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Under the Knife: Common Sense and Gamer Rage

You know there are times when you can be prepared to deliver something to a person or a group at large and expect everything to fall in place. Whether it's times of giving a speech or a presentation of any kind, things might happen that would throw you off. Take me for example right now. Here I am writing up my new article for N4G and I decide, "I could go for some music." I head to Youtube to go to my favorites and on the home page I see a new video made by someone I'm subscribed to.

That person is AlphaOmegaSin. His new video is titled "Father Hospitalizes 3 Old Daughter Cause He Lost at a Video Game". If that title doesn't out right make you cringe at the thought of what this so called "man" did, then maybe you should see the reaction of someone who is legitimately upset at this. Dare I say, he was incredibly pissed. AlphaOmegaSin spares no expense in his thoughts on this story. If you want to see the video, just type in his profile name or that title.

The "man" in question from this incident is 39 year-old Yukihiko Sakata. His reasoning behind beating his 3 year-old daughter is as follows: "I was getting back for losing at a video game." Really? That's your defense? Did she somehow make you lose at the game? Was she being a backseat gamer? Surely you could have come up with a better reason for beating a little infant child. Your daughter didn't come at you with a knife? She didn't become possessed by a demon and try to take your soul?

Sakata beat his 3 year-old daughter with repeated strikes to her head and around the eyes with a plastic toy. Now she's been hospitalized. Think about that for a second. Does his reason actually justify this beating? I'm going to answer for you: No! No, it does not.

I don't care if you lost five hundred dollars from the stock market. I don't care if you lost you're driver's license. I don't care if you lost a round at a video game. No reason for your anger justifies beating an infant. Actually, your anger for losing anything so simple doesn't justify beating anyone.

I'm literally taking time away from my working on my original post to write about this. Gamer rage seems to be a problem in gaming. I ask, where is the common sense? We're all gamers here. You guys tell me. What happens to the bridge between common sense and a gamer's rage?

I'll admit, I have raged before. I've raged when I have been killed numerous times because my team was unorganized in an online match. I've raged when I had to restart a whole section of an area because of a simple mistake or glitch. Never once have I raged and gone out and beat someone because I was losing. Want to know why? It's a rather obvious reason: I don't want to get arrested for something so stupid.

Gamer rage is a topic that is taken at mostly humorous angles. You can search through Youtube and see a plethora of videos showing everyone from kids to trolls to flat out punks raging online or on camera. Needless to say, some people find it funny. Fact of the matter is that it's more annoying if anything. But when things like an actual beating because of gamer rage happens, I have to wonder how other people deal with their anger.

What can be done? Use your common sense and play responsibly. That's really it. Common sense should be implemented more so when anger sets in. Don't take your frustrations out on the closest living thing. You want to punch something? Try a pillow or an actual punching bag. How about you give your game a break? Drink some water and cool off. Your gamer score and prestige time can wait.

Whether a gamer's anger is triggered because of the game alone or because of people he or she is gaming with, they need self control. Know the limits of dealing with a game you're losing at and you will be okay. If a certain level is too hard, take a break. If people are being unruly and immature online, go to another server. Online gaming is a problem in itself with some gamers being trolls and bullies. Online gaming is the end all, be all hub of gamer rage.

You want to try to be a big man? You want to talk big game? You want to act tough? Well, no one is going to believe you because you're hiding behind a screen and microphone. That rage you're emitting is nothing short of unimpressive because all people are trying to do is play a game they like and can care less about you're ability to swear like a sailor.

Quite frankly, a lot of gamers need to get off the headset, if all they are going to do is rage. No one wants to hear you complain, curse, or yell at the top of your lungs. It's annoying and unwelcome. Kids, especially, shouldn't even have those things (it's not even that kids are any better either as a lot of kids talk smack as well). Quite a few older gamers like to pick on kids as soon as they hear their voice. I see it on Team Fortress 2 quite often.

Yes, you're wise cracks on the voice, age, and possible sexual orientation of a person might be hilarious to you and any immature troll on the server, but it's ultimately childish. You're acting what you're preaching. For all you know, you might be instigating a person's anger even more by what you say.

Honestly, if Yukihiko Sakata thought that he could beat his infant daughter with no repercussions whatsoever, he's an even bigger fool for thinking that as he is for raging over a video game and using that as a reason to physically lash out at someone who trusts him. I'm glad he got arrested. No one who beats their kid for a stupid reason should even be a parent. Think before you act and you won't end up like Sakata. Don't be a troll or insulting. Do everyone a favor and play responsibly because in the end you never know what you might be instigating on the other end of the microphone.

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SilentNegotiator2123d ago

What a rant. Don't punch people when I'm mad at a game? Thanks for the advice, bro.