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Kickstarters to Look Out For

A few Kickstarter projects have recently come to my attention. Now, I know that some people approach Kickstarter with caution; however, some of these projects look promising and have some funding. The intent behind Kickstarter is to help out and I think that these are some worthy ideas to get behind. After all, Mighty No. 9 wouldn't be where it is now without support from the community. There is a lot of talent here and it shows. If these teams of people are to accomplish something that could help improve or add something new to the industry, then I say that it wouldn't hurt to check out their pages on Kickstarter to see what they are offering.

It's often difficult for interesting projects to get the boost they need, but the following links should give you a better idea on what to expect. There are quite a few surprises that I found when checking out the latest projects given the presentations available and how far along they are. For instance, Double Fine having a new game that they are supporting is certainly a head turner for the best of reasons. Check these projects out and see if they would be something you would want to back.

The aforementioned game that Double Fine has taken under its wing is called LAST LIFE. Earth has suffered a tragic event and humanity is left with but a fraction of the original population. The game is a "sci-fi noir adventure game" that involves a detective being brought back to life so he can solve his own murder and may also reveal what led to Earth being completely obliterated. It is designed as a point and click adventure where gamers will test their detective skills. The atmosphere of the game will show you the best and rich side of this new sanctuary for humanity (where the game takes place) with the ugly and dark side of it as well. The game has been featured in many other sources like Destructoid and Joystiq. Tim Schafer also has a short video featured on the Kickstarter page. Follow the link to check out this unique looking game.

Moving from science fiction to Middle Eastern swords and might, we have Legends of Persia. This action adventure RPG features customization in nearly every aspect of the game. Everything from character building to powers to weapons, Legends of Persia looks to be a very promising game. The artwork shown on the page compliments an almost Dungeons & Dragons feel, but looks so well done. With it's Diablo-like gameplay and offerings of challenging ordeals, this game has been getting some attention, but requires a little more push for its overall goal. The plot and game concept is as follows:

"The storyline revolves around Keykhosro, the son of the Persian prince Siavosh, who in the name of his father’s blood seeks to take revenge upon Afrasiab, the king of Tooran. Throughout the game, the character will face difficult challenges to overcome, such as defeating massive waves of enemies, encountering difficult bosses, and finally dealing with Afriasiab, his father’s killer."

The indie scene wouldn't have much coverage without a website that can dedicate its time to it. Enter Indie Game Informer which will be solely organized to accommodate everything and anything in the indie developing scene. There will be news, reviews, and user generated content. Consistent updates and a growing database will ensure that everyone has their indie gaming news set and ready in time for when the games release. The funding of the website will allow the team to provide weekly updates through improved equipment. This includes major events, plus interviews with the indie developers themselves.

You can follow Indie Game Informer on Twitter and Facebook, too. They have open discussions and have the intention of adding a dedicated forum that indie developers can use to reach out to gamers. At that, the idea of it spawned from IGI's conversations with the developers. This will ideally separate Indie Game Informer from other sites as the developer teams can have a first-hand experience with fans. It is quickly gaining the support of various indie developers as the idea of having a website that will help promote and inform gamers on the latest in indie gaming with concentrated coverage will undoubtedly assist them with their success and future endeavors whether it be done through Kickstarter or not.

That's it for now, but there are still scores of other projects that you can browse and check out on Kickstarter. Who knows? Maybe we will see more Mighty No. 9's and Tim Schafer approved games as these projects get support. If you have any other Kickstarters that you would like share, feel free to mention them below! For now, I'm going to wrap up my impressions on Kingdom Hearts and hopefully see a turnout for the finale as I talk about and analyze the Beginning, Impact, and Future of Kingdom Hearts.

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FogLight1422d ago

Great to see those Kickstarters, also Indie Game Informer. Good to see another supporter for that one :3

Thanks for the blog man, already know about those campaigns and would love to see more awareness for them :)

randomass1711422d ago

Very much agreed! Much appreciation for this blog. Legends of Persia is a game I had never even heard of before, but now I'm gonna keep an eye out for it.

HonestDragon1420d ago

Thanks, FogKnight! Yeah, these projects are certainly ones to check out. Looking at the comments, it seems that some readers want to see this type of blog be a regular thing.

FogLight1420d ago

It would be awesome if you do that each month! This could also help some campaigns to be funded if they are getting close. N4Gers here can be generous sometimes :P

thorstein1422d ago

Hey, do you think this could be an ongoing blog? It is well thought out and you are a credit to this community. Good work. I often have trouble sorting through the dross of Kickstarts. I have already (before your blog) backed Mighty Number 9 and Last Life.

However, I didn't know there was another Persia game. Thank you!

HonestDragon1420d ago

Thank you very much, thorstein! I really appreciate what you said. I could make this a monthly contribution to N4G. I could look up new projects and see what has been added to Kickstarter, then link them in the blog.

And dude, I can't wait for Might Number 9! =D

s45gr321422d ago

Wow I am hoping this is an ongoing blog that covers more kickstarter projects

HonestDragon1420d ago

Thanks, s45gr32! Even though a few people commented, I can see that there is a large interest in Kickstarter projects being covered. I can add this as a monthly entry on N4G. There are a lot of interesting projects to be seen on Kickstarter for sure.