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New Indie Projects to Check Out

Hello, everyone! It's been a good while since I wrote up something here. I have been sick for awhile and haven't had the opportunity to really focus on writing. For those of you I have messaged about doing an upcoming blog on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I can assure you that I will get to that this month. You're help and opinions are very much appreciated. I also have been told about some troubling news about the sequel for Tomb Raider which I will blog about later on this week. For today, however, I have a few new indie games you can check out and help spread the word. Like before, I will provide the description of the game and provide a link for its main funding page. Let's being, shall we?

The first project I would like to showcase is Chick Chick Chicky Deluxe by Dunham Bro's Games. This bird themed 2D game is in the same kindred spirit of gameplay as Pacman. In this game, you collect food (seeds, fruit, worms) to complete the levels. The challenge comes in the form of kittens prowling around looking for your chick.

The challenges also come with power-ups that will assist you. The Golden Super Feather gives you a great edge against the Kittens. Among other power-ups there is the Blue Speed Feather and the Green Double Points Feather You will also get additional playable characters to use. You can keep playing to do your best with your scores. Click on the link to check out Chick Chick Chicky Deluxe.

The second game project I found is another animal-based game. This time you are a cat in Feral. Feral is an open world, survival game where you must do you best to thrive in a new suburban area. You have a vast area to explore, animals to interact with, skills to perfect, and make daring attempts to bust animals out of the pound or maybe escape the facility yourself.

Features include a day and night cycle that effects the environment. Certain animals appear during these times. It's up to you to stalk birds and rats, but be wary of dogs. A weather system also plays into how your cat performs. Rain slows your cat down, fog and night reduces sight, and thunderstorms agitate other animals into becoming more aggressive. That and more can be found on its Kickstarter page.

The third and final game that I have found is a game called Fritz. This time around you are playing a German soldier named Fritz who is embedded in the trenches of World War I. A unique idea to be sure as we are not often exposed to the sides of those who were not among the Allies. In this case, the core driving force of this game is character development. As attacks occur, your fellow soldiers could die, but that could change depending on how close they are to Fritz.

Aside from focusing on characters, the gameplay includes performing your duties in the trenches, ongoing battles, and the multiple endings made available depending on your actions. There will also be a new game plus mode where you can play a new game with all of your obtained skills, stats, and experience from your previous playthrough. The game will be harder, though. For more information, check out Fritz at Kickstarter.

That's what I got for now for the indie scene. Well, aside from what I wrote up for last month. Be sure to check out the titles here and those that I covered in Indie Month (Torchlight II, The Stanley Parable, Escape Goat 2). I hope you all enjoy the reading of these new and ambitious titles. I will be back once I recover more to tackle both Call of Duty and Tomb Raider. Until then, have a good week N4G!

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