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Wii U and Gamers' Misconceptions

The Wii U has been out for a little while and the video game community has had its fair share of experiencing it. The reception of the system has been mixed at best. While a good majority of people enjoy the Wii U and all that it offers, there is the ever vocal minority that displays their negativity toward the system with vain articles and low scores. My question to all of this is, "Why are so many people this mad or livid with the Wii U and Nintendo?"

It simply doesn't make any sense why people are this upset. Many feel that the Wii U is a decent console or that the Wii U is just on its feet and needs to grow a little. Personally, I like the Wii U, which I will explain why in a little bit. What I want to get to are the juicy bits of hatred that stem from online article writers and trolling commenters.

Originally, a lot of people were interested in the HD vibe that the Wii U was going for and what role the Game Pad would have with the system. Then Platinum Games came out with a small announcement about Bayonetta 2 being officially on for next year. The catch, though, is that it would be Wii U exclusive.

Little did Platinum Games and Nintendo know that they would soon open the gates of internet hell as every social community website burst with hateful comments and resentment at how Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to the Wii U. Needless to say, I found all of this rather hilarious because of the incredible stupidity that was coming from all of these shortsighted people. If you were one of those people who hated the fact that Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to the Wii U, I'm about to slap some reality to you right now.

Sega was not interested in publishing a sequel for Bayonetta. The game didn't meet their sales expectations. If Nintendo had not stepped in to help publish this sequel, then your precious Bayonetta would never have had a sequel period. Also, it is not wrong that Nintendo wanted the game to be exclusive. After all, their new system could use any support they could get. That's just how business is. You are not by any means forced to have buy a Wii U if you really don't want it. Besides, who buys a console to play one game? Although the sad truth is that there are some people that do.

So that is where some of the hatred comes from. How about from when the Wii U actually debuted? Quite a number of reviewers tried out the Wii U and were mentioning of some of the undertakings that it has done. Others were complaining that the game line up was not impressive. I have made some observations of what article writers have said about the Wii U. This mainly reflects what they have said about Wii U not being a "next gen" console or even more ludicrous things.

One main complaint many of them have is that 1080p is not enough for Wii U to be a next generation console. So basically what some of them are saying is that graphics are the reason for it not being a next generation console. I never viewed graphics as the end all, be all of consoles. Some developers and artists have certain styles. Those styles are reflected on video games. So to say that graphics are not enough to consider the Wii U next generation just makes them look like "graphics hounds". Yes, I know there is another word used there, but to avoid being offensive, I'm not going to write it.

Another reason why people are bashing the Wii U is the fact that Microsoft have announced that the Xbox 720 is due for next holiday season. They think that the Wii U will become obsolete by that point. One writer even said that Nintendo should make a completely new system. I know the phrase, "Don't put your eggs in one basket" comes to mind here, but if you look at the overall standings and reputation Nintendo has with the upcoming games for 2013 the Wii U is not going to go out of style anytime soon.

Plus, suggesting that Nintendo should make an entirely new console when that same console hasn't even been out for two full months has to be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard. Nintendo has already invested time and resources into the Wii U. They cannot come up with an entirely new system in less than a year just to have to compete with Microsoft. It would be a waste of time and money.

If you look back to how the Red Ring fiasco plagued Xbox 360 owners for the betterment of the console's existence, Microsoft continually had to shelve out new units to replace busted ones and improve the new units that would come out so that people would just have one. Microsoft lost out on a lot of profit there, but they made the Xbox 360 better. As far as I can tell, there is no failure or breakdowns from the Wii U system. Yes, some games are buggy, but that's expected for a new console or from some certain developers and publishers (*cough* Sega). To suggest that Nintendo come up with a new system because it failed to impress some people does not warrant the idea because Nintendo has much more to offer in 2013 and can keep working on the Wii U to make it great and live on without breaking down.

Probably the smallest reasons why people are against the Wii U are the online features (which they say aren't great) and price tag (which they say is too much). I have tried and seen the internet used on the Wii U. It's not bad. Personally, I like the MiiVerse and cool drawings people make. The price is extremely reasonable given that it's a new system. Everyone I talked to about the price found that a new system going for three hundred to three hundred-fifty dollars is very good given that the holidays are here.

So to recap, people hate or don't like the Wii U because of the launch game line up, Bayonetta 2 is going to be on it, the graphics are 1080p, it didn't impress them, the online features aren't great, and the price tag is too much. For all of those reasons, only one really stands out as actually having some good ground to stand on. That reason is the launch line up of games. If no games interest you at launch, that's okay and it's understandable. Every other reason? Let me go get the world's smallest violin and play you a song you unfortunate, oppressed gamer.

In the articles that demean the Wii U, the writers make it seem like they want the Wii U to fail. See, what the writers fail to mention are the Wii U's other features. They never so much as reference them in their articles to give a full rounded impression of the Wii U. I wonder what would happen if they did and went full on negative to it.

