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To buy a Vita or Not to buy a Vita.....That is the question!

Today, while I was working hard at note taking in school (and by note taking I mean being on N4G, GiantBomb, etc. and taking video games notes :D) I came across something in my PM box! I've used my PM box numerous times to have multiple discussions with friends, fellow-gamers and mods on N4G, outside of commenting on certain articles (which I can't do much of anyways with only 3 bubbles :/), but that's for another blog...

Anyways, one of my fellow Canadian gamers, who I'm friends with not only on N4G and XBL/PSN, but in real life as well. He sent me a link to a FutureShop product page with the PlayStation Vita on sale for an astounding $179.99 (The lowest it's ever been in Canada) For today only! (Ends at 12AM EST). He knows that I've been wanting to get a Vita for quite some time, and I've had some mixed feelings about purchasing one, especially since I do not currently own a PlayStation 3 or a PS+ subscription. Granted this is just the plain Vita, not a bundled special edition Vita, but it has still got me intrigued. Now I'm left feeling dazed and confused, but maybe it's because I had one too many energy drinks this morning because I couldn't sleep on this issue. So I thought I'd voice my opinions/concerns that I have with the Vita right now and see what kind of a response I can gather from you fine gaming folk on N4G and help me make a decision by the end of the week.

1.) No Games of Interest to Me:

As of writing this blog post right now, there are only 3 games that I would buy for the Vita (Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Wipeout 2048). I would also get a couple indie games including Guacamelee! and Sound Shapes. But do these 5 or so games really warrant me to buy a Vita and play them for maybe an hour a day? I'm well aware of all the newest, high-quality titles that have been released for Vita as of late (Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa, Persona 4), but I'm not really into RPG's at all, so none of those games appeal to me. I also know the great games that are on the way that I do find interesting: Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway, but is it yet enough for me to purchase a Vita?

2.) E3 Announcements / Price-Drops / Models:

Another thing that kept me up last night, wondering if I should buy a Vita today or not, was that E3 2013 is less than a month away. What could Sony possibly have up it's sleeve for Vita at E3?? The possibilities are endless; They could announce a North-American price cut. They could announce different sku's/bundled edition Vita's. They could announce new accessories/restructure their memory card size capacity's and prices. And of course new, innovative games that can only be possible with the Vita. E3 could prove to be a big step for Vita, to show everyone that Vita is here to stay and that it will only develop better gaming experiences as it's life goes on.

3.) PlayStation 4 is not out Yet!:

I'll admit it, the biggest reason why I want a PS Vita is simply for when I get a PS4 and have those 2 devices being connected and to make my gaming experience more enjoyable. The Vita-only games, the indie support and the technology used in Vita aside, pairing a Vita up with the PS4 is candy. Using Vita as a second screen, possibly even as a PS4 alternate controller and then using it to stream content back and fourth from console to handheld and using it for Remote Play to play virtually any PS4 game on the Vita (with the proper control support), that is the potential I see owning a Vita, but only when I have a PS4 around to connect it to. And PS4 is not due out till Fall 2014 (more than likely November), so would I be jumping-the-gun (so to speak) buying a Vita now?

All these reasons are valid reasons for me, and essentially anyone else that's still on the fence about purchasing a Vita at this point in time. So let the discussions begin and I'll ask this question....

Given this 1-day only sale price and all the reasons I've listed, should I be bold and buy a Vita today OR be patient and wait until E3 is over and decide then???

Thanks everyone,

Update: Sale ended. Went back to regular price. I decided to hold off until the week after E3. Gives me a little more time to save up for a better memory card and for PS+ subscription. Thanks for all your guys' comments and insight. It was very helpful :D

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chrismichaels041834d ago

You raise some very valid points. I picked up a Vita at launch and I haven't stopped using it since. I had a few of my friends that shared your point of view and the advice I gave them was simply this. If youre asking if you should pick up the's because you already want it. If you didn't have any interest in it, you wouldn't be thinking about it in the first place.

