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Take Notes Capcom: Mighty No. 9 Hits it Big

I'm sure many of you know as per zerocrossing's blog that Keiji Inafune has had a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since that post, the campaign has managed to raise a little over four million dollars. Mighty No. 9 will be having it's time in the spotlight across multiple platforms in the near future. Through this success, I believe that gamers have told the industry something. That something is that games like this are still in demand and that gamers can go beyond the conventions that so many developers and publishers are content with reinforcing. That being said, Capcom should take notes regarding this huge story.

For those of you not in the know, Capcom has revealed that they only have 152 million dollars in the bank. Needless to say, this isn't exactly the amount of cash needed to run a company the size of Capcom with. This is no real surprise to those of us who have grown frustrated with the once highly acclaimed company.

So, what are Capcom's plans going forward? How is the company going to avoid becoming the next THQ? The following are direct quotes from Haruhiro Tsujimoto, COO of Capcom:

"I regret to say that, up to now, we had few plans for the full-scale implementation of DLC. From here on out, we need to focus on the long-term provision of content starting at the earliest stages of development. Furthermore, in terms of user response, if the additional related content we are providing continually to users online is deemed uninteresting from the start, there will be no ongoing business to pursue. This means that, more than ever before, the creation of underlying content is the key to success."

I'm sorry, what?

"Today's mobile game industry is a world apparently full of dreams about making a fortune off a hit game. But if the hit is just a one-off, success is transient. For Capcom, it is crucial to maintain and deepen the user support we have worked so hard to earn up to now. We believe we can outperform other companies as long as we are able to continue this approach. This kind of strategy is already beginning to be implemented in Europe and North America, and we don't intend to be left behind. I keep coming back to this point, but the essence of a game's value is derived from its content-its worldview and characters, etc. Only companies that understand this and are able to continue providing customer satisfaction will be able to survive."

You want to venture more into mobile gaming? There is going to be more downloadable content? Okay, before I pop a nerve in my forehead, I have only one thing to ask: Have you people learned nothing from the passed three years? I really want to know. Keiji Inafune has managed to do in one month what Capcom failed to do with a few recent games.

There is no mystery as to why gamers hate Capcom these days. There is no magical formula that will help Capcom out of the situation they are in. Downloadable content and mobile gaming are not exactly the best investments. After all, Capcom isn't known for having good DLC or an extensive mobile gaming library. The extent of their mobile games are re-releases of a few fighting games, side-scrolling games, Resident Evil, and Phoenix Wright.

If Capcom somehow manages to turn it around, I will be amazed, but I'm hesitant to say that this is a smart move. One would figure that changing the presentation and execution of core game series, milking said series, offering questionable DLC, and having unrealistic sales figures would maybe factor in with planning a last ditch effort. Maybe phase some of those out so that you get back what you are best known for. Only the future can tell if Capcom will sink or swim.

Meanwhile, Keiji Infaune can comfortably work on Mighty No. 9 with his team. I'm sure it will be a huge treat for those of us who are Mega Man fans and side-scrolling fans in general. I believe it's a step in the right direction for video games as a whole. I hope that this will inspire others both already in the industry and out to working on their projects the way they want to and not worry about a fallout from publishers and public relations. Congratulations to the team and to everyone who contributed to this amazing looking project.

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zerocrossing1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I'll consider forgiving Capcom for their narrow-mindedness and stupidity if they stop chasing the mobile market as if it's their soul saviour, stop misusing DLC, bring back respectable iterations of popular franchises like Megaman, Power Stone, Rival Schools, Breath Of Fire, Dino Crisis and fix the god-awful mess that is the current Resident Evil franchise.

Until then Capcom may as well be THQ...

BTW thanks for mentioning my blog ;)

colonel1791691d ago

I actually prefer that they go the way of THQ. They have a lot of iPs that deserve a better team to work on. Capcom this entire generation has been greedy and never interested in quality and value. They wanted to focus on milking consumers and disrespecting them with on disc DLC and make fun of their hard earn money with their business practices.

Capcom, even though it has been great for gaming in the past, and established a lot of innovations and games throughout the NES and SNES era, the recent Capcom deserves to be no more.

HonestDragon1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I totally agree with you on how Capcom has been this generation. I often talk with my friends about what will happen to Capcom now and the fate of their franchises. If they don't conjure up a safe strategy that benefits both themselves and gamers, then they are screwed. Which franchises would you want to see get sold should Capcom end up like THQ and to whom?

HonestDragon1691d ago

Capcom certainly has a lot of things to fix. I still play Power Stone with my friends and I not that long ago picked up Dino Crisis from a retro store. Those games certainly show where the magic was with Capcom. Boy do I wonder what would become of the franchises should Capcom follow the fate of THQ.

Your welcome, too. :D After reading your blog I kept up with the Kickstarter that entire day until I had to step out of the house. I was so surprised by the strength Mighty No. 9 got and happy at the reaction from gamers.

zerocrossing1691d ago

Nice! I played Rival schools 2 a while back (one of the best fighters available IMO) Well hopefully if that were to happen Capcom's popular IP's would go to more competent developers.

Glad to hear it! :D I'm always happy knowing one of my blogs actually made an impact.

Blacklash931691d ago

It's gonna be weird if this prompts Capcom to successfully bring back Megaman, and then it and MN9 become bitter rivals. Doubt it will happen, but it would be funny.

1691d ago