Xbox One you can come back and tell us all how wrong you were. I don't mind.
HyperBear  +   906d ago
It's so nice to know you can't have any type of discussion of games on a site like N4G, that's meant for gamers, unless you want to be called a fanboy or xbone drone....

Can't ask any questions without derogatory replies. Ask something once, shame on me....say something twice, shame on me. And no matter what I type or what I say, it's just not good enough for anyone. Glad to know my question got answered though /s....

Anyways back OT: @PsychOff...thanks for clearing that up, even though your comment was immature. I understand now that PS4 will be able to play games right off the disc, with no locking the game to one account or having to install the entire game the hard drive, that is good. Also means it's good for lending and borrowing games, so that's a plus. Thanks for your help.
PsychOff  +   906d ago
The reason I was an ass is because you dismissed PrimeGrime just because it isn't on the Playstation website. To me that makes no sense when that person gave you the same information.

Maybe you misread it or just skipped through that part but they did in fact comment on that. Here is the quote from PrimeGrime.

"1.) The PlayStation 4 can play games offline without having to be online. This was clarified the day of the PS4's reveal back on February 20th. "

I had just assumed you watched the PS4 reveal and heard that from their own mouths. Now knowing that practically addresses every concern you had about the PS4 I couldn't understand why you didn't want to believe it from them just because it was not put on the Playstation website as you said. All they do mainly on the Playstation website is advertise the PS4 they aren't going to put that there when they addressed already.

I am sure they will talk more about it in these later reveals as well to further add assurance.

I will say I am sorry if I came off immature or rude but can you see how I perceived it? It came off the same way to me that you just dismissed what PrimeGrime said even though they gave you the same information you are agreeing with me about.

So again sorry. I am honestly all bent out of shape because I am personally exhausted from companies being able to get away with such intrusive and restrictive measures at the expense of the consumer. All the people defending Microsoft and the Xbox One aren't helping.

I also just want people to be informed that the PS4 won't be anything like the Xbox One by a long shot. I won't even be a fanboy. Buy the Wii U or the PS4 for all I care just do not support the Xbox One or give the idea that it will be ok and others will follow suite because they aren't.
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iliimaster  +   906d ago
as my icon says i would love it dreamcast 2 i know for a fact i will not be buying a xboxone ESPECIALLY after recent leaks plus an always on webcam imagine the people with tiny rooms trying to play a 500 dollar console that we dont own and when the next generation if there is a next one what happens to the xboxone? would i even be able to access the console ?
gamejediben  +   906d ago
The Sega we all once knew is no more. Most of the best Sega developers no longer work at the company. And the truth is we are all looking at Sega with rose colored glasses. We only remember the good things. But how about the bad things like:

1. Not bringing a lot of their best games over from Japan

Games like Shining Force III: Scenario 2 & 3, Princess Crown, Alien Soldier, Dragon Force II, Policenauts, etc. To be fair, Nintendo and Sony do this a lot too and they deserve just as much blame for it.

2. No backward compatibility

I know the Genesis could play Master System games but Saturn couldn't play Sega CD, 32x, or Genesis games, and the Dreamcast couldn't play Saturn games.

3. Outdated Consoles

You know how everyone said the Wii was outdated at launch? The 32x was a terrible introduction to 32bit gaming. The Saturn could barely handle 3D games with its confusing architecture and pretty much stuck to 2D games at a time when 3D polygons were powering the industry. And the Dreamcast couldn't play DVDs at a time when DVD sales were skyrocketing.

4. Too much focus on Sports games

Sega cared more about sports than any sane person should. They sunk more time, money and energy into having better sports games than Nintendo or Sony did and now when you walk into a retro games store there are mountains of old Sega sports games that no one cares about.

5. Their whole focus was on older gamers

Sony and Microsoft are now bitterly contesting this market while Nintendo hogs the casuals and young'uns. Where does Sega fit in now? Nowhere, and they know it.

Bottom line: Sega isn't making new consoles anytime soon and while I love the Genesis and the Dreamcast, Sega had more failures than successes and that's why they're only making games now. The only scenario I can see Sega returning to the console market is if the XBone crashes and burns and Microsoft pulls out and focuses on PC only again. And judging by the hordes of Sheeple STILL paying $60/year for Xbox Live... thats not happening.
BillytheBarbarian  +   905d ago
Sega's sports games are what gave Ea competition to have decent games across the board. Joe Montana Football 2 was first with real time commentary and actual season long stat tracking. Montana 94 was the top notch title to get versus Madden 94. Both games were scoring perfect reviews.

Now sports games are stale because of the lack of competing software. Madden has been piss poor since 360 came out. This was the worst Gen to be a sports gamer.
Main_Street_Saint  +   905d ago
I owned a Sega console of some sort over the years (minus the Game Gear and Nomad (also Sega CD)) and while it would be a dream come true, I do not see this ever happening again. They only recently restructured their entire business and laid off many employees; reentry into the console market is not in the cards for them. Besides, I'm just waiting for Skies of Arcadia HD, which still has not been announced.
BillytheBarbarian  +   905d ago
The only consoles Sega makes are those plug and play things.
Baka-akaB  +   905d ago
I dont even see how you could fathom that , even as a fantasy . Have you seen the poor handling of sega's properties ? even before their current financial woes ?

The only ip they handled right this were mostly new , or not yet fully established , such as Yakuza . Otherwise they ruined shining force , can't really make phantasy star Online relevant again despite being in prime position to be Monster Hunter , way before monster hunter even appeared ...ruined Daytona USA , Outrun , sonic , golden axe etc ...
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BillytheBarbarian  +   905d ago
I hate what they did to Golden axe. Sega isn't what they once were.
Pillsbury1  +   905d ago
Yes unfortunately we only see the nostalgia of how sega used to be. Dreamcast was an amazing console and full of amazing memories: shenmue, phantasy star online, JSR, crazy taxi, and sonic adventures. Good times but they are not the same.
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