#1. The Vita has several great games worth picking up that would justify you buying a Vita, aside from all the ones that you already mentioned. Soul Sacrifice is actually an action/RPG so if you like action, hack and slash titles, you might enjoy this game as well. Unit13, Assassins Creed Liberation, LittleBigPlanet Vita, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and MLB The Show are all excellent titles. And there is a bunch more on the way.

#2. As far as a possible price drop, if you're already seeing it on sale for a great promotional sales price....I say why wait for E3? Take advantage of that great sale now while you still can.

#3. The PS4/Vita connection sounds very promising and if anything, only adds to the logic of picking up a Vita now rather than later. If you pick up the Vita first, you'll have at least 6 months to save up money for the PS4 so youre not buying 2 systems at once. You can focus right now on playing the Vita games that do interest you and then when the PS4 comes out, you can switch gears and enjoy the PS4/Vita connected functionality.

Just some friendly advice, hope it helps.

HyperBear1834d ago

Thanks @chrismichaels04....

Those are all good counter-points you raised and now it's killing me inside, lol. I'm just thinking what if I buy it today then come E3 they do announce a price cut and a new bundle with a retail or downloadable game, 30-day PS+ subscription and an 8GB memory card or something along those lines for $199.99??

It is a tough call for me cause I don't want to purchase one now and then not use it and it just sits on my desk, but we'll see...still got 5hrs to decide :)

chrismichaels041834d ago

You're welcome bud. I can see you are very interested in picking up the Vita and I have no doubts you will eventually pick one up. In my honest opinion, you won't regret the decision.

NewMonday1832d ago

Soul Sacrifice isn't exactly an RPG, whenever you get the the vita get this game and also your friend should, the Vita will get many other Co-Op games like Dragons Crown and Tokuden(?).

Gravity Rush is a great game IMOO, it's probably the first adventure/platform/ sandbox game.

and by the time you get a Vita KZ:M and Tearaway should also be available, you will be spoilt for choice.

dedicatedtogamers1834d ago

I own a Vita and a 3DS. Between those two I have more games added to my backlog in the past year than my Wii+PS3 for the entire last generation.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1834d ago

Id just w8. I dont even own a Vita but, PS4/VIta connection is'nt actually a reason I want a Vita.

-GametimeUK-1834d ago

I'm thinking about getting one next month. I have more than 3 games I want to try and a PS+ subscription. I don't need to buy any games to enjoy my Vita since my PS+ has me covered.

In your case I would say wait and my answer seems blatantly obvious due to how you come across in your blog.

The combo of no games for you, price and wanting PS4 connectivity could be resolved when the PS4 is out. You have to pull the trigger at one point it seems, but I think you will feel better if you put it off (for now).

HyperBear1834d ago

Yeah I'm thinking that as well...I'm gonna wait till E3 is over and see what gets shown off and announced and then get one in the summer. Still gives me 3-4 months to get used to it, will have more games for me to enjoy and possibly will get a better bundle deal, etc.

I will pull the trigger on the Vita sometime, but for now, I'm going to holster my wallet 😏

ZoyosJD1833d ago

I got my white Vita back in Nov for USD $179.99 bundled with AC: Liberation and I was already a PS+ member.

I haven't been able to set it down. I've platinumed Uncharted: GA, Gravity Rush, and Wipeout 2048. I'm currently working on PvZ, Ninja Gaiden Sigma +, and occasionally AC.

Missing out on this opportunity only means you will have a bigger backlog later...notnessecarily a bad thing.

cpayne931830d ago

For me having a ps+ account is what made me get a Vita. Getting Gravity Rush, Uncharted, and Wipeout 2048 day 1 made it worth it. Also, I jumped on the amazon black friday deal, got the AC bundle for 180 bucks.

TongkatAli1834d ago

Get it! It's awesome, that simple.

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