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Modern No-fare: 5 reasons NOT to get Modern Warfare 2

HolyOrangeCows | 2159d ago
User blog

Call of Duty 4 was considered, by most, to be a great game.  The single player campaign was interesting, the multiplayer was fun, and it played great.

Activision is releasing it's newest Modern Warfare game, starting tomorrow in the US.  But plenty of controversy has broken out on Activision and their new game.  Especially surrounding Bobby Kotick, the CEO, president, and board member for Activision Blizzard.  Some journalists have gone as far as calling him the Satan of Gaming.  Their new game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is receiving various oppositions, and perhaps in good reason.

There are plenty of reasons not to even join this new Warfare.

  1. The PC version is a complete downgrade - More expensive, only 18 players in matches compared to up to 64 in COD4, Hackers won't be kicked/banned instantly and......heck, check it out for yourself: The ways COD:MW2 is inferior to COD4 on PC
  2. You have to access Steam (On PC) in order to play online - A blatant exploitation to get people on a third party site.
  3. The World at War Effect - World at War coasted off the success of COD4, and now Modern Warfare 2 is following.  It's even copying parts from COD4 like World at War did, only slightly changing the situation in which the event takes place (Example: World at War's slow motion kill ending).  Example: Modern Warfare Reuses COD4's Training Scene
  4. Disturbing scenes - You either play scenes in which you terrorize and kill citizens, or skip them and loose part of the experience and story.  Lose, lose situation.  Watch at own risk: disturbing scene
  5. They don't care - As online petitions bust 200K in some situations for dedicated servers, Activision ultimately doesn't respond.  As long as they're getting paid, they don't care what their customers think.  Just wait and see how that plays out as they make changes and/or lack of changes to the online and such.
Are you really prepared to spend $60 on THIS game created by THESE people?

DarK-SilV  +   2159d ago
F#CK Activision and IW
I hope they get less money than they expected ,the game has been released for more than a week in my country and I haven’t bought yet .in fact I will not buy it ,I have a PC ,Ps3 and X360 ,I don’t support evil company like Activision and stupid Dev like IW ,I hope this becomes a lesson for them but who am I kidding ,most people will buy it even the people who saying they will not buy it ,
HolyOrangeCows  +   2157d ago
To Everyone reading:
Please actually read the blog before commenting. I know most of you are already making up your minds when you read the title. I bring up some very valid points on why IW/Activision don't deserve your hard earned cash on this game, but it's not like I can stop you. Now quit being so hateful towards a human being because it upsets you that they are pointing out some problems with your favorite game series.

#6: The tech has gone unaltered - Console versions are stuck in native sub-HD resolution like they have been since COD2. While other games have advanced, MW2 has not. IW hasn't bothered to fix this, as we enter the 4th year of the 7th generation of console gaming.
Bnet343  +   2159d ago
COD4 never had 64 players online. The first two reason are irrelevant to console gamers. The World at War Effect? That's stretching it if you ask me. The explanation is stupid not even a reason. Disturbing scenes? You kill civilians in GTA IV and many other games, grow up, it's a game. You must be a Jack Thompson fan. The last reason, again affects PC gamers. Yeah, this blog sucks.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2159d ago
"COD4 never had 64 players online"
PC version.

"The first two reason are irrelevant to console gamers"
The console community should care about their gaming brethren on the PC.

"The World at War Effect? That's stretching it if you ask me. The explanation is stupid not even a reason"
How is the game recycling scenes with slightly changed settings NOT a reason?

"You kill civilians in GTA IV and many other games"
How many games have missions in which your objective is to kill unarmed civilians?

"You must be a Jack Thompson fan"
Because I find a required (Or skippable with the loss of story and gametime) fps scene where you terrorize an airport to be disturbing? Okay....
Bnet343  +   2158d ago
COD4 PC is 32 players dude, NOT 64.

The console community should care about the pc version? Uhh no. It doesn't affect them. Just like the PC community didn't care about the 360 community in L4D. That's just a stupid reason, you're telling people what to think.

"How is the game recycling scenes with slightly changed settings NOT a reason?"
I haven't played the game yet so I can't comment but alot of games recycle scenes. Halo 1, Assassin's Creed, Killzone 2. This also doesn't affect multiplayer.

"How many games have missions in which your objective is to kill unarmed civilians?"

ITS. A. GAME. Get a grip. STOP GRASPING FOR STRAWS. Alot of games, GTA IV including one of them.

"Because I find a required (Or skippable with the loss of story and gametime) fps scene where you terrorize an airport to be disturbing? Okay...."

Yes because you sound just like him. ITS A GAME. Can you read? ITS A GAME. lol it's a disturbing scene. geez.

I'm done arguing. I'm not going to come back here to go back and forth. Your reasons are dumb, this game will be good and fun.

Here's one of your comments:

"LOL @ the bots
I suppose it's easier to downplay the load of PS3 exclusives than to list Xbox 360 exclusives."

You're a fanboy, I hate fanboys, good day. Your blog sucks.
thor  +   2158d ago
Kigmal I have DEFINITELY played 50+ player matches on CoD4. It wouldn't be surprising to hear that it supports up to 64.