I can see it now and that it would go something like this: "Nintendo had some gall to allow you and four other friends to play on certain games in person in one room. They had the audacity to add the Game Pad which adds new gameplay features and is surprisingly comfortable to use. How dare they give you an HDMI cable for free to compliment the system's HD graphics! It was outrageous that they added new online features which include allowing Wii U owners to assist each other with games. The nerve of Nintendo!"

The irony about all of that is that those are the best features of the Wii U. Microsoft and Sony always find themselves catching up to Nintendo no matter what and these are the reasons why. One, the Wii U allows you to have five players in one room. I can have my friends over and no longer have to shift controllers because someone will always be out of the fray. Two, the Game Pad brings about new experiences when going up against your friends and playing games. Nintendoland, New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Origins (demo), and ZombiU are some of the games I played and have a great time with given what the Game Pad offers. Three, you get a free HDMI cable for your new HD system! How dense do you have to be to not agree that that is a great thing? Otherwise, you would be paying twenty-five to thirty-five dollars for one. Finally, the online features offer many things, including helping your fellow Wii U owners.

To me, we are in the new generation thanks to Nintendo. For the dismissive article writers, the Wii U is a good system. Your shortsighted, bare-boned articles damning the Wii U are not well enforced because of the lack of explanation of everything the Wii U offers. For you trolls and naysayers, you can be as negative as you want, but your childish antics make you look bad, not Nintendo. For others who are yet to get a Wii U, while some of the games may not interest you, it is a system that you should consider. It can make a great party system and in the future there can be greater games to play.

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Nicaragua1916d ago

The HDMI cable isnt free no more than the console or gamepad are free, the cost is for everything that's in the box - nothing is free.

Anyway the hardcore console crowd are always gonna look down their nose at the Wii U in the same way that the hardcore PC crowd look down their nose at consoles. If people want to play Nintendo franchises in HD then they will buy it, i did so i did.

ThePsychoGamer1916d ago

Really the line up is a ligament argument, right now the system only has about 3 exclusives. really not enough to warrant the price.

FanMan1915d ago

so they give you a 3 dollar hdmi cable? hooray!

s45gr321914d ago

I understand that you are a fan of Nintendo and that you enjoy what the wii u has to offer. This is not to say that the wii u is perfect or to lash out at the gamers that don't like or not interested with the wii u. I understand that there is hate and resentment towards the wii u, but I hate to say it that the wii u is nothing more nothing less than an extension of the wii. Here is what I mean from its pros and cons:


HDMI cable makes sense since its a HD videogame system

The stylus why no Nintendo fan mentions this boggles my mind (able to send messages quickly and efficiently to your friends, point out a path or an item when your friends are stuck, good for drawing and doodling.


Underdeveloped network like Sony's PS3 system when it launched un-acceptable due to the fact that Nintendo had 6 years to study, test, and apply some of the xbox live or PSN network features or make say features better. Instead is a slow network, the ability to play wii games is set up is atrocious, the lack of an ethernet port puzzles me sure it has wifi but the ethernet port is essential in case the wifi signal is lost or gets out of range plus the 5gb update doesn't help due to the measly 8gb and 32gb storage space. Which brings me to the lack of cloud storage to compensate for the measly storage. Now wii u owners have no choice but to buy the usb hard drive; wait for the tvii service till next year really........

Lack of third party game dev support due to either third party game devs don't like or struggling with say the wii u's hardware or due to the fact that Nintendo still has the stigma of being the disney of gaming that mature gory violent or plain adult game titles don't make it into the system. Just look at the upcoming exclusives only one mature title i.e. Bayonetta the rest are for kids. Nothing wrong with that but the chances of a grand theft auto game or bioshock making into this system seems unlikely. Dishonored didn't make it....

Charging gamers $60.00 for digital copies of wii u games via nintendo e-shop terrible. A digital copy should cost at least ten or twenty dollars less than the retail copy.

All in all this system that you are defending is pretty decent especially considered that a demanding graphical powerhouse like Batman Arkham City runs poorly on this system in contrast to its competition. Proving that the latest nintendo system matches the power of say PS3 or xbox 360 but it does not surpassed them. As far as the tech specs of this console are still a mystery which only devs know its specs for example yes it has a CPUGPU but we as gamers don't know its clockspeed, nor the number of cores it uses or like the 2gb of ram which we don't know its clock speed or type i.e. DDR, GDDR, etc. Sadly the wii u games still run at 30 frames per second and some not all run natively at 1080p. So at the end of the day we as gamers must wait for the wii u to deliver that zelda, metroid, etc. game to arrive, wait till Nintendo fixes all of its issues with their latest system. By then the competition will bury the wii u.

Nicaragua1913d ago

I bought a Wii U for my kids for xmas and now that i have finally set up and played the WiiU i can offer more of an opinion.

Firstly the kids love it so mission accomplished but for me the console is a massive ballache. The wait times when you move between options on the main menu are atrocious and this made the initial setup a drag.

The way you have to keep swapping between different controllers is dumb - if you want to play mario multiplayer then the Wii U gamepad is useless.

Like i said the kids love it but if i had bought it just for me then i would be very dissapointed with it.

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