I agree that the console community shouldn't really care... BUT they should care about being raped up the arse with inferior games every time with crappy matchmaking. Console gamers just take what they're given - the PC version of the game has the same stuff but the PC community didn't stand for it, because they know a game should support dedicated servers.
RamoUP  +   2159d ago
wow those are you're reasons man they aren't good at all..HATER!
superfedya  +   2159d ago
You're absolutely right! MW2 is a terrorist simulator!
HolyOrangeCows  +   2159d ago
...That's not really what I'm saying...
thorstein  +   2155d ago
It isn't
I take it this is sarcasm (on both your parts.) Console version rocks and IW was quick to fix any launch problems within hours!!, I can see why I wouldn't want the PC version though.
TheBand1t  +   2159d ago
My 60 bucks will be going to Bad Company 2. At least the PC community isn't getting a huge shaft with that one.
TheMART  +   2158d ago
Who cares about a heavily pirated PC version when the most copies are sold on consoles?

Thats right PC gamers, thank yourself for all the pirating you've done and why the PC version becomes less important for the developer.

I bet most haters, just still are mad about the price of the game, and every time again they take their time to cry about the game.

Cut the nonsense. The SP has a a great experience I bet, and whats up with this?

"Disturbing scenes - You either play scenes in which you terrorize and kill citizens, or skip them and loose part of the experience and story. Lose, lose situation"

You're playing a freaking wargame. If you want the flowers and the bees, go play freaking New Super Mario and see no blood.

The damn tardness of haters of games over nothing has gone to far. And the PC gamers crying over stuff getting worse STOP PIRATING GAMES, there are many more PC gamers, yet the PC versions of games sell a fraction of the console versions. Go support first, you might get the devs support back.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2158d ago
First of all, you're ignorant to generalize PC gamers as pirates.

Secondly, I think this is one of the few, and perhaps ONLY, game I have EVER heard of that has a mission REQUIRING you to kill innocent, unarmed civilians. It's not your run-of-the-mill kill the terrorists/aliens/creatures/Ba stards/etc gun scene. It's a twisted scene in which you ARE the terrorist and you SLAUGHTER innocent civilians.
Now THAT should at least give you pause.
Some people....GASP!....don't want to play through such a scene, and also don't want to lose part of the story and gameplay.

madpuppy  +   2157d ago
@"TheMART at Xboxkings" what are you talking about? the 360 is an illegal downloaders dream.
The 360 has a giant, thriving Illegal download community. Every game made for the 360 has been ripped and posted on every NZB and torrent site on the net. So, please, get off your high horse.
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Digitaldude  +   2158d ago
I agree, its more of the same, does a few changes warrant for that much?
But sadly itll sell like theres no tomorrow.
maxxb117  +   2158d ago
I just can't believe all the ignorant fanboys responding to this blog post. I just can't say anything on here without getting flamed by at least ONE person, so I'll just keep my *figure of speech* mouth shut.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2158d ago
It's annoying, yes.


skapunkmetalskater  +   2158d ago
One of the most pointless arguments ever. Go back to COD4 then.
Caffo01  +   2158d ago
lol there's a slight difference between MW and MW2...let someone who haven't see both games to play them and then ask him which is the second...i think he could be confused..
andron666  +   2158d ago
It's a sad situation for PC players...
But the game will be so popular and successful on consoles that IW doesn't seem to care anymore.

PC gaming has been in decline for a long time and this is just another nail in the coffin. And if the PC version sells badly it will only make the situation even worse when the inevitable sequel arrives.

Not much you can do, except find better alternatives on PC. Almost makes me feel bad for impatiently awaiting my PS3 copy of MW2. But I really want to play that game now...
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TheDeadMetalhead  +   2158d ago
Most PC gamers will buy Left 4 Dead 2 in a week or two.

Problem solved.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2158d ago
LOL @ all the IW fanboys in here

I might rent it at Blockbuster next weekend if they have it. And if I like it, I'll buy it USED, so Activision and IW don't make any money from me. The way they've been behaving over this game make Turn 10 look like saints. @_@
Krew_92  +   2158d ago
This game blows...
It's not even worth Pirating...
Syaz1  +   2157d ago
even the biggest console fanboys should care
if their tactics work with pc gamers, console gamers are going to be their next target. the pc gamers are becoming the guinea pig for this experiment. a console gamer is far more vulnerable to dirty business tactics, they lack the technical knowledge compared to pc gamers. i wont be suprised if multiplayer becomes a dlc for the next cod.
Sileo  +   2157d ago
I agree with your blog.
You should have included the sixth point in your blog as well, that's a very important point.

I've played MW2 (rented), and it definitely doesn't deserve the hype and credit that that games got.

I'm a big PC gamer and frankly, it's an insult to PC Gaming, it really is.

To look at other games developers and see all of the good they've done, it's encouraging that they still look after the PC community.
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ceedubya9  +   2157d ago
I think that
This blog should have been titled "Reasons not to get Modern Warfare 2 on the PC." Most of the reasons you listed don't really affect console owners, so I don't think console gamers will pay too much attention to the shortcomings of the PC version of the game.

When it all comes down to it, MW2 is a sequel. Most of the time, a sequel isn't going to be drastically different from the first game especially if things worked out great the first time. If it isn't broke, don't fix it, right? So, your point #3 only seems to imply a person being tired of the Call of Duty as a whole. So obviously, If you're tired of playing CoD, then Modern Warfare probably won't change a person's standing on that issue.

For point #4, I don't see that as a game-breaking deal.

Again, like I said before, If someone really likes Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare in general, I see no reason not to buy this game if you're a console gamer. PC gamers, though, are another story.
Ashriel  +   2157d ago
I was about to write the same xD